Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - New Moon in Cancer/Total Solar Eclipse

Welcome to the Cancer cycle!

The Cancer cycle marks the time of year on the Medicine Wheel when we move from the East to the South. We move from beginning and initiating things to stepping out, taking action, and building trust with things that are going on in our lives.

The Sabian symbol for this cycle is 11 Cancer, “a clown caricaturing well-known personalities.” This energy is going to exaggerate all kinds of things so that everyone can clearly see the truth of them. It will take things to extreme proportions. It’s like a three ring circus.

That is not to say it will be all fun and games. Stark truth is usually shocking. And since Chiron, the planet of wounding, healing, and (primarily!) teaching, is making a square to the New Moon - what we see is likely to cut deeply at times.

We see this setting up already with the attacks in Portland. At the New Moon (3:15 pm EST), Mars and Mercury are in close conjunction in Leo, firing things up for the month. We recall that the energetics of the planets at the time of the New Moon remain with us throughout the cycle. Mars is discharging “under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man’s head.” Tempers are going to run hot this month.

And remember that it is wild, wild nights all year long, since the astrological year is the Sabian symbol energetic of “fairies dancing in the setting Sun.” Sunset on the new world order is driving archontic energies to madness.

It’s wise to not rush into anything this month (especially since Mercury will be retrograde throughout most of this cycle). Double check and double consider commitments.

At the New Moon, the Earth will be discharging 11 Capricorn, “peacocks display their brilliant colors on a private estate.” We all possess brilliance in some way. How can you share this with the world now? No effort is too small. We are all needed to bring us through the collapsing control systems. An act of kindness ripples through the fellowship of humanity. No act of kindness is small.

Venus is at 29 Gemini, preparing to enter Cancer, and discharging “the first mockingbird of spring sings from the treetop.” It’s time for our voices to be heard, not censored. The censorship issue will become an even more dominant topic of discussion this cycle. It will be exaggerated, a la the New Moon Sabian symbol of the “clown caricaturing…” (There is no need for anti trust investigations. The creators of the source code for all of the platforms - code that was stolen - have offered to give this to the Executive Branch for We The People. Click here to learn the truth.)

Saturn and the South Node continue to activate 18 Capricorn, “the Union Jack flies from a new British warship.” We will carefully watch what happens in the UK this month.

And finally, do you need an answer? This month should provide a pivotal one with Chiron discharging “a square brightly lighted on one side.” Chiron is going to teach us something very important — something that bridges us into a better future.

With that, I will share my pick for “music of the spheres'“ this month - “Square One” by my favorite, Tom Petty.

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Thank you, everyone, and happy New Moon!