Friday, October 19, 2018

Today we come to very middle of the astrological year, as the Earth discharges “through imagination a lost opportunity is regained” - the Sabian symbol for this year.

At this point, what is the condition of your imagination?

What opportunities, mindsets, hopes, wishes, or dreams are on your heart?

The Moon completes its transit through Aquarius at 3:20 pm, ending the Black Moon time. The Moon is aspecting Jupiter and Chiron until that time, and may bring up sadness, trust issues, questions about one’s direction, a desire for escapism, a desire for escape from life itself, and life lessons.

Overnight, Saturn moved to 05 Capricorn, “Indians - some rowing a canoe and others dancing a war dance in it.” Jupiter is discharging 26 Scorpio “Indians making camp in new territory.” These are prime war energetics for the Illuminati to use for aggression. They pay great attention to Saturn and Jupiter. We may see an attempt to get a bigger war started while Saturn discharges this degree over the next few weeks. These energetics are pretty much played out now, so they will have to try much harder to make anything happen.

This weekend, it is a good idea to spend some time contemplating the application of the symbol “through imagination a lost opportunity is regained.” What wants or needs to return, revise, and realign? What needs to be attended to, rearranged, restructured, reorganized, revamped…?

The middle of the year is a powerful time for reflection. Let’s direct some light that way and open up the field for clarity.

And, wise owls, where are our new photographs of nature? Be on the lookout this weekend and send them this way -

Have a good one!


Many thanks to Phoenix for the wonderful chat last night. We discussed Jupiter moving out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, as well as a look at Election Day in the US. Here is the archive:

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Only the remnants of the Moon’s conjunction with Mars linger in the air today. Astrological aspects are relatively quiet for a change.

To navigate those lingering remnants, we will use the keywords of “gentle understanding.” This wisdom comes to us courtesy 12 Deer in the tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar. 12 brings understanding, and Deer is the sign of gentleness.

Gentleness is always a good idea when Mars is involved. However, it can be a challenge to accomplish it because Mars bursts on the scene, takes action (takes over), and leads the charge.

Mars energy is always demonstrative on the roadways in the form of road rage.

The Moon represents our emotions. When the Moon contacts Mars, emotions rise to extreme levels. Emotions can swing very high and very low and back again.

The Moon and Mars are in Aquarius. This means the emotionality centers around power, power issues, power struggles, rapid reactions, changes that need to be made, consideration for the fellowship of humanity, uniqueness, individual rights and freedoms, electrical connections, ingenuity, flashes of insight, things that come from out of the blue. It is also a time to expect the unexpected.

Above all, Aquarius energy puts things the way the are meant to be. In kind, this is also true Aquarius’ ruler, Uranus.

Uranus has been hanging out at the Chiron Point, the energetic of that heals suffering. Uranus is discharging the energetics of “a clear mountain stream.” It is “the Streaming Energetic of Changes.”

All together, today we have gentle understanding of streaming changes that lead to healing.

Can we go with the flow? Yes. We can do this with the wisdom that, again, Aquarius energy puts things the way they are meant to be.


Do you have a more gentle understanding?

I hope so.


1 - A deeper dive shows us the theme of freedom, specifically through the Spirit of Liberty, is strong today. The Sun is discharging “an eagle and a large white dove turning into each other.” The Black Moon is discharging “a flag turned in to an eagle.” And the Earth is discharging “a man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” (I am feeling some Thomas Jefferson here.)

2- If you ordered a chart from Andrew and have not already received an invoice, your order didn’t make it to him. The first few went into cyberspace. So please resubmit the form, and he will get that right out to you. I am looking forward to hearing how well (or not so well, if that is the case) you are able to use the data and the accompanying “cheat sheets” I composed. I think they are a good value. We can expand the menu of items as we learn what else the parliament of wise owls would like to have.

3 - And finally, just a reminder that tonight is the night I will be on Phoenix’s new one hour show The Patriot Intel Report on Truth Frequency Radio. Hope you can join us!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What catches your attention today?

The Sun is discharging “the sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death.”

I have studied the Sabian symbols for 16 years, and I often overlook the word “pilgrim” in this symbol. We are much like pilgrims as we forge our way though the fall of the archontic control system and into Second Renaissance.

And it appears that the archontic control system is trying to pull a fast one on us with YouTube going down last night (who has the keys now?). Trying to pull a fast one is in line with their history of the Sabian symbol for the location of the Earth today, “a double promise reveals its inner and outer meaning.”

The YouTube outage, along with widespread cellular disruptions and the power company in California just “pre-emptively” shutting off power to hundreds of thousands of people in Northern California due to “fire threats” from non-existent high winds, looks to me to be BETA TESTS.

The globalists are running tests on us. Most definitely, they are planning big moves.

They are going to do what they are going to do, but it is not going to matter in the long run because their time is ending. Their actions are proof of this because they are MUCH more radical and illogical than they used to be under the new energetics. And they wouldn’t be showing the cards of massive disorder and chaos unless they had to. It’s over for them, in essence, so they have to double down.

Part of the meaning of the symbol “a double promise reveals its inner and outer meaning” is that we see what we no longer value and what is no longer relevant. Venus retrograde is working double time to ensure that we see what we truly value.

At this point, what do you truly value? (I hope you made your list when Venus went retrograde a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps today is a day to take a look at it again - “the sight of…brings to a pilgrim…sudden revelation…”)

What kind of changes are happening or trying to happen for you?

Rapid and sweeping change is upon us today, as the Moon has moved into Aquarius, joining the Black Moon and Mars, making for a Black Moon day (particularly for those with the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Aquarius or Leo).

This means we tend to be quicker to anger, deflated of energy, desirous of personal and global revolution, impulsive, and sharp-tongued. We temper the energy by slowing down. Just be advised of the energy and don’t let it carry you away. People will get carried away with this energy, but this is merely part of the way the old world is crumbling. We rise above it.

The timing and details:

TODAY - MOON CONJUNCT BLACK MOON at 8:00 pm ET/midnight UT at 09 Aquarius, “a flag is seen turning into an eagle” (rebirth and a change from the external to the internal). Let freedom ring.

TOMORROW - MOON CONJUNCT MARS at 7:52 am ET/11:52 am UT at 14 Aquarius, “a train entering a tunnel.” Are there any ways in which you feel like a train entering a tunnel? There is only one option: stay on the rails and keep going forward.

We have double and quadruple energetics for rebirth (re-doing) things today with the astrology and with the tzolkin energetic of 11 Death. 11 is rebirth and Death is rebirth. This sign is also known as “Transformer.”

Shall we transform, pilgrims? Yes! Let’s see what “catches our attention” today.


I am so happy to announce that we are now set up for Andrew to run charts and data packs for you. Check out the new Charts page on Oracle Report with the menu of items. We also recorded a short 11-minute audio about it in case you would like more information.

And I hope you can join me as I am Phoenix’s guest tomorrow night, Thursday, October 18 from 7-8 pm ET, on his new show The Patriot Intel REPORT (I mistakenly said Intel Hour the other day). I believe this will also be archived on Real.Video and I will link to it in case you miss it live. :)

Monday, October 15, 2018 - Mercury Conjunct Venus (Retrograde)

Mercury has been moving forward, and Venus has been moving backward. Today they meet up, and the process repairs damage.

At various times, the planets go retrograde, or appear to move backward (except the Sun, Moon, and Black Moon - they do not retrograde).

When a planet is retrograde, it “goes back in time” to rectify, rework, revise, re-emphasize, and repurpose things related to that planet.

When Venus is retrograde, our VALUE SYSTEM is reworked in a myriad of ways.

Mercury rules communications, information, thought processes, insight, and understanding.

Mercury and Venus are teaming up today at 09 Scorpio, “a dentist at work.” It is about repairs. Specifically, repairs to communication. The energy wants to make things better.

The Universe is set to send each of us important messages today. Things that happen and information that comes to us is extremely VALUABLE. It teaches us about what is truly valuable in life.

Pay attention and contemplate whatever is being shown to you. What valuable insights can you gain?

Mercury and Venus will not make conjunction again until July 2019, so we want to get the most understanding out of this energetic as possible.

Wisdom, let us attend.


Over the weekend, this story was making the rounds in the independent media. If you haven’t seen it, it deserves a watch. Michael was a false flag against us (specifically targeting the air base - curious).

And, this Thursday night from 7-8 pm EST, please join me on The Patriot Intel Hour - Phoenix’s new one-hour show on TFR. Phoenix is changing it up and hosting Tuesday and Thursday nights (like before) and doing a one-hour show. I will try not to talk too fast, but ya’ll know that is hard for me! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2018 - Last Moon-Jupiter Conjunction in Scorpio

The watery tail of Jupiter in Scorpio is making its way away from us today, leaving us with one of the most emotionally difficult days OF OUR LIVES.

I have always endeavored to keep it real here, so I will just get to it, and we will get on with the transmutation of the energy. It’s good to know what the heck we are REALLY doing.

Today is the last time the Moon will conjunct Jupiter while Jupiter is in Scorpio. This means that all of the ugliness that has come up from the underworld since Jupiter entered Scorpio a year ago comes to a head today.

This is good because it signals the impending end to the out-of-control emotionality and intense negativity of Jupiter in Scorpio.

It is difficult because we have no choice but to endure and witness the end of it, which is the most intense part of it. And we are tired.

The timing: the Moon will make exact conjunction with Jupiter at 6:12 pm ET/10:12 pm UT. The Moon will leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius tomorrow morning at 4:54 am ET/8:54 am UT.

What we are really doing is transmuting (changing, alchemizing, processing, reforming, transforming) the darkness that has controlled our world. This has to happen; it’s just part of Sophia’s plan to end the time of the archons. We are the actors on the scene engaging the solution.

To gain clearer perspective (today’s Moon-Jupiter conjunction occurs at 25 Scorpio and the Sabian symbol of “an x-ray photograph, after all!), here’s what I wrote last year on 10/10/17 about Jupiter entering Scorpio. Phoenix of Phoenix Rising Radio over at Truth Frequency Radio, was kind enough to keep this handy:

9:21 am ET/ 1:21 pm UT – Jupiter enters Scorpio – Jupiter pushes out of the bounds of Libra and enters Scorpio, ushering a 13-month period of time when what is pulling down the collective of humanity is brought to light and vanquished. 

Jupiter will bring up the dregs of the underworld, and it will be quite a sight, given that we are in the end of the Kali Yuga.  We need to prepare ourselves to process the ugliness that will come to light over the next year, knowing that the wound must be exposed and cleansed before healing can begin.

The first degree of Scorpio gives us the best advice for Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio until November 8, 2018: “a sight-seeing bus filled with tourists.”  Detached observation is the key.

We can look back over the past year (since September 9, 2016) to see how Jupiter in Libra went.  Remember that “Jupiter expands everything it touches.”  While it “touched” Libra, the Libran/Erisian themes of liberty, rebirth, racism, justice, harmony, true love, and degradation of hierarchies were prominent.

Now, Jupiter will expand the Scorpionic/Plutonic themes of the underworld, taxes, death, atomics, money, subjugation, gains and losses, sexuality, and war, among other things.

Jupiter is the High Holy planet of worship for the Illuminati.  It is their guiding light or north star by which they plan their moves.  This is a much lengthier discussion, but perhaps you get the gist of what begins today.

Today, turn away from the news if it is taking you too far down. Remember that a solution is underway. Understand that your awareness (awakeness) along with other people’s awareness is what is changing the status quo, and BRINGING AN END TO THE UNDERWORLD FORCES.

And know that it is appreciated. Sophia is proud of how the fellowship of humanity is collaborating with she and Thelete, just as she knew we would.

Skim lightly, wise owls.

Much love.

(NOTEL The Moon will enter Scorpio again in a month, but Jupiter will leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius hours before the Moon reaches it. So, technically this is the last Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, even though the Moon and Jupiter will be together in Scorpio one more time - just without making conjunction. This means we will have another challenging couple of days a month from now, but not as heavily as today. So I will leave this caveat.)

Friday, October 5, 2018 - Venus Stations Retrograde

Venus stations retrograde at 3:05 pm ET/7:05 pm UT.

We recall that the day a planet stations retrograde or direct is usually intensive. The energy can go into wild places. It goes where a change needs to be catalyzed.

During Venus’ retrograde, we receive a gift. It is the gift of clarity.

Events, circumstances, and situations arise to help us see the truth of ourselves through relationships.

New people come into our lives to help us see clearly. This happens in various aspects of our lives: personal, professional, familial, spiritual, and creative. Oftentimes, these people are temporary, entering just long enough for us to arrive at a new truth by the end of the retrograde.

Existing relationships undergo transformation to help us see clearly. Relationships are “re-worked” or “reconfigured.” The highest and best for everyone involved occurs by the end of the retrograde.

Venus retrograde is designed to integrate aspects of ourselves in order to strengthen our spirits by helping us UNDERSTAND WHAT WE TRULY VALUE.

When we understand what we truly value, our actions and behavior change. Life is better. This is ultimately what Venus retrograde brings.

Venus is retrograde until November 16 at 6:50 am ET/10:50 am UT.

On the first day of the retrograde, a good exercise is writing down what you value. This creates a context. Then, at the end of the retrograde, we revisit the list. And that’s when things become clear.

For its part today, the Sun prompts bubbles of illusion to pop, bubbles of protection to go up, and the bubbling up of emotions.

For its part today, the Earth prompts us to contain the energy and keep it from getting out of control by remaining in control of ourselves. We focus on the strengthening gift of clarity that Venus is offering us.

Clarity brings wisdom. Wisdom, let us attend.



A beautiful gift from wise owl Robin is linked on Oracle Report. It is the list of the revised and enlightened Sabian symbols. Some of the symbols require the context of the book she has written to accompany them. Sophia likes to deliver wisdom through stories.

Next week, Andrew, Robin, and I will be recording a chat about the story behind the story of how this all happened. And after a bit of editing, Robin’s book will be ready for anyone who would like to read it. It is a freely-given gift from her heart.

My job is to transition the application of the symbols. The new symbols are lighter, and I am extremely grateful. It is time to evolve the energy.

Robin received the wisdom of these symbols over several years. She sent them to me in the spring of 2017. I have worked with them myself since then to test them and see how they operated.

One of the many things they are is contemporary.

For example, Venus is retrograding at 11 Scorpio. The previous symbol is “an official embassy ball.” The new symbol is “an official soccer ball.” Robin wrote this long before Putin gave Trump a soccer ball during their diplomatic meeting this past summer.

What comes from a universal offering?

What develops between Russia and the US over the retrograde period?

Peace. And progress.

We know this because Venus will station direct at 26 Libra. The previous symbol is “an eagle and a large white dove turning into each other.” The new symbol is “majestic eagle, peaceful dove.” So you see the baby has not been thrown out with the bathwater. The baby is just growing up — during Second Renaissance.

Happy Venus Retrograde and Happy Weekend to you all! I will be working on more gifts for the New Moon in Libra on Monday, and will see you then.

Thank you, Robin!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

What it is, wise owls? Today, rebirth from the way it was to the way it should be.

It’s 11 Reed in the tzolkin. 11 is Rebirth and Reed is The Way It Should Be.

The Sun is discharging 12 Libra, “miners are emerging rom a deep coal mine.” Dark to light. Rebirth.

The Earth is discharging 12 Aries, “a flock of wild geese” (the Wisdom Goddess Shodashi’s flock of wild geese/wise owls). The fellowship of humanity spreads its wings and expands its mind. We open space for the field of possibilities to lead, guide, and direct us. Rebirth.

Mercury is discharging 22 Libra, “a child giving birds a drink at a fountain.” We restore hearts through simple and random acts of kindness in the midst of this Black Moon day. Rebirth.

Today, The Way is to handle all things with care.

See you tomorrow with some gifts.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Today the energetics ask us to change our perception — to look at things a different way.

With this, it is wise to think before speaking, especially if anger arises. Mercury builds toward opposition with the Eris Point all day, with exact opposition at 10:18 pm ET/2:18 am UT.

The old paradigms and systems are undergoing massive transformation. Today, a combination of “old paradigm” energetics, which are also undergoing recalibration, may attempt chaos. The Earth is discharging “the ruler of a nation,” and Mercury is discharging “a Jewish rabbi performing his duties” before it begins to oppose the Eris Point (favored degree for Illuminati hijinks).

Everything is leading to renaissance - rebirth of humanity - regardless of the way things may appear. Systems and psyches in collapse are merely in the stage of deconstruction before the stage of reconstruction.

Again, today the energetics ask us to change our perception — to look at things a different way.

It’s 10 Road in the tzolkin. 10 is Darkness/The Void and Road is destiny. We walk out of the past (and past darkness) toward new paths of destiny.

The Moon will enter Leo at 5:13 pm ET/9:13 pm UT, beginning to transit opposite the Black Moon in Aquarius. Those with the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Aquarius or Leo will be undergoing one of the stages of rebirth that happens over the 9-month transit of the Black Moon through Aquarius. It’s a process that makes us more multi-faceted, more brilliant, but by challenging us to make friends with our shadow side (our core fears).

In particular, issues with power/control and feelings of powerlessness arise to be transmuted into personal sovereignty and power and allowance of other’s personal sovereignty and power.

If we are resisting change, the next few days will teach us to accept change. Nature is not stagnant, and neither are we. We can boldly yet gracefully embrace changes knowing that everything is changing right now.

What is emerging for you today?

Ironically, if you reread this tonight (or are reading this for the first time and it is nighttime), it might be easier to see The Road and easier to see things a different way. Certain things show up better when it is dark.

CORRECTION: Yesterday I mentioned wise owl Robin’s new site, but I had the word “reinterpret” on my mind and mistakenly attributed her site. Robin’s site is - Legend of the Three: The Sabian Symbols Are Enlightened. It’s awesome and you can join her mailing list there.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Yesterday we were “a group of people entering a large canoe for a journey by water.”

Today we are in “a canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters” with the Sun discharging 10 Libra. This energy brings us into calmer energy and helping us navigate challenges.

This is a nice relief after yesterday’s Mars-Black Moon conjunction. (Whew! How was that for you?)

Since Venus is preparing to station retrograde on Friday (3:05 pm ET), it is slowing and still discharging “a drowning man being rescued.” This is the symbol for 11 Scorpio and it is the degree at which Venus will station direct. This means the energetic of RESUCITATION, THE ABILITY TO COPE, and BREATHING ROOM will be the primary theme throughout Venus’ retrograde (until November 16 at 6:50 am ET).

If you have been following Oracle Report for a while, you may remember me saying that, in my opinion, a Venus retrograde is the most impactful of all of the planets’ retrogrades. More on this later.

Remember that today we are in calmer waters. CALM and RELIEF are the keywords today.

We want to keep this in the forefront of our minds while Mercury squares Pluto today (exact aspect at 7:58 pm ET/11:58 pm UT). If we remain calm, we can stay out of the potential fray that these two can bring. Dark or negative thinking and speaking can come with these.

The highest octave of Mercury square Pluto today is the karma police. Mercury is discharging “a gang of robbers in hiding” and Pluto is “a child of about five carrying a huge shopping bag full of groceries.”


Today connects directly back to January 24, 2018, when Mercury and Pluto began this cycle with conjunction at 20 Capricorn, “a hidden choir singing during a religious ceremony.” Essentially, since then a “come uppance” has been underway. As the song goes, “this is what you get when you mess with us.”

Justice is being CARRIED out by the union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Do you see it?

The Moon will add to the Pluto activation today as it makes opposition at 10:10 pm ET/02:10 am UT. At that time, the Moon will be at 19 Cancer, “a priest performing a marriage ceremony.” Themes of loyalty, commitment, and vows are involved with today’s energy.

And we continue to open up space for this entire year’s theme of “through imagination a lost opportunity is regained.” NEW WAYS are there for the taking. Today the Earth is discharging “a teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images.” Breakthrough. Reinterpret. Revise and realign. (It’s Third Quarter Moon phase — the time to revise and realign! Change your thinking.)

It’s 9 Monkey in the tzolkin. 9 is Light and Monkey is the Weaver of Time. See the light of patterns.

See YOU tomorrow.

Note: The link above is to Wise Owl Robin’s site - “The Legend of the Three: The Sabian Symbols Reinterpreted.” The Wisdom Goddesses have delivered Robin the “the new symbolic forms to traditional images.” Welcome to Second Renaissance. Thank you for the gift, Robin!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Big day to break out! Let’s get to it:

1 - 1:29 pm ET/5:29 pm UT: MARS CONJUNCT BLACK MOON

Mars has been trailing the Black Moon for a week catches up today. The combination of Mars and the Black Moon brings stellar new beginnings and rebirth, heightened anger or depression, strong tendencies to project feelings onto another, war, and peace.

The conjunction occurs in Aquarius, adding issues with power (power and control struggles, feelings of powerlessness, taking back one’s power). It also adds fear of change and the unknown.

Pinpointing it even more, the conjunction occurs at 07 Aquarius (06 Aq 14) and the Sabian symbol of “a child born out of an eggshell.”

Ah, the cryptography of the Sabian symbols. What does “a child born out of an eggshell” mean? (Other than the modern version of the Cabbage Patch kids, Hatchimals, dropping this week, no coincidence there. Is anyone else kind of creeped out by these?)

“A child born out of an eggshell” is about things that have been incubating or simmering or building beneath the surface, in the background, on the back burner, and in the corners of our minds beginning to come to life.

We develop NEW WAYS to do things. NEW SYSTEMS.

People’s minds also crack, so be aware.

This cycle of Mars and the Black Moon lasts 22 months, until August 8, 2020. At that time, Mars and the Black Moon will begin a new round at 22 Aries, “the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”

See the direction? What is beginning and undertaken now will come to blissful completion and unfold at a grander level (grow up) with the next cycle in 2020.

We could carry it forward as far as we like, but there’s no reason to look beyond 2020, because that is the end of the time period the Wisdom Goddesses gave for the re-set/end of the ages. (Not the end of life or the end of the world. On the contrary, it is the beginning.)

Recall that the day two planets make exact conjunction, like today, is very intense.

There is intense power for change today. We want to make the most of it.

2 - 2:00 pm ET/6:00 pm UT: MOON ENTERS CANCER

The impetus or motivation or spark that lights with the Mars-Black Moon conjunction will take 30 minutes to get going. The Moon is void of course (VOC) until thirty minutes after the Mars-Black Moon conjunction. Things don’t usually take root when the Moon is VOC. (FYI - taxes - grr - or anything you don’t want to “come back around” should always be filed during a Moon VOC. Nothing tends to comes back from them.)

3 - 7:19 pm ET/11:19 pm UT: MOON OPPOSES SATURN

When the Moon makes a hard aspect with Saturn, we can become overwhelmed with feelings of failure, disappointment, and self-punishment. This is just the archontic mind. It’s illusion. We are here to grow and learn. Mistakes happen. The purpose is wisdom.


Venus helps us with the emotionality of the day, as it discharges the energetic of “a drowning man is being rescued.” Mother/Father God are always standing by as Lifeguards. Room to breathe, an infusion of life force, an inspiration are right there. Ask and align.

The Lifeguard energy is abundant. Today is 8 Dog in the tzolkin. Dog energy is the protector and guardian of life. 8 energy brings harmony and JUSTICE.

All of this today may be quite emotionally overwhelming. We have A LOT of water energy (water = emotions, transmutation). The Moon goes in to the water sign of Cancer, Venus at the “drowning man being rescued,” Mercury discharging “a retired sea captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbor,” and Saturn now discharging 04 Capricorn, “a group of people entering a large canoe for a journey by water.”

Lots of water. Again, lots of potential for change.

Under today’s particular combination of codes, we are naturally contemplative (especially of the past) and reflective (especially of memories). We seek what is of substance. We find balance. Leave the past in the past. All of the energetics point to the future.

Shall we embark? We certainly have all that we need today.

I am delighted to be in the same canoe with you.

Happy journeying.

Wednesday, September 26 - Thursday, September 27, 2018


Today the Sun is discharging one of our favorite symbols, 04 Libra, “a group of young people or people young at heart (italics mine) sit in spiritual communion around a campfire.”

(It seems more appropriate to write the report as the Sun is setting, so we take a diversion from the regular way I write the Oracle Report.)

As we “sit around a campfire” tonight, we talk about how the day brought the themes of independence, rebels, and collaborations to life. We talk about how firebrand, trailblazing, pioneering energy dominated the day and what is transpiring from it. This is what happens when the energetic of 04 Libra, “a group of young people sit in spiritual communion around a campfire,” is in effect.

A deeper discussion ensues about the next two days, Thursday and Friday, as dramatic changes will occur and things will come from out of the blue. We know to expect the unexpected. We note that:

1 - THE MOON MOVES INTO TAURUS Thursday, September 27 at 3:16 am ET/7:16 am UT, and beginning to make conjunction with Uranus. This is why Thursday will be so dramatic.

Uranus brings rapid, shocking changes. Uranus is like lightning unleashed. Doubling the force, the Moon and Uranus will make conjunction at 02 Taurus and the Sabian symbol energetic of “an electrical storm.”

I think I hear some thunder in the background already.

2 - WE UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN URANUS IS ACTIVATED, things are set on their proper course — a course aligned with the highest and best for everyone. We know that sometimes this is not visible when the changes first happen, especially if they are the result of an accident. Rates of accidents are higher when Uranus is activated (take special care driving and with electrical devices/water). Still, silver linings eventually come from things that seem negative at the time they happen.

3 - WE REMEMBER THAT URANUS IS AT 01 TAURUS, which means it is in tight conjunction with a special place in the sky. This is the location in the sky where the planet Chiron was located when it was discovered.

Chiron brings Renaissance. But it does not come easily. Deep experiences of life, many of which challenge the heart and will, are what bring about the “gold” of Chiron. This special place in the sky where Chiron was discovered is the degree of 04 Taurus and the accompanying Sabian symbol energetic of “the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.'“

The “electrical storm” is in process of bringing a rainbow. It is clear that a bridge to a better future is upon us.

5 - WE ARE AWARE OF THE TENDENCIES for anger, aggression, and depression, as well as initiative, motivation, and excitement that is in effect Thursday with the Sun making a trine with Mars.

Mars is thisclose to the Black Moon and some people are not responding well to it, projecting their shadow side (and its vitriol and ugliest side) on the outside. Derangement easily ensues under this astrological aspect.

We take the high road, and aim for truth, as always.

Now, who has the marshmallows? It’s time for smores.

(I brought the music. It’s Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. No surprise there.)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Today, a practical exercise with the cycles.

We continue watching the week that shows us the “shape of things to come” (see yesterday’s report). There is only one major astrological aspect today, but it is a big one: the Sun square Saturn.

Generally speaking, when the Sun and Saturn are involved, we have themes of order, organization, structure, responsibility, discipline, recognition, appreciation, lists and check boxes, rigid thinking, age, and use of time. We can also be very hard on ourselves.

That’s the basic interpretation. Now let’s get the more accurate, bigger picture.

1- DECEMBER 21, 2017 - What is happening today actually started, energetically-speaking, on December 21, 2017. Think back. That was just before Christmas. This was when the Sun and Saturn made conjunction — when they started over with a new cycle. This is like a New Moon phase. What was happening for you then? What was happening in the world?

At that time, Saturn had just moved into Capricorn, the Black Moon had been there for a month, and they both joined Pluto. The Sun-Saturn conjunction occurred at 01 Capricorn and the Sabian symbol energetic of “an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe.” Looking back, we can see it was a monumental time when a great power struggle began.

Individually, an energetic cycle began to help us claim our own personal power and to free us in some way.

2 - MARCH 28, 2018 - The Sun squared Saturn (made a 90 degree angle) for the first time of this cycle. The first square is called a First Quarter square and is like a First Quarter Moon phase - the time of stepping out and taking action. The things that began around December 21 came to their first point of action. What was happening then?

At that time, the Sun was located at 09 Aries, “a crystal gazer,” and Saturn was located at 09 Capricorn, “an angel carrying a harp.” Translation: definitive beginnings of things to harmonize and re-tune the future and bring peace. Peace is one of the goals of this cycle of the Sun and Saturn.

3 - JUNE 26, 2018 - The Sun moved into opposition with Saturn (made a 180 degree angle), bringing us to the middle of the cycle. An opposition is like a Full Moon phase. It brings things to their fullest measure. Full light. We see. Full phases can be upsetting.

At that time, the Sun was located at 06 Cancer, “gamebirds feathering their nests,” and Saturn was located at 06 Capricorn, “ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.” We had the fullest light to see the darkest things. We have seen how corrupt politicians have enriched themselves. We have seen how corrupt souls have been feeding on the youngest.

This has been a critical component of the cycle that is trying to “right” unfathomable wrongs and reclaim the power of humanity. Remember, the whole cycle is about “an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe.”

The dark was lit on fire, and the fire has been raging ever since.

4 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 - The Sun now moves into the last square with Saturn (270 degrees apart), which is called a Third Quarter square and is like a Third Quarter Moon phase. Third Quarter phases are when we revise and realign. Things are happening now to help us reclaim our power, individually and as the fellowship of humanity. The Universe recognizes the assumption of personal responsibility and supports the changes we make to do the right thing.

For this today, the Sun is located at 03 Libra, “the dawn of a new day reveals everything changed.”

Saturn is located at 03 Capricorn, “the human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment.”

Our experience of life is about to change radically, wise owls, and it is for the better!

This will be in effect until January 2, 2019, when the Sun will conjunct Saturn once again, and once again starting a new cycle.

(For those that like to look ahead, the next cycle of the Sun and Saturn will be about Mother Nature and earth changes. The new cycle occurs with the energetic of “a student of nature lecturing, revealing little-known aspects of life.”)

So today is very much a celebration of the final push to help us claim our personal and collective power and restore balance to power.

What would you do with all of your power?

What changes need to be made?

Let’s focus on the celebration part of today’s energy and not burn ourselves out on lists and tasks and self-punishment, as the lower octave of this energy would direct.

Let’s claim our day, a new day for humanity.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Today’s energetics show us the shape of things to come.

The Moon will be what is called “Void of Course” (VOC) most of the day. The Moon is VOC when it is transiting the last few degrees of a sign before it enters a new sign.

It is typically best not to push/force the initiation or completion of things because the energetics are weaker for accomplishment. This is especially true when the Moon is VOC in Pisces, and even more true when the is Moon VOC before making the Full Moon, as it is today.

This does not mean we stop in our tracks or quit progressing with things. It means we understand that our efforts may not be as efficient or concrete as we might like. So we need not become frustrated if we feel our week is not off to an energetic start.

The energetics will change rapidly when the Moon moves into Aries. Here’s the chronology:

7:04 pm ET/11:04 pm UT: MOON ENTERS ARIES AND CONJUNCTS CHIRON 4 MINUTES LATER - The Moon conjuncts Chiron one time each month. Today’s energetics will build toward this astrological aspect all day long. The degree of the conjunction, 01 Aries, the first degree of the zodiac, is the Sabian symbol for RISING AND BEGINNING - “a woman has risen out of the ocean; a seal is embracing her.”

This is a fabulous lead in to the FULL MOON at 10:52 pm ET/2:52 am UT at 02 Aries, “a comedian entertaining the group.” I know this symbol well. Humor will be vital during the days of the Full Moon phase.

On the surface, the energetic of “the comedian…” reminds of us the healing power of humor. However, what is unstated is the potential need for humor due to the soberness, seriousness or sad nature of events. So this energetic is not just all fun and laughs; it is the ability to persevere by trying to find a silver lining or putting the best foot forward.

Humorous memes that bring information to light will be highly effective during the Full Moon phase.

Just after midnight, at 12:27 am ET/4:27 am UT, the Moon will square Saturn. The energetics activated by this are the Moon at 03 Aries, “a cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country,” and Saturn at 03 Capricorn, “the human soul in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment.”

Issues with personal (and national) boundaries and limits come with this. It is a good idea to observe yourself and how you balance “you” with “the world.” New parameters may need to be established. The light of the Full Moon helps us see the nature and shape of things now and things to come.

Within the boundaries of the shape of things and things to come, we hit a new stride. Adding to Saturn’s discharging “the human soul in its eagerness for new experiences…” energetic, the Sun is discharging energy for transferring or transmitting wisdom and the best of old things (or past things) into new things for the future. The Sun is discharging 02 Libra, “the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh.” Important information is handed down to us (from our ancestors, from Spirit, from the Information Field).

This Full Moon phase has quite a few “new” motifs. Remember that the Full Moon phase brings the themes that were in effect during the New Moon phase (September 9-12) to full spectrum or their highest expression.

Some are blinded by the light of the Full Moon and experience a sort of “madness.” Full Moons in Aries always fire things up more than usual. As I have said all month, expect the unexpected.

Venus and Mars are attempted to heal, fix, or complete interpersonal relationships of all types. Venus is discharging “a dentist at work;” Mars is discharging “a Hindu healer.” This combination brings whatever is needed for everyone’s highest and best.

Today’s events will link directly to Friday, September 28. So again, today is about seeing the shape of things to come. The events of today give us a direct indication of events for Friday. This is likely most related to information. Today’s headlines will evolve over the week and come to some sort of evolution or resolution or even manifestation Friday.

Today is 1 Night - The First Night - in the tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar. What is the shape of things to come?

Whatever it is, the mission is to maintain equilibrium by finding the humor of it - even if we can only shake our heads at the folly of the human experience at times.

Happy Full Moon, everyone!

P.S. - We raised $1,422 for our wise owl friend in need, enabling a great blessing to occur. If you only knew! I am bound by confidentiality, but just let me say that lives have been changed and hope has been restored where great darkness had entered. Our friend sends deepest gratitude and love, and I send mind as well to all who donated and all who sent their heartfelt wishes. How I love the parliament of wise owls! It is my honor to know you.



First off, this article is not about Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones, per se. It’s about exposing how the Illuminati use astrology to time their nefarious activities and demonstrating this through the astrology charts of Donald J, Trump, Alex Jones, and Ronald Reagan.

Exposing the dark brings the light.

Whether you believe in the validity of astrology or not, I can tell you after more than a decade of “forensically” tracking them, the Illuminati do believe in astrology. In fact, I daresay they are obsessed with it.

Their obsession is their weakness.

Before we dive in, let’s establish a couple of things for context and clarity:

  1. OBJECTIVITY - To objectively look at the data, it is important to suspend biases we may have (positive and negative) about the people discussed here.

  2. DITCHING THE MISDIRECT OF WOO WOO - The global social engineers have purposely relegated astrology to the land of new age woo woo as a misdirect. The woo woo and superficial Sun sign astrology of most mainstream astrological content purposely diverts deeper study of an ancient science waiting for modern science to catch up. This misdirect keeps data-minded individuals from taking it seriously. But seriously, astrology is a combined hyper-dimensional physics of mathematics, electromagnetics, and harmonics that have definitive and cyclical effects on humans.

  3. FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED - The only aim of this article is to expose historical precedent for violence under certain astrological configurations in order to prevent future violence under similar circumstances. Violence is unacceptable.


After the attempted assassination of President Reagan on March 30 (3-30), 1981, First Lady Nancy Reagan immediately employed a full-time astrologer.(1) Mrs. Reagan had been acquainted with astrology for quite some time before they went to Washington, but it became a daily practice after the attempted assassination.

A case could be made that her decision to seek the expertise of astrologers kept her and the President alive in the very midst of the vipers who orchestrated the attack (some of whom were Illuminati “magi” themselves).

But why? Why do the Illuminati use astrology?

Because the Illuminati believe they have better odds of success with their endeavors when certain astrological aspects are in effect. There is data, collected over hundreds or thousands of years and secreted away, to prove it.

Armed with the awareness of critical timeframes, Mrs. Reagan could take extra precautions, be on watch for certain things, or delay things as she deemed. Reportedly, this raised the ire of the Cabinet (which was now controlled by GHW Bush) to no end.

They never outmatched her again.

In kind, this article is offered in the spirit of RESPECT FOR LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE FELLOWSHIP OF HUMANITY.

JUPITER: The Bringer of Death (and the Expander of Life)

Mainstream astrology touts the expansiveness and bounty that comes with transits of Jupiter.

Less known is the older knowledge that Jupiter opens up “death windows” or times when death is more likely. When someone dies, Jupiter is usually involved in one way or another.


On March 30, 1981 at 2:27 pm ET, Ronald Reagan was in one of Jupiter’s windows and was shot in an assassination attempt. At the time, several astrological aspects were in effect in his astrology chart.

Jupiter was conjunct (at the same location) in the sky as Saturn, and they were both in sextile to his natal Black Moon. (In astrology, “natal” means where a planet was located when you were born.)

Jupiter can bring our end; Saturn represents the global cabal and their archontic controllers; the Black Moon represents what Jung called our “shadow side” and our core fear. People tend to project their own negative feelings onto others when the Black Moon is activated by the planets. A sextile means something is easier to do.

Jupiter and Saturn in the sky were also making a square to Reagan’s natal Mars. Mars rules our energy and vitality. Squares produce changes. So we have a change in energy and vitality.

Reagan’s natal Mars was 04 degrees of Capricorn and the energetic symbol of “a group of people entering a large canoe for a journey by water,” which speaks to using his energy for cooperation among people. The cabal could not allow this.

The Black Moon in the sky was conjunct Reagan’s natal Jupiter at the time of the attempt. So there was a double effect of Jupiter and the Black Moon in action.

Additionally, Reagan was born when the Moon was exactly opposite Jupiter. When the Moon is opposite (or conjunct) a planet when we are born, we generally have some difficulty with that planet. Jupiter was this planet for Reagan, so it was already a weaker point in his chart.

Reagan’s natal Jupiter was 14 Scorpio which is the astrological symbol of “telephone linemen at work.” Reagan was a born communicator. The cabal could not allow this either.

But there is one specific thing - the calling card - that shows us why this day, in a window of time that was in effect between March 25 and April 30, 1981, was the chosen day for the assault.

March 30 was chosen because the Sun and Mars made conjunction opposite Jupiter and Saturn while the Sun and Mars were located at 11 Aries. The description for the nature of 11 Aries is captured within the symbol of “the ruler of a nation.”

The ruler of the nation, the President, was in the cabal’s cross hairs, and they took their shot.


On September 14, 2018, Alex Jones’ Infowars released intelligence they received indicating chatter around a planned assassination of President Trump sometime in March 2019.

The week prior, I had discussed the precarious window in time (the potential cabal cross hairs) for Trump in March 2019.

At that time, Jupiter in the sky (called “transiting Jupiter”) will conjunct Trump’s natal Moon. Like Reagan, Trump has a planet opposite his natal Moon. Reagan’s was Jupiter; Trump’s is the Sun.

The Sun represents our identity and our ego. Trump’s weakness comes when his ego gets out of balance.

Trump’s natal Moon is located at 22 degrees of Sagittarius and the astrological symbol of “a Chinese laundry.” Trump is trying to clean up and balance relations with China. This is not in line with the cabal’s plans.

Astrologically, Trump is in the cabal’s cross hairs between February 15 and March 10, 2019. The most critical days are February 22-23, February 27, and March 8-10. Given the cabal’s penchant for the Ides of March, the window should be extended to March 15, 2019.

The Black Moon will be transiting opposite Trump’s natal Mars during this window of time. Recall above that Reagan’s natal Mars was also being activated during his window.

Trump’s natal Mars is 27 degrees of Leo and the astrological symbol of “daybreak - the luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky.” His energy is here to bring about a new way.


When Alex Jones reported the intelligence about March 2019 as a potential assassination time, he likely did not know that he himself was coming under those same astrological aspects that pose a threat to Trump in 2019.

Alex Jones was born when the Sun was closely conjunct Jupiter. When we are born when the Sun is conjunct a planet, that planet plays a big role in our lives. So Jupiter, the primary focus of this article, is highly significant for him.

Jones was born when the Sun was located at 23 degrees of Aquarius and the astrological symbol of “a big bear sitting down and waving all its paws.” We can easily report that he has actualized this energy, to say the least.

Jupiter was located close by at 25 degrees of Aquarius, and the energetic of “a butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed.” This is interpreted in many ways, one of which is a mission to expand conservative ideas within the free market of ideas.

Transiting Jupiter has been making a square with Jones’ natal Sun-Jupiter since September 16, 2018. Additionally, Jupiter has been opposing his natal Mars. His natal Mars is 22 Taurus, “a white dove flying over troubled waters.” His energy is most effective when he is calm and trying to bring people together to solve the big problems.

Jones has been in the cabal’s cross hairs since September 16 and remains in the zone until October 11, 2018, with special caution September 27-October 5 and October 11.

(Pluto in the sky has also been pummeling his natal Black Moon, making for a hellish couple of years that ends on December 12, 2018. This is not a transit everyone will have during their life. It is not for the weak of heart. It does add to the precarious aspects in his chart right now. The degree of his Black Moon is 20 Capricorn and the symbol of “a hidden choir singing.”)


All of this is just fun and games to the Illuminati, who sit back pitting people against their astrology charts to time dark operations — much like watching gladiators in battle at the Colosseum. This is archaic, inhuman, and the product of demented minds.

As I stated in the beginning of this article, forewarned is forearmed, and now the jig is up. The Illuminati minions no longer hold the advantage of hidden knowledge. We the People no longer tolerate it. No more humans in the cross hairs. No more tricks. No more chessboards. No more secrets.

Truth, love, and freedom prevails!


(1) Nancy Reagan’s primary astrology while she was First Lady was socialite Joan Quigley. In light of present day knowledge, we can clearly see from this photo all the tell tale signs that Ms. Quigley was an initiate of a masonic order for women (green jewelry, hand signal, arrow in lamp in mirror, black and white clothing). We do not know if Mrs. Reagan knew this; we only know that Quigley’s counsel apparently put hitches in the cabal’s plans. The Illuminati play the dark and light game, allowing light deeds in order to “balance” dark deeds. It is entirely possible that Ms. Quigley was an operative. Nevertheless, Ronald and Nancy Reagan lived long lives, despite his long bout with Alzheimer’s.

Saturday, September 22 - Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Sun moves into Libra today (Saturday at 9:54 pm ET) — beginning the lovely and lovey dovey energetics of Libra. It’s a wonderful.

Libra rules harmony, justice, beautiful sights, decisions, and personal/global revolution. among other things.

Many people love this time of year.

This year, as the Sun moves into Libra, it also begins to oppose Chiron.

With this, we also have mighty Uranus conjunct Chiron’s “home spot,” or location in the sky where Chiron was discovered (the Chiron Point). With Uranus, the mantra is “expect the unexpected.”

So this means that this weekend the Sun is highlighting and empowering the forces of Chiron. And anything could happen. There is little predictability here.

I always talk about Chiron as the Wounded Healer and Teacher, and we are all quite fatigued of that title by now, aren’t we? Chiron is much, much more than that. In Greek mythology, Chiron was what we would today call a Renaissance Man. He was skilled at just about everything. His interest in and quest for new knowledge was limitless. Chiron IS limitlessness. He could go as deeply into the wounding as he could the healing, and from those experiences he brought back great wisdom TO SHARE WITH OTHERS. Service to others is paramount with Chiron.

Mercury just moved into Libra around midnight ET last night, paving the way for the Sun. Refinement of messages and information that we have gained since the New Moon in Virgo on September 9 are in store.

Here is some practical application of all of these astrological energies:

1 - OBSESSION WITH PERFECTION IS FUTILE (use your mental and physical energy toward things that are realistic; practice self acceptance as the unique creation of the Creator)

2 - REFLECT back on what has transpired for you since September 9 and see how it is evolving. An overhaul, reform, rebirth is happening. Can you see it?

3 - MAINTAIN TRUST that there are mechanics at work to resolve and rebuild. We are in Gibbous energy to the fourth power. It is the Gibbous Moon phase of the second consecutive Gibbous cycle (disregard this sentence if you don’t catch my meaning - don’t get hung up). This means that we are in a HIGHLY creative time and the power of our thoughts are magnified exponentially. Reject negativity as much as possible at least until the Full Moon. We want to keep this energetic wave high-minded. We are “closest” to Spirit during the Gibbous and Balsamic phases of the Moon, so let’s tap in.

4 - RECOGNIZE ANY SELF DESTRUCTIVE TENDENCIES - Self destruction is part of Chiron’s lesson. If events have you struggling somewhat (emotionally or physically), this is happening to help you see and learn a new way. Chiron is the Master Teacher. He will press upon wounds to rid them of infection if needed. Chiron tries to teach us that we matter, each of us.

5 - PERIPHERALLY, be aware that false flag potential is higher this weekend. The Black Moon is now discharging “a masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play.” With this, on Sunday the Moon will conjunct Neptune, which can put a haze of fog over truth and confuse us. The exact conjunction of the Moon and Neptune occurs Sunday at 1:21 pm ET/5:21 pm UT, but is in effect all weekend as the Moon transits Pisces. No more tricks!

6 - FIND BEAUTY AND SEND IN A SNAPSHOT IF YOU CATCH ONE - Beauty is exalted when the Sun is in Libra (day traders who are smart bet on beauty stocks while the Sun is in Libra). We are the lucky beneficiaries of an experience on this jewel of a planet (even if the planet is under some sort of control, it is gorgeous). We can redirect any unsuitable mindsets into other ones when we just stop and look around. Nature heals and teaches us. Let’s get out there and re-supply our photo inventory!

AND FINALLY, A NOTE - Last night Andrew posted this note from me to the Oracle Report Facebook. I am including it here for those not on Facebook. From the bottom of my targeted individual heart, thank you for your donations and well wishes. :)

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Rest assured that Andrew and Anna have access to the account and will serve as oversight (but that really goes without saying!).

Thank you and much, much love-


Monday, September 17, 2018

Astrologically, we have a big week in store. MESSAGES, INFORMATION, AND REVELATIONS are on tap, beginning today. Here’s a rather long overview of how it will play out, and I hope that it provides helpful navigation:

1- MESSAGES BEGIN today with the Moon making conjunction with Saturn at 12:24 pm ET/4:24 pm UT at 03 Capricorn, “the human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment.” In addition to messages about our direction in life and how to enhance our experience of life, we see changes to the structure or format of things (which may be unexpected).

It is very easy to be hard on ourselves when the Moon and Saturn are conjunct, especially when they are conjunct in Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn. We tend to over-focus on our shortcomings and perceived failures. In Freudian terms, our superego can go into super-drive. Bypass the negative mental loop; chalk it up to Saturn; redirect with something productive (cleaning is a good way to satisfy and move this energy). We want to check things off our list with this energy (and tend to get project our own feelings about not completing our own list onto other people). Let’s hold back the judgment and criticism and the self-judgment and self-criticism.

2 - THE UNEXPECTED SHOULD BE EXPECTED with Mars moving into square with Uranus. THE STORMS rage with Mars discharging “an unexpected thunderstorm” and Uranus discharging “an electrical storm.” Mars makes things happen FAST. Uranus brings SURPRISES and CHANGE. Mars and Uranus make exact square Tuesday, September 18 at 6:43 pm ET/10:43 pm UT, but this energy has been in effect for several days and will last throughout the week. (Astrological aspects involving any of the outer planets remain in effect longer because their orbits are longer and they stay at a degree of the zodiac longer.)

Heightened levels of anxiety and insomnia accompany this. It’s best to just get up and move around as opposed to staying put.

When we follow the cycles of the planets, we look back to when the two planets made conjunction. This is when a new cycle between the two planets begins. Mars and Uranus made conjunction at the New Moon in Pisces on February 26, 2017. So we look back to what was going on in our lives or in the world then, and now see the revision and completion of those things.

Mars and Uranus have moved 270 degrees apart, now making a Third Quarter square, which is equivalent to a Third Quarter Moon phase - the time of revising, fixing, and taking personal responsibility. In concrete ways, we are taking action to complete with the things that were “seeded” in late February and throughout March 2017.

That New Moon in Pisces in 2017 occurred at 06 Pisces, “the race begins: intent on outdistancing his rivals, a jockey spurs his horse to great speed.” The race to tear down systems of tyranny and build Second Renaissance was in full force - the combined force of Mars and Uranus! Fast, fast, fast! It has become dizzying!

Recall that this happened one month into Trump’s inauguration.

Mars and Uranus made conjunction and began their new cycle at 22 Aries, “the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.” So this cycle between Mars and Uranus is about fulfilling the desires of the collective of humanity. This cycle is in effect until February 13, 2019, when the two planets will begin a new cycle.

Recall that Mars retrograded between June and August of this year, fine-tuning and revising things before it stationed direct just a couple of weeks before they now make the Third Quarter square (revise and realign). Action taken now is refined — purified almost.

It does seem very much like a horserace. (Take good care of your and others’ heart.)

Recall also that Mars is moving into tight conjunction with the Black Moon, adding a flavor of anger, revolution, and bringing light to shadows and darkness.

3 - MESSAGES FROM HIGHER SOURCES come this week with the Sun and Earth making a square with the Galactic Center (exact square on Wednesday, September 19). High level cosmic energy is activated.

4 - EMERGENCY MESSAGES from the President in the form of the EMS are scheduled for Thursday, September 20 here in the U.S. There has been much discussion of this since it was announced. Astrologically this is interesting because Mercury will conjunct the Sun, which is the highest energetic for messages. The conjunction occurs at 29 Virgo, “a man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading.” Again, messages and Information.

This comes as the Moon makes its once-a-month conjunction with the Black Moon (6:00 am ET/10:00 am UT). We remember that this day is a “shadow day” when we unconsciously project own negativity, but also a day when things are brought to light.

In addition, Jupiter is still discharging 20 Scorpio, “a woman drawing aside two dark curtains which closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.” With the Mars-Uranus cycle of “the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires,” this bodes well for humanity.

5 - Today, feelings of grief and loss over something that has passed or seems to be passing now are imprinted into the energetics. The Sun is discharging 25 Virgo, “a flag at half mast in front of a public building.” The Earth is discharging 25 Pisces, “the purging of the priesthood.” My, how these energetics have evolved with these two degrees.

Today is 7 Owl, wise owls, the day to proliferate wisdom.

Message received?

Friday, September 14, 2018

Wise owls, be aware that we are under a Mars square Uranus aspect through Tuesday, September 18 (exact square occurs September 18 at 6:43 pm ET/10:43 pm UT).

Interestingly, Mars is discharging 02 Aquarius, “an unexpected storm,” and Uranus is discharging 02 Taurus, “an electrical storm.”

We have seen various types of “storms” brewing. Mars and Uranus are both “fast” energies. Things change and develop quickly. Things come from out of the blue, but they are not necessarily “bad.” In fact, Uranus makes sure that the changes occur to rectify situations. There is always a silver lining to anything that happens when Uranus is in effect.

Lighting-fast bursts of anger are common under this transit. Brilliant flashes of inspiration occur just as much.

One thing is for sure: this astrological aspect moves things forward.

It is wise to remember that we are only “in control” of events to a certain degree. Most of what happens comes from “on high.” If we are tightly gripping for control, we would do well to loosen up. And trust. Trust is the keyword this month.

This is the main story this weekend, as the only other major astrological aspect is Mercury trine Pluto on Saturday. This may turn our thoughts a little darker, as Mercury rules our thinking and communication processes, and Pluto rules transformation of darkness. The best advice is to slow down, take time to smell the roses (or watch the leaves fall), and mind our own lives instead of comparing them to others. (Mercury will be discharging “a swimming race;” Pluto will be discharging “a child of about five carrying a huge shopping bag full of groceries.” Take a load off, and don’t let Mercury in Virgo get too critical.)

I will see you back on Monday, unless circumstances demand otherwise. And did you catch this story? Local mainstream media is reporting it, but national media is ignoring it (as usual). What’s up with this?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Alright, wise owls, let’s do our thing:

1 - JOIN TOGETHER - Collaboration and teamwork of like-minded individuals yields vast results. These results will become more visible/physically manifested during the Full Moon phase (September 24 - 27). A “unity consciousness” is strong within today’s energetics.

In all things, but especially today, it is important to take personal responsibility.

2 - HIGH STRANGENESS AND HIGH STRESS continues with Mars in conjunction with the Black Moon. This aspect is bringing excessiveness with many things (a “hyper-ness”), heightened levels of anger and depression, and abundant energy. Mars and the Black Moon are in Aquarius, the energy that electrifies. Aquarius energy is brilliantly innovative, which is often first misunderstood as “weird.” (Aquarians get touchy with the word weird, so let’s understand the true meaning.) Fantastic things are coming to light and being created from this conjunction of Mars and the Black Moon.

Wise owls, remember this: Whenever Mars is involved, it is important to MOVE. Move your body and mind. Mars = move. If you are experiencing anxiety or insomnia, move your body. Listen to music. Do something other than remaining in the paralyzed state.

3 - DETAILS - Pay attention to the finer details today. Fine-tune things. Try to integrate late inspirations, ideas, or information. Mercury makes opposition with Neptune today. The energetic is in effect all day with exact opposition at 9:27 pm ET/1:27 am UT. Mercury is discharging “a fine lace ornamental handkerchief.”

We do have false flag and war energy enhanced with Neptune now discharging “an officer drilling his men in simulated attack.” This energetic includes actual operations as well as drills or simulations.

4 - DARK TO LIGHT - The Moon is moving toward conjunction with Jupiter all day today (exact conjunction occurs overnight at 12:33 am ET/4:33 am UT). The Moon “activates” and Jupiter “expands.”

The conjunction occurs at 20 Scorpio and the Sabian symbol of “a woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.” We love this symbol, yes?

Venus adds more energy for revealing what has been hidden or shadowed as it discharges 04 Scorpio, “a youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual.” Revelations are coming quickly. What happens today will directly connect/repeat/come to another level between October 24-26, 2018, when Venus retrogrades back to this degree.

The cabal will suffer significant degradation today; it will be visible by October 24 - 26.

5 - THE HUMAN LINEAGE begins to come together after a prolonged period of divide and conquer. There is not much left to divide us. Now, humanity is coming back together, stronger than before. We will watch this unfold.

(Deeper dive: This “coming together” begins now with the configuration of the Sun and Earth amplifying the Moon-Jupiter conjunction. At the time of the conjunction, the Sun will be discharging “a royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones” - the divine lineage of humanity - and the Earth discharging “a man bringing down the new law from Mount Sinai.” The Black Moon is now discharging “a council of ancestors” - which brings the wisdom and experience and MEMORY of our ancestors.)

6 - TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEART - The Chiron Point energetic of wounding, healing, and teaching is still in effect today but will begin to lessen tomorrow. This presses on issues related to our hearts being hurt and where we have hurt the hearts of others. If the latter is weighing on you and if a direct apology is unfeasible or not possible, an apology offered to the spirit of that person is always feasible and possible.

That’s all for today, other than remembering that this year the energetic of “through imagination a lost opportunity is regained” is in effect. Engage your imagination. Put everything on the table and see what you have (don’t outright reject any ideas).

All of this is turning into something.

Tuesday, September 11 - Wednesday, September 12, 2018

This is a special report combining Tuesday and Wednesday, as we have the major astrological conjunction of Venus opposing Uranus at the Chiron Point. This is technically in effect through Thursday.

When planets “contact” Uranus, we have shocks and surprises of various degrees, sudden changes, and accidents. Things happen fast.

When Venus contacts Uranus, these things center around relationships, values systems, feelings of security and comfort, and appearance.

Venus-Uranus oppostion is an exceptionally strong astrological aspect and has a tendency to produce big events in people’s lives and in the world. Heightened anxiety, insomnia, sensory overload, and breakups of different kinds of relationships can occur (breakups are meant to be under this dynamic). Breakthrough ideas, love at first sight, and the introduction of new people into our lives also occurs. (Note: This Venus opposition Uranus is connected to March 27-29, 2018. Think back to what was going on for you then. These things are coming to fullest light now.)

Uranus rules electricity and lightning, and per the Electric Universe Principle, will significantly amplify the storms that are whipping across the oceans. With hurricanes during a Venus opposition to Uranus, great destruction could come to homes (and foundations of things in general).

The issues of security and safety are already strongly imprinted on 9/11 and are unconsciously triggered by the energetics.

In the contemporary era, hurricanes that are allowed to strike land are false flag operations because hurricanes can easily be created/enhanced or sheared off/busted apart, or driven back out to sea. The technology for this has been utilized for decades and was mentioned by the Secretary of Defense in 1997. Florence could be 2018’s 9/11 False Flag. We could be seeing a primary component of next month’s New Moon Sabian symbol of “a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction” and attempts by the cabal to create chaos from which they create order (and distraction from events happening in the swamp of DC).

For Tuesday, September 11: The overall energetics are trying to take us to a better “place” emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. (The Sun is discharging “a caravan of cars headed for promised land.”) It is also a day to make various plans and preparations for the future. (The Earth is discharging “a table set for an evening meal.”)

A heaviness may pervade the day, as the Moon is approaching square with Pluto (exact time of the astrological aspect is 6:30 pm ET/10:30 pm UT). This occurs while the Moon is discharging “a gang of robbers in hiding,” and Pluto is discharging “a child of about five carrying a huge shopping bag full of groceries.” (This will also put more pressure on the global pedophile and trafficking ring.) If the heaviness starts to set in on you, take a deep breath. Practice releasing the energy and emotions to lighten them. Remember that Pluto brings transformation, and we want transformation of our world more than anything.

For Wednesday, September 12, 2018: Exact opposition of Venus and Uranus occurs at 4:40 am ET/8:40 am UT. Venus will discharge “a house raising party” (groups of people raising the roof), and Uranus will discharge “steps up to a lawn blooming with clover” (taking it to the top and higher views). So things rise to a higher level.

Overall, We the People, rise to the occasion. There is a silver lining to all that happens, which becomes visible in the future. The Venus-Uranus opposition occurs in tight conjunction with the Chiron Point, the energetic of 04 Taurus, and brings great teachings from plights of pain. It’s intense, and you may feel it keenly.

At 2:15 pm ET/6:15 pm UT, the Moon will enter Scorpio, and ramp up the already-present heightened anger levels that we have with Mars making conjunction with the Black Moon.

At 5:50 pm ET/9:50 UT, the Moon will oppose Uranus, increasing the chances of accidents, so take precautions and remember that Uranus puts us where we need to be when we cannot get there ourselves.

At 6:30 pm ET/10:30 pm UT, the Moon will conjunct Venus, tapping on the issues of love, beauty, comfort, and security. Think before speaking. Be careful what you wish for.

With Uranus, we expect the unexpected. Stay safe, wise owls, and prayers to all in the danger zones.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Wise owls, be prepared for anger levels to progressively rise today as Mars enters Aquarius, joining the Black Moon. 

Aquarius rules changes-- rapid changes, in fact.

We recall that the Black Moon rules the cycles of death and rebirth, renaissance, and the personal and collective shadow sides.  Mars rules our energy, initiative, will and willpower, anger, and anger's flip side - depression.

The South Node is also right there with Mars and the Black Moon, and the South Node rules the past.

So, the "equation" is:

Mars + Black Moon + South Node in Aquarius = Anger about things that have been unknown, unrecognized, or even hidden brings about initiative for positive, revolutionary changes.

We open to changes, understanding that "growing pains" are part of the process.

With this knowledge under wing, we endeavor to turn today's events in our lives and in the world into wisdom.  We see that the anger, violence, and war is turning our world into something else.  We trust the data that shows us the tide has turned and the control systems are falling.  The Satya Yuga (The Golden Time) is upon us.

What kind of herculean effort would be required of kind- hearted, awake humans to turn hell into heaven?

Stop and take time to actually consider this question.

This what we've been doing all our lives, even before we woke up.  Don't throw in the towel now.  Don't succumb to the pain of the crumbling system.  Don't grieve yourself into a pit over what has been done to children for millennia.  IT IS CHANGING.  We sustain the impact of the shift.

 Mars will enter Aquarius at 8:56 pm ET/12:56 am UT tonight, and things are going start speeding up rather dramatically.  The anger of the collective of humanity is rising to implement change.  This is the way it is.

For our part, we refuse out-of-control anger and impulsivity and the tendency to project our feelings (and perceived shortcomings) onto others.  We deal with our own stuff.  For sure, anger is being incited from many levels in order to manipulate us.  We understand that anger just means we need to take action to take care of something.  We do that appropriately and soberly after we process the signal of anger. No more tricks on our psyches.  We are beyond the tactic.

Onward farther into Second Renaissance!



For most of the day, the Sun will be discharging 19 Virgo, "a swimming race."  Water imagery always implies emotions (swimming in emotions, in this case).  This energetic can cause us to be hyper-competitive or a tendency to compare ourselves to others while we are looking over our shoulders.  Division can ensue.  We counter this by remembering that All Is One.  In truth, no one is better; self actualization occurs in unique processes.

The Earth is discharging 19 Pisces, "a master instructing his disciple."  Share your wisdom.  And ask yourself what the Universe is teaching your today.  This energy is about offering AND receiving.

The Chiron energetic of wounding and pain is strong this week as Venus opposes the Chiron Point.  We will overcome the tragedies and move into the teaching that the tragedies are bringing.  The wounding and pain is a temporary, and will bridge us into a better place.  This is the nature of Chiron - bottom line.  Chiron ALWAYS brings us a priceless gift of the soul.

When Mars enters Aquarius later, it begins to discharge 01 Aquarius, "an old adobe mission."  Missions are revised.  Reform comes to establishment religions.  A process begins.  Mars will transit Aquarius until November 15.  Expect massive change.

Mercury is discharging 09 Virgo, "an expressionist painter making a futuristic drawing."  Make plans, even if they are only a visualization.  Mind currents are quite powerful right now.  Keep it positive.  The New Moon phase of every month sets the tone for the entire month, so we will work hard to maintain the charge.

The Moon will move into Libra at 11:20 am ET/3:30 pm UT.  The Moon will transit opposite Chiron until 12:28 pm ET (amplifying pain and wounding), and the Moon will square Saturn until 3:34 pm ET (restructuring things and tempting us to feel like a failure).  Not easy energy to handle.  We persevere.  We let it pass.

It's 13 Water in the Tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar.  This is the highest level of emotions, so we really have a lot of water with the Sun at "a swimming race."  Water flows.  And it transforms.  It's best to skim lightly with the current.  The skill today is to skim lightly.

Have a wonderful day, friends!  And don't forget the overview that Andrew and I recorded for the Virgo cycle.