Why The Illuminati May Have Donald Trump in Their Sights for March 2019 & Why Alex Jones May Be in Their Sights Now


September 22, 2018

First off, this article is not about Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones per se. It’s about exposing how the Illuminati use astrology to time their nefarious activities and demonstrating this through the astrology charts of Donald J. Trump, Alex Jones, and Ronald Reagan.

Exposing the dark brings the light.

Whether you believe in the validity of astrology or not, I can tell you after more than a decade of “forensically” tracking them, the Illuminati do believe in astrology. In fact, I daresay they are obsessed with it.

Their obsession is their weakness.

Before we dive in, let’s establish a couple of things for context and clarity:

1. OBJECTIVITY - To objectively look at the data, it is important to suspend biases we may have (positive and negative) about the people discussed here.

2. DITCHING THE MISDIRECT OF WOO - The global social engineers have purposely relegated astrology to the land of new age woo as a misdirect. The woo and superficial Sun sign astrology of most mainstream astrological content purposely diverts deeper study of an ancient science waiting for modern science to catch up. This misdirect keeps dataminded individuals from taking it seriously. But seriously, astrology is a combined hyperdimensional physics of mathematics, electromagnetics, and harmonics that have definitive and cyclical effects on humans.

3. FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED - The only aim of this article is to expose historical precedent for violence under certain astrological configurations in order to prevent future violence under similar circumstances. Violence is unacceptable.


After the attempted assassination of President Reagan on March 30 (3-30), 1981, First Lady Nancy Reagan immediately employed a full-time astrologer.(1) Mrs. Reagan had been acquainted with astrology for quite some time before they went to Washington, but it became a daily practice after the attempted assassination.

A case could be made that her decision to seek the expertise of astrologers kept her and the President alive in the very midst of the vipers who orchestrated the attack (some of whom were Illuminati “magi” themselves).

But why? Why do the Illuminati use astrology?

Because the Illuminati believe they have better odds of success with their endeavors when certain astrological aspects are in effect. There is data, collected over hundreds or thousands of years and secreted away, to prove it.

Armed with the awareness of critical timeframes, Mrs. Reagan could take extra precautions, be on watch for certain things, or delay things as she deemed. Reportedly, this raised the ire of the Cabinet (which was now controlled by GHW Bush) to no end.

They never outmatched her again.

In kind, this article is offered in the spirit of RESPECT FOR LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE FELLOWSHIP OF HUMANITY.

JUPITER: The Bringer of Death (and the Expander of Life)

Mainstream astrology touts the expansiveness and bounty that comes with transits of Jupiter.

Less known is the older knowledge that Jupiter opens up “death windows” or times when death is more likely. When someone dies, Jupiter is usually involved in one way or another.


On March 30, 1981 at 2:27 pm ET, Ronald Reagan was in one of Jupiter’s windows and was shot in an assassination attempt. At the time, several astrological aspects were in effect in his astrology chart.

Jupiter was conjunct (at the same location) in the sky as Saturn, and they were both in sextile to his natal Black Moon. (In astrology, “natal” means where a planet was located when you were born.)

Jupiter can bring our end; Saturn represents the global cabal and their archontic controllers; the Black Moon represents what Jung called our “shadow side” and our core fear. People tend to project their own negative feelings onto others when the Black Moon is activated by the planets. A sextile means something is easier to do.

Jupiter and Saturn in the sky were also making a square to Reagan’s natal Mars. Mars rules our energy and vitality. Squares produce changes. So we have a change in energy and vitality.

Reagan’s natal Mars was 04 degrees of Capricorn and the energetic symbol of “a group of people entering a large canoe for a journey by water,” which speaks to using his energy for cooperation among people. The cabal could not allow this.

The Black Moon in the sky was conjunct Reagan’s natal Jupiter at the time of the attempt. So there was a double effect of Jupiter and the Black Moon in action.

Additionally, Reagan was born when the Moon was exactly opposite Jupiter. When the Moon is opposite (or conjunct) a planet when we are born, we generally have some difficulty with that planet. Jupiter was this planet for Reagan, so it was already a weaker point in his chart.

Reagan’s natal Jupiter was 14 Scorpio which is the astrological symbol of “telephone linemen at work.” Reagan was a born communicator. The cabal could not allow this either.

But there is one specific thing - the calling card - that shows us why this day, in a window of time that was in effect between March 25 and April 30, 1981, was the chosen day for the assault.

March 30 was chosen because the Sun and Mars made conjunction opposite Jupiter and Saturn while the Sun and Mars were located at 11 Aries. The description for the nature of 11 Aries is captured within the symbol of “the ruler of a nation.”

The ruler of the nation, the President, was in the cabal’s cross hairs, and they took their shot.


On September 14, 2018, Alex Jones’ Infowars released intelligence they received indicating chatter around a planned assassination of President Trump sometime in March 2019.

The week prior, I had discussed the precarious window in time (the potential cabal cross hairs) for Trump in March 2019.

At that time, Jupiter in the sky (called “transiting Jupiter”) will conjunct Trump’s natal Moon. Like Reagan, Trump has a planet opposite his natal Moon. Reagan’s was Jupiter; Trump’s is the Sun.

The Sun represents our identity and our ego. Trump’s weakness comes when his ego gets out of balance.

Trump’s natal Moon is located at 22 degrees of Sagittarius and the astrological symbol of “a Chinese laundry.” Trump is trying to clean up and balance relations with China. This is not in line with the cabal’s plans.

Astrologically, Trump is in the cabal’s cross hairs between February 15 and March 10, 2019. The most critical days are February 22-23, February 27, and March 8-10. Given the cabal’s penchant for the Ides of March, the window should be extended to March 15, 2019.

The Black Moon will be transiting opposite Trump’s natal Mars during this window of time. Recall above that Reagan’s natal Mars was also being activated during his window.

Trump’s natal Mars is 27 degrees of Leo and the astrological symbol of “daybreak - the luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky.” His energy is here to bring about a new way.


When Alex Jones reported the intelligence about March 2019 as a potential assassination time, he likely did not know that he himself was coming under those same astrological aspects that pose a threat to Trump in 2019.

Alex Jones was born when the Sun was closely conjunct Jupiter. When we are born when the Sun is conjunct a planet, that planet plays a big role in our lives. So Jupiter, the primary focus of this article, is highly significant for him.

Jones was born when the Sun was located at 23 degrees of Aquarius and the astrological symbol of “a big bear sitting down and waving all its paws.” We can easily report that he has actualized this energy, to say the least.

Jupiter was located close by at 25 degrees of Aquarius, and the energetic of “a butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed.” This is interpreted in many ways, one of which is a mission to expand conservative ideas within the free market of ideas.

Transiting Jupiter has been making a square with Jones’ natal Sun-Jupiter since September 16, 2018. Additionally, Jupiter has been opposing his natal Mars. His natal Mars is 22 Taurus, “a white dove flying over troubled waters.” His energy is most effective when he is calm and trying to bring people together to solve the big problems.

Jones has been in the cabal’s cross hairs since September 16 and remains in the zone until October 11, 2018, with special caution September 27-October 5 and October 11.

(Pluto in the sky has also been pummeling his natal Black Moon, making for a hellish couple of years that ends on December 12, 2018. This is not a transit everyone will have during their life. It is not for the weak of heart. It does add to the precarious aspects in his chart right now. The degree of his Black Moon is 20 Capricorn and the symbol of “a hidden choir singing.”)


All of this is just fun and games to the Illuminati, who sit back pitting people against their astrology charts to time their dark operations — much like watching gladiators in battle at the Colosseum. This is archaic, inhuman, and the product of demented minds.

As I stated in the beginning of this article, forewarned is forearmed, and now the jig is up. The Illuminati minions no longer hold the advantage of hidden knowledge. We the People no longer tolerate it. No more humans in the cross hairs. No more tricks. No more chessboards. No more secrets.

Truth, love, and freedom prevails!


(1) Nancy Reagan’s primary astrologer while she was First Lady was socialite Joan Quigley. In light of present day knowledge, we can clearly see from this photo all the tell tale signs that Ms. Quigley was an initiate of a masonic order for women (green jewelry, hand signal, arrow in lamp in mirror, black and white clothing). We do not know if Mrs. Reagan knew this; we only know that Quigley’s counsel apparently put hitches in the cabal’s plans. The Illuminati play the dark and light game, allowing light deeds in order to “balance” dark deeds. It is entirely possible that Ms. Quigley was an operative. Nevertheless, Ronald and Nancy Reagan lived long lives, despite his long bout with Alzheimer’s.