Wednesday, July 10, 2019

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out; take action

Moon in Scorpio

Tzolkin: 4 Road

Skill: bring things together

True Alignments: relevance, loyalty, promises, grasping the abstract, keeping it real, enthusiasm, balancing work and life, innovation, revision, updating, finding something that was missing or lost, heeding a call

Catalysts for Change: fear of change or fear of losing something, forced together, meaninglessness, full effects not foreseen, malnourished, inexperience, taking on too much, duality, lack of self expression, insecurities

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a clown caricaturing well-known personalities” (exaggeration of things revealing truth)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “fairies dancing in the setting Sun” (end of control systems)

Today these themes are on tap:

1 - UNIFICATION - People, places, and things are brought together today, making those things better than they were. Is there a way to combine things? Does something new need to be added to the old?

2 - SUSTENANCE FOR THE SOUL - We are prompted to seek what nourishes our true self and spirit . What do you need to bring about balance? What would be your heart’s desire? We have a Grand Trine between the Moon, Venus, and the Black Moon between noon EST/4:00 pm UTC and 9:30 pm EST/1:30 am UTC. This is one of the best aspects in astrology and usually brings a great blessing. It’s a “lovey time.”

3 - ZERO TOLERANCE - Between now and July 24th, the fellowship of humanity changes what it will tolerate. We are not settling; we want what’s real. We raise the bar as the inertia of fatigue dissipates. What is no longer acceptable to you?

4 - A CHANGE - Do you need a change? Do you know what that change is? We get the opportunity to see this between 12:47 pm EST/4:47 pm UTC and 4:21 pm EST/8:21 pm UTC. Pay special attention to situations, circumstances, thoughts, and feelings during this time. Embrace the information that is being delivered, especially if it delivered through an unusual sighting or encounter with an animal (see Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak for the very best reference).

4 Road always seems to bring us to crossroads of some sort. This time, perhaps, it is better to be in the middle and GO UP. Let’s take the higher road.