Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere through any challenges

Moon in Scorpio

Skill: release something; face the truth of something

True Alignments (Higher Octaves): brave enough to life the veil, inner matching outer, creations of beauty, making a choice, transformation into a new form/metamorphosis, passing a test, sanctuary

Catalysts for Change (Lower Octaves): resistant, angry outbursts, emotions not congruent or proportional to a situation, projection of fears, spells and rituals, missing the point, an unlived life, judgmental, commitment issues

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “fairies dancing in the setting Sun” (sunset on the nwo)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a harem” (exposure of globalist pedophile and trafficking rings; valuing self)

We have the potential for a bit of an “explosive” day on our hands today, wise owls.

Venus is discharging “a volcanic eruption,” as it prepares to oppose the Planet of Water, Neptune, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Sun is discharging “a bride with her veil snatched away” today.

These energetics combine for cathartic release and exposure of motivations. We see what has been happening “behind the veil.”

This is quite interesting because Venus is exalting the highest octave of Neptune - clarity. Neptune typically shrouds, covers, hides, or mystifies, but with Venus shining full light from the opposite direction, we have full exposure and clarity. Clarity is a virtue.

We are going to have a great deal more knowledge of the current status of the fall of the new world order by tomorrow, when we see what is done (or not done) with Dorian.

If it is minimized via directed energy weapons and is moved back out to Neptune’s Sea, we know the white hats are in control of the weather weapons enough to counter the nwo.

If it moves west into Florida or travels up to make landfall around the 34th parallel, we know the black hats continue to dominate weather weaponry. The 34th parallel is in focus right now with events in Malibu and Santa Cruz, both of which lie on the 34th parallel. Here is a list of other places along the 34th parallel. See the importance of this ley line?

So we would be watching Charleston north to about Wilmington. For sure, nothing about this “storm” is natural. If you are new to the subject, weather modification has been open source information since the 1990s.

When the planets makes aspects to each other, it amplifies the electromagnetic energy. Things happen with the Earth and things happen with us. It is a busy week with tomorrow’s Venus-Neptune opposition followed Friday with the Sun opposing the Black Moon.

Generally speaking, these aspects brings the heights of creativity, imagination, and beauty, as well as supplantatation of darkness with light. In a words, they bring renaissance.

The Sun is not the only planet making opposition to the Black Moon this week. Mercury and Mars are doing it, too. It makes for the ultimate week of revelations. And it is all happening very quickly.

With the exposure of people’s true motivations and true selves, we make tremendous gains in knowledge and wisdom. It is a reality check that gives us the opportunity to change the way we are doing things or change the way we feel about things. It is the perfect time for Second Renaissance and the hyper jump into 5th dimensional consciousness.

5th dimensional consciousness is FREE consciousness. Thelete - will - is restored. Are you ready to take back your will and willpower? What would you do with all of your personal power?

That’s a question to end on today. Much love to all of the people of the Bahamas and all of the people weathering the fear storm on the southeast US coastline. We are all with you!

(And a not to wise owls with the Sun, Moon, Chiron, or Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces: Go to your “lifeboats” and float. This week is the major week within your 9-month transit of rebirth with the Black Moon. There is A LOT of water energy [Moon in Scorpio - a water sign, and Earth and Neptune, King of Water, being activated in Pisces]. Emotions may be hard to manage. Pisces rules empaths, and with the nature of current events, it may be quite overwhelming. The goal is cathartic release. We persevere.)