Saturday, September 22 - Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Sun moves into Libra today (Saturday at 9:54 pm ET) — beginning the lovely and lovey dovey energetics of Libra. It’s a wonderful.

Libra rules harmony, justice, beautiful sights, decisions, and personal/global revolution. among other things.

Many people love this time of year.

This year, as the Sun moves into Libra, it also begins to oppose Chiron.

With this, we also have mighty Uranus conjunct Chiron’s “home spot,” or location in the sky where Chiron was discovered (the Chiron Point). With Uranus, the mantra is “expect the unexpected.”

So this means that this weekend the Sun is highlighting and empowering the forces of Chiron. And anything could happen. There is little predictability here.

I always talk about Chiron as the Wounded Healer and Teacher, and we are all quite fatigued of that title by now, aren’t we? Chiron is much, much more than that. In Greek mythology, Chiron was what we would today call a Renaissance Man. He was skilled at just about everything. His interest in and quest for new knowledge was limitless. Chiron IS limitlessness. He could go as deeply into the wounding as he could the healing, and from those experiences he brought back great wisdom TO SHARE WITH OTHERS. Service to others is paramount with Chiron.

Mercury just moved into Libra around midnight ET last night, paving the way for the Sun. Refinement of messages and information that we have gained since the New Moon in Virgo on September 9 are in store.

Here is some practical application of all of these astrological energies:

1 - OBSESSION WITH PERFECTION IS FUTILE (use your mental and physical energy toward things that are realistic; practice self acceptance as the unique creation of the Creator)

2 - REFLECT back on what has transpired for you since September 9 and see how it is evolving. An overhaul, reform, rebirth is happening. Can you see it?

3 - MAINTAIN TRUST that there are mechanics at work to resolve and rebuild. We are in Gibbous energy to the fourth power. It is the Gibbous Moon phase of the second consecutive Gibbous cycle (disregard this sentence if you don’t catch my meaning - don’t get hung up). This means that we are in a HIGHLY creative time and the power of our thoughts are magnified exponentially. Reject negativity as much as possible at least until the Full Moon. We want to keep this energetic wave high-minded. We are “closest” to Spirit during the Gibbous and Balsamic phases of the Moon, so let’s tap in.

4 - RECOGNIZE ANY SELF DESTRUCTIVE TENDENCIES - Self destruction is part of Chiron’s lesson. If events have you struggling somewhat (emotionally or physically), this is happening to help you see and learn a new way. Chiron is the Master Teacher. He will press upon wounds to rid them of infection if needed. Chiron tries to teach us that we matter, each of us.

5 - PERIPHERALLY, be aware that false flag potential is higher this weekend. The Black Moon is now discharging “a masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play.” With this, on Sunday the Moon will conjunct Neptune, which can put a haze of fog over truth and confuse us. The exact conjunction of the Moon and Neptune occurs Sunday at 1:21 pm ET/5:21 pm UT, but is in effect all weekend as the Moon transits Pisces. No more tricks!

6 - FIND BEAUTY AND SEND IN A SNAPSHOT IF YOU CATCH ONE - Beauty is exalted when the Sun is in Libra (day traders who are smart bet on beauty stocks while the Sun is in Libra). We are the lucky beneficiaries of an experience on this jewel of a planet (even if the planet is under some sort of control, it is gorgeous). We can redirect any unsuitable mindsets into other ones when we just stop and look around. Nature heals and teaches us. Let’s get out there and re-supply our photo inventory!

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