Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Balsamic Moon Phase: release what you do not want to carry into the upcoming new cycle

Moon in Cancer/Leo 7:54 pm EST/11:54 pm UTC

Tzolkin: 13 Sun (the most holy day in the Sacred Calendar)

Skill: gain focus and equilibrium

True Alignments: value system, overcoming, exchange of spiritual knowledge, benefits, donating time or money, cooperation, practice, discipline, other dimensions of awareness, heightened creativity, attuning to spiritual forces and messages, light at the end of a tunnel

Catalysts for Change: frozen in place, repeating a negative pattern, failure to see a life lesson, feeling of sacrifice that has come to nothing, loss of perspective, confused, excluding others, downgrading or devaluing (watch money and markets for changes today)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “glassblowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing” (creating your own “vessel”)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “fairies dancing in the setting Sun” (sunset on the new world order)

The big story today is Mars making a trine to Uranus. Mars empowers the “expect the unexpected” element of Uranus. Mars rules energy, impetus, motivation, and drive, so it maximizes Uranus’ effects.

Mars is discharging the degree in zodiac of “a merry-go-round.” In many ways, various “merry-go-rounds” stop - suddenly today and tomorrow. Seemingly never-ending cycles lose power.

Sometimes when we get off of a ride that has been going around and around, we are wobbly. Our feet try to find solid ground, and our heads try to stop reeling.

After a few moments, we are able to focus and feel grounded once again.

This is what we have in store today. How wonderful is that? Who is ready to get off of a crazy ride?

Look for drastic changes in your outlook as your mind clears. Something will “dawn” on us that we have missed while we have been whizzing around and around. We become aware of something that was happening on a much deeper level.

It is a profound gift.

Mars will make exact trine with Uranus at 6:39 am EST/10:39 am UTC tomorrow, but the effects begin today.

When Mars does make the exact trine with Uranus, it will be discharging the energetic of “a harem.” As I mentioned yesterday, this is the Sabian symbol for the New Moon in Virgo, which begins early Friday morning. Since Uranus is discharging “a woman of Samaria (Sumer, Mesopotamia, Iran, Iraq) comes to draw water from the well,” we will get a foreshadowing today and tomorrow of what is to come next month with regard to the global sex trafficking ring. It will be interesting to see what develops.

Remember that Uranus always brings the unexpected. It is not possible to totally predict it. It is sudden, often shocking, things come from out of the blue, accidents happen, rejections or course corrections occur.

We also can feel like we have “lightning” in our bodies. Uranus rules anxiety and insomnia.. It can be very uncomfortable, but it always works in our favor. What may look like a tragedy now is seen as a blessing later.

We should not forget that Uranus is conjunct the Chiron Point. This means that Uranus is doing everything that needs to be done in order to heal things and teach us better ways. Uranus conjunct the Chiron Point is an epic transit that happens only every 84 years. It is in effect until May 4, 2020.

Further evidence of today foreshadowing the fall of archontic systems comes with the Sun is discharging 05 Virgo, “a man becoming aware of nature spirits (fairies) and normally unseen spiritual energies,” and Mercury discharging 27 Leo, “daybreak - the luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky.”

We see what will come from this year’s theme of “fairies dancing in the setting Sun” when the “fairies dance at the break of sunrise.”

WIse owls have their ears open and eyes peeled on the horizon.

Tread lightly out there today, everyone. People are likely to be erratic. Stay focused when driving, when using electrical devices (especially around water), and if lightning is present where you are today.

Let’s rejoice in the ending of a merry-go-round.