Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Today, a practical exercise with the cycles.

We continue watching the week that shows us the “shape of things to come” (see yesterday’s report). There is only one major astrological aspect today, but it is a big one: the Sun square Saturn.

Generally speaking, when the Sun and Saturn are involved, we have themes of order, organization, structure, responsibility, discipline, recognition, appreciation, lists and check boxes, rigid thinking, age, and use of time. We can also be very hard on ourselves.

That’s the basic interpretation. Now let’s get the more accurate, bigger picture.

1- DECEMBER 21, 2017 - What is happening today actually started, energetically-speaking, on December 21, 2017. Think back. That was just before Christmas. This was when the Sun and Saturn made conjunction — when they started over with a new cycle. This is like a New Moon phase. What was happening for you then? What was happening in the world?

At that time, Saturn had just moved into Capricorn, the Black Moon had been there for a month, and they both joined Pluto. The Sun-Saturn conjunction occurred at 01 Capricorn and the Sabian symbol energetic of “an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe.” Looking back, we can see it was a monumental time when a great power struggle began.

Individually, an energetic cycle began to help us claim our own personal power and to free us in some way.

2 - MARCH 28, 2018 - The Sun squared Saturn (made a 90 degree angle) for the first time of this cycle. The first square is called a First Quarter square and is like a First Quarter Moon phase - the time of stepping out and taking action. The things that began around December 21 came to their first point of action. What was happening then?

At that time, the Sun was located at 09 Aries, “a crystal gazer,” and Saturn was located at 09 Capricorn, “an angel carrying a harp.” Translation: definitive beginnings of things to harmonize and re-tune the future and bring peace. Peace is one of the goals of this cycle of the Sun and Saturn.

3 - JUNE 26, 2018 - The Sun moved into opposition with Saturn (made a 180 degree angle), bringing us to the middle of the cycle. An opposition is like a Full Moon phase. It brings things to their fullest measure. Full light. We see. Full phases can be upsetting.

At that time, the Sun was located at 06 Cancer, “gamebirds feathering their nests,” and Saturn was located at 06 Capricorn, “ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.” We had the fullest light to see the darkest things. We have seen how corrupt politicians have enriched themselves. We have seen how corrupt souls have been feeding on the youngest.

This has been a critical component of the cycle that is trying to “right” unfathomable wrongs and reclaim the power of humanity. Remember, the whole cycle is about “an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe.”

The dark was lit on fire, and the fire has been raging ever since.

4 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 - The Sun now moves into the last square with Saturn (270 degrees apart), which is called a Third Quarter square and is like a Third Quarter Moon phase. Third Quarter phases are when we revise and realign. Things are happening now to help us reclaim our power, individually and as the fellowship of humanity. The Universe recognizes the assumption of personal responsibility and supports the changes we make to do the right thing.

For this today, the Sun is located at 03 Libra, “the dawn of a new day reveals everything changed.”

Saturn is located at 03 Capricorn, “the human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment.”

Our experience of life is about to change radically, wise owls, and it is for the better!

This will be in effect until January 2, 2019, when the Sun will conjunct Saturn once again, and once again starting a new cycle.

(For those that like to look ahead, the next cycle of the Sun and Saturn will be about Mother Nature and earth changes. The new cycle occurs with the energetic of “a student of nature lecturing, revealing little-known aspects of life.”)

So today is very much a celebration of the final push to help us claim our personal and collective power and restore balance to power.

What would you do with all of your power?

What changes need to be made?

Let’s focus on the celebration part of today’s energy and not burn ourselves out on lists and tasks and self-punishment, as the lower octave of this energy would direct.

Let’s claim our day, a new day for humanity.

See you tomorrow.