Monday, September 10, 2018

Wise owls, be prepared for anger levels to progressively rise today as Mars enters Aquarius, joining the Black Moon. 

Aquarius rules changes-- rapid changes, in fact.

We recall that the Black Moon rules the cycles of death and rebirth, renaissance, and the personal and collective shadow sides.  Mars rules our energy, initiative, will and willpower, anger, and anger's flip side - depression.

The South Node is also right there with Mars and the Black Moon, and the South Node rules the past.

So, the "equation" is:

Mars + Black Moon + South Node in Aquarius = Anger about things that have been unknown, unrecognized, or even hidden brings about initiative for positive, revolutionary changes.

We open to changes, understanding that "growing pains" are part of the process.

With this knowledge under wing, we endeavor to turn today's events in our lives and in the world into wisdom.  We see that the anger, violence, and war is turning our world into something else.  We trust the data that shows us the tide has turned and the control systems are falling.  The Satya Yuga (The Golden Time) is upon us.

What kind of herculean effort would be required of kind- hearted, awake humans to turn hell into heaven?

Stop and take time to actually consider this question.

This what we've been doing all our lives, even before we woke up.  Don't throw in the towel now.  Don't succumb to the pain of the crumbling system.  Don't grieve yourself into a pit over what has been done to children for millennia.  IT IS CHANGING.  We sustain the impact of the shift.

 Mars will enter Aquarius at 8:56 pm ET/12:56 am UT tonight, and things are going start speeding up rather dramatically.  The anger of the collective of humanity is rising to implement change.  This is the way it is.

For our part, we refuse out-of-control anger and impulsivity and the tendency to project our feelings (and perceived shortcomings) onto others.  We deal with our own stuff.  For sure, anger is being incited from many levels in order to manipulate us.  We understand that anger just means we need to take action to take care of something.  We do that appropriately and soberly after we process the signal of anger. No more tricks on our psyches.  We are beyond the tactic.

Onward farther into Second Renaissance!



For most of the day, the Sun will be discharging 19 Virgo, "a swimming race."  Water imagery always implies emotions (swimming in emotions, in this case).  This energetic can cause us to be hyper-competitive or a tendency to compare ourselves to others while we are looking over our shoulders.  Division can ensue.  We counter this by remembering that All Is One.  In truth, no one is better; self actualization occurs in unique processes.

The Earth is discharging 19 Pisces, "a master instructing his disciple."  Share your wisdom.  And ask yourself what the Universe is teaching your today.  This energy is about offering AND receiving.

The Chiron energetic of wounding and pain is strong this week as Venus opposes the Chiron Point.  We will overcome the tragedies and move into the teaching that the tragedies are bringing.  The wounding and pain is a temporary, and will bridge us into a better place.  This is the nature of Chiron - bottom line.  Chiron ALWAYS brings us a priceless gift of the soul.

When Mars enters Aquarius later, it begins to discharge 01 Aquarius, "an old adobe mission."  Missions are revised.  Reform comes to establishment religions.  A process begins.  Mars will transit Aquarius until November 15.  Expect massive change.

Mercury is discharging 09 Virgo, "an expressionist painter making a futuristic drawing."  Make plans, even if they are only a visualization.  Mind currents are quite powerful right now.  Keep it positive.  The New Moon phase of every month sets the tone for the entire month, so we will work hard to maintain the charge.

The Moon will move into Libra at 11:20 am ET/3:30 pm UT.  The Moon will transit opposite Chiron until 12:28 pm ET (amplifying pain and wounding), and the Moon will square Saturn until 3:34 pm ET (restructuring things and tempting us to feel like a failure).  Not easy energy to handle.  We persevere.  We let it pass.

It's 13 Water in the Tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar.  This is the highest level of emotions, so we really have a lot of water with the Sun at "a swimming race."  Water flows.  And it transforms.  It's best to skim lightly with the current.  The skill today is to skim lightly.

Have a wonderful day, friends!  And don't forget the overview that Andrew and I recorded for the Virgo cycle.