Cancer 2018 Cycle: July 12 - August 10, 2018 - "Surpassing"

The Cancer cycle enters with the New Moon at 10:48 pm ET at 21 Cancer and the Sabian symbol  (energetic illustration) of "a prima donna singing."

What imagery does this symbol bring to your mind's eye?

The Sabian symbols are an efficient yet highly creative and individualized opportunity for the archetypal mind to reconnect with soul.  The astrology of the Sabian symbols offers us the key to rising above seemingly random and uncontrollable outside forces that shape perceptions (and thus our experience of life).  In so doing, we make order out of the chaos of the matrix in which we are awakening.  Our consciousness turns to something else -- something beyond.

The energetic of "a prima donna singing" is the energy for SURPASSING.  A prima donna surpasses the norm.  She takes the tune to a new level.  She brings the soul up from the depths.  The prima donna is the principal singer of the opera because she has experienced things; she has feared, risked, lost, and won, and in the process of them all has found the Depths of the Heart.  She sings from the True Place - from the soul.

We find that what comes from the voice first comes from the gut.  

Here are the main themes/opportunities for the month, along with brief highlights for some of the days (I will keep this post on the homepage for reference throughout the month - our understanding of the report will grow):


When we have cardinal cycles (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn), our collective and individual perceptions shift.  Things begin to move in new directions.  We see and feel things differently.  This occurs over the course of the cycle, but is often felt in a pronounced way during the first three days of the New Moon.  It can be disconcerting and destabilizing, but this is just a natural part of the way energy rolls and evolutions unfolds.  We adjust, knowing that essentially an upgrade is in process

The Cancer cycle takes us to the SOUTH direction of the Wheel.  (Suggestion: search engine via the internet or books "south on the medicine wheel" or such and see what you find and what resonates for you about the south direction and also search engine via nature - focus on what you see in the southerly direction anytime or place)


Venus, Saturn, and Uranus will be in a Grand Trine configuration at the New Moon.  This Grand Trine is in the element of Earth and activates the Chiron Point.  The Chiron Point is 4 degrees of Taurus, the degree of zodiac where the planetary body Chiron was located when it was "discovered" or brought into consciousness.  This degree in the zodiac can be considered a "critical" degree.  The energetic of 4 Taurus is exceptionally strong and outwardly visible when one understands the pattern.

That is not to imply that the Chiron Point energy is simple; it is not.  It's gift is only found after intense "initiatory" types of experiences -- rough times in life, various quests, heartbreak, anything hard won.  Chiron is the great Wounded Healer and Teacher.  He runs the spectrum from the Hero to the Teacher.  Chiron is Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, Arthur and Merlin, Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea, Hercules and Chiron.  With the Chiron energetic, the Hero becomes the Master after an inordinate amount of suffering, effort, perseverance and usually self-sabotage.

The Grand Trine at the New Moon indicates a month of tremendous healing of issues and a necessary integration of what we have learned on our travels (through our ordeals) to date.  This is the Gnosis of Chiron -- the gift of Chiron.

Heroes and Masters rise this cycle to counter the way the archons will exploit the lower octave divide and conquer, aggressive energetics of the Grand Trine all month.  At the time of the New Moon (which sets the energetic imprint for the month), Venus will be discharging "black and white children playing happily together."  Saturn will be discharging "Indians - some rowing a canoe, others dancing a war dance in it."  The lowest expression of these is division and polarity -- choice energetic fluff for trying to incite civil wars. 

It won't work because that system of hierarchy and control is in a larger cycle of dissolution.  The other planet in the Grand Trine, Uranus, contributes to this as it is discharging "steps up to a lawn blooming with clover."  We reach a peak, a high point, a vantage point, a pinnacle, an understanding, an insight, a guide.  With this energetic, hierarchies end.  This month, the process of dissolution takes surprising turns and reveals the unexpected.  This is the way of Uranus.


The New Moon is in tight opposition to Pluto.  This is a very big deal in and of itself because it amps up the level of intensity and the degree of transformation that will occur this month.  It usually comes on hard and strong and can produce deep emotions and swings of emotions.  This is a Cancer cycle.  Cancer energy is emotional.  Pluto can turn those emotions toward darker places.

The energetic of "a prima donna singing" will naturally bring up what people want to say.  Pluto's influence tempts people to do this in ugly ways and then rationalize their behavior.  It only gives the archons a field day to siphon energy. 

Pluto's higher octave teaches that sometimes we need to go to a "darker" place in order to find Siege - the Silence and the Stillness of the Void.  In the Gnostic tradition, the aeon Siege is the mother of the aeon Sophia (Wisdom).  The Silence and the Stillness of the Void is a source of creativity.  We find it by going inward.  Pluto takes us within to transform.  We bring something to light or back to light.  This is a beautiful thing.


A caveat is clear cut: a New Moon in opposition to Pluto and both in square to the Eris Point brings the Winds of Revolution.  This is why the cabal is going full-throttle with the divide and conquer right now.  This month is their best chance to get people to fight with each other (which only keeps the pressure and focus off of THEM).  They want to control the energy of revolution that is natural to the astrology this month.

This, also, isn't going to work.  More people are putting together the pieces of the control hierarchy (at all levels) than people who are acting out.  INSTINCTS are being triggered.  People who are awake or awakening are seeing new levels of the matrix and, in the process, freeing themselves.  People who are not awake and not showing signs of rousing are reacting impulsively from the lower chakras, trying to maintain some sense of control or stem the freefall of soul sleep.


When a planet is retrograde, it re-works and revises things relative to the planet.  Mars rules our energy, what we do with our time, action, initiation, impetus, and the masculine principle.  Mars is currently retrograde and heading backward toward the Black Moon (which will leave Capricorn on August 6, 2018).  Mars is thoroughly working over our energy levels, hitting the refresh button.  We are inclined to step out and take action during Cancer cycles, but with Mars retrograde, these new starts are being polished and refined before they are moving forward.  Mars will station direct on August 27, 2018 at 10:05 am ET, and refreshment comes to the world.

Mercury is going to station retrograde on July 26, 2018 at 1:03 am ET.  It will be retrograde until August 19, 2018 at 12:24 am ET.  This Mercury retrograde focuses on our physical body and the expansion of our psyches to hold and decode more light/information.  Mercury stations retrograde at 24 Leo, "totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a man is sitting in a state of complete neglect of his body."  It will be very important to practice self care during the retrograde period.  Mercury directly affects the mind, and the activations can cause headaches.  The physical symptoms that are being experienced en masse will be amplified by Mercury's retrograde in combination with Mars' retrograde.


The New Moon occurs on the day 5 Water in the Tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar.  5 Water is The Offering of Love.  It's a wonderful tone of energy to have with us all month long, and we want to make sure we are expressing it each day.

To help, here is a brief summary of highlighted days for "heads up" and knowledge; I will update periodically as needed through the month:

July 12, 2018: New Moon at 10:48 pm ET

July 13, 2018:  heightened anger (Moon conjunct Mars), communications highlighted (Moon conjunct Mercury), control issues - especially in relationships, taking responsibility, financial markets highlighted (Venus trine Saturn)

July 15, 2018:  critical of self others (Moon conjunct Venus), beginning of Sun transiting opposite the Black Moon through July 20 (shadow sides, Black Moon Days)

July 18, 2018: destiny, finding purpose (Mars conjunct South Node)

July 19, 2018:  excellent energetics for the US-Russia summit

July 20, 2018:  repairs, repairs to communications, hyper emotional, welling up from the underworld, exaggeration (Moon conjunct Jupiter)

July 21, 2018:  Venus begins transit opposite Neptune through July 24 with heights of creativity and beauty but also potential for "volcanic explosions" of various types

July 22, 2018:  Sun enters Leo and begins to conjunct Mars - anger rises, potential for narcissistic behavior, creativity, fun

July 24, 2018: war/warpath/aggressiveness, archons on parade (Moon conjunct Saturn); love (Venus opposition Neptune)

July 25, 2018:  spiritual assistance for transformation and change, Black Moon Day (Moon conjuncts Pluto)

July 26, 2018:  glimpse of future, wanting to be heard, rebellion and revolution (Moon conjunct Black Moon for the last time in Capricorn); Mercury stations retrograde

July 27, 2018: Full Moon conjunct Mars and South Node - judgment of past, surprises, take extra care to drive safely, turn off appliances, and extinguish flames; the ancestors speak

July 28, 2018: potential for issues with communications, electronics, travel; trains and tunnels (Moon square Jupiter)

July 29, 2018:  rely on experiences, sober and noble choices; see also July 28 as there is a repeat (Moon opposition Mercury)

July 30, 2018:  things happen that put other things in place but we often don't see it until a later date (Moon sextile Saturn and Uranus)

July 31, 2018:  maintain pure thoughts and intentions, aim high (Moon conjunct Neptune and Moon oppose Venus)

August 1, 2018:  spirit of Renaissance, false flag potential higher (Moon conjunct Chiron, Moon square Saturn)

August 2, 2018:  fiery -- take care with words and actions, use nourishing words (Moon trine Sun, Moon square Pluto)

August 3, 2018:  global(ist)moves (Moon square Black Moon); wounding, healing, teaching, changes, alignments, accidents (Moon conjunct Uranus)

August 4, 2018:  storm may be strong (Moon opposition Jupiter)

August 5, 2018:  watch communications; Divine Inspiration; Mercury retrograde day (Moon square Mercury)

August 6, 2018: 2:54 am ET - Black Moon enters Aquarius and begins conjunction with Mars; 7:28 pm ET Venus enters Libra and begins transit opposite Chiron - huge day, strong energy

August 7, 2018: manipulation or sincerity (Moon oppose Pluto)

August 8,  2018: 4:18 pm ET transference of light (Venus opposition Chiron)

August 10, 2018:  head rushes, don't rush, keep the faith (Moon opposes Black Moon and Mars) - another huge day

August 11, 2018: New Moon in Leo

I have been in deep instruction with the Mahavidyas and have been keeping notes to share what I am learning.  At this point, the several incomplete books I have been working on seem to be coming together into one.  I am also completing the backlog of readings I have, and will let everyone know when I am caught up and ready to schedule again.

Happy New Moon, everyone!







Monday, June 18, 2018

Today is 7 Serpent in the Mayan Sacred Calendar, the day my teacher calls the "Day of the Seven Chakras."  It is an excellent day for clearing and for care.

The Sun is discharging 28 Gemini, "society granting bankruptcy to him, a man leaves the court."  This energetic describes the key teaching that the Wisdom Goddesses (and others) want us to understand as we complete the "end times" through 2020: to release our suffering.

Making mindset changes, transitioning, and bridging to a new sense of self and life are all parts of this, and are reflected today with the Earth discharging "an old bridge over a beautiful stream in constant use."  We do not need to go over and over things from the past.  We can let it be.

We can let it be and build upon solid foundations.  Venus is discharging "an old-fashioned conservative woman is confronted by an up-to-date girl."  In this symbol the "old-fashioned conservative woman" has wisdom that the "up-to-date girl" does not yet have, but the girl can help the woman connect with new things that make life more fun and bring a sense of renewal.  Confrontations with self (and what one feels is lacking) are unnecessary.  That is the old way.  Self acceptance is the proper course now.

With this today, we have the incubation of ideas, divine inspiration, and connection with the inner child to facilitate the new experience of life.  Mercury at "a Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher" is in trine to Jupiter at "children playing around five mounds of sand."  It is a good idea to incorporate some "play time" today.

And, to assist us with bridging into the new experience of life, Mars is discharging one of our favorites - "a flag is seen turning into an eagle."  The eagle flies the highest -- even above storms.  Mars is providing the energy to rise above the base, the common, the past.  This energetic is the energetic of "ascension."

Today and tomorrow are the last days of the double Crescent Moon phase, the times when persistence and perseverance are tested the most.  Crescent Moon phase is characterized by struggle.  Let's refuse the struggle.  Let's seek the "bridge over the beautiful stream," as the Earth teaches us today.  Grant yourself permission.

Crescent Moon Phase:  perseverance

Moon in Virgo

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  Bagalamukhi, She Who Dissolves Illusions

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Ian , He of the East

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - New Moon in Gemini - "Building Strength"

The New Moon at 23 Gemini enters at 3:43 pm ET/7:43 pm UT.  Let's break it down:

1 - BUILDING STRENGTH - The theme for this solar-lunar month is "building strength," with the New Moon occurring at 23 Gemini, "three fledglings in a nest high in a tree."  A fledgling is a young bird (owl?) that is developing wing feathers that are large enough for flight.

This is what we are doing this month: building strength to fly -- to be free, independent, and wise.

The task is likely to be arduous at times because at the time of the New Moon we also have...

2 - THE SPREAD OF DIFFICULT INFORMATION with MERCURY SQUARE URANUS while Uranus is in close conjunction with the Chiron Point (a critical degree of the zodiac that encapsulates wounding, healing, and teaching - see audio recording on the Chiron Point and the Bridge to the Age of Aquarius at  Operation Broken Heart and the arrest of over 2,000 pedophiles is the first example of the month.  The difficult information builds our strength as we are...

3 - WEATHERING STORMS of various kinds - emotional, physical, global, etc.  Mercury is discharging "an Arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons."  This tells us to tread carefully and slowly all month.  We want to have sure footing, so it will be important to remain grounded.  We remain grounded by aligning with a Higher Power, with nature, and with loved ones. 

If times become tough for you, go outside.  Take a walk.  Observe the signs of the natural world and reset your compass.

(Will we see more information coming out about what is going on in AnARCTICa?  Are claims being staked there?)

4- THE PROGRESS OF SECOND RENAISSANCE comes with a combination of several planets' energetics:

Venus is discharging "a daughter of the American Revolution," breaking down restrictions and what is unjust.

Mars and the South Node (which rules the past) are discharging "a flag is seen turning into an eagle."  Rebirth is implied.  Things from the past return to be transformed.

Chiron is discharging "a cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country," furthering the growing theme of nationalism.

Pluto in square to the Eris Point (the critical degree of rebirth and renaissance) discharging "a relay race," which promotes unity, fellowship, and collaboration.  This will agitate the archons and cause them to make trouble for people, but it is a sign of their fall (or rise, when you consider that they are being returned to their Source - Mother Earth, Gaia Sophia).  We will persevere.

5 - GAINING OPPORTUNITIES comes with the Earth discharging "immigrants entering a new country."  This energetic takes us into new territory, bringing assistance with changing mindsets and heart sets. 

Of course, the immigrant issue will be highlighted, and we are already seeing examples today with the Migrant Ship, Austria's border patrol exercise, and developments in Tommy Robinson's imprisonment (let's pray for him).  We should expect the Illuminati to press their immigration agenda with full force.

6 - FINDING SOLUTIONS USING THE IMAGINATION - We can find a new angle with things, new things we want to create and build, and innovative ways of doing things with Jupiter discharging "children playing around five mounds of sand."  The key here is to re-engage a sense of fun and play.  Connecting with (or finding) the inner child helps us do this.

7 - GUIDANCE AND LEADERSHIP - In addition to the "leading" energetic of Mercury discharging "an Arctic explorer LEADS a reindeer through icy canyons," we also have Saturn discharging "a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god."  This energetic LEADS us to Truth.  Remember, wise owls, all roads lead to liberty now.

8 - THE RE-TUNING OF THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD INDUCES INSOMNIA AND ANXIETY- Uranus, which rules electricity, is discharging "an electrical storm."  Astrology is not astronomical; it is electromagnetic.  Uranus disrupts, shocks, and changes.  Uranus feels like lightning in the body, and commonly produces sleep difficulties and increased anxiety.

However, Uranus is our friend, and puts things the way they need to be.  As it discharges "an electrical storm," it is re-tuning the field of consciousness.  Since it does operate through shocks and surprises, trust is needed. 

Uranus is re-tuning the electromagnetic fields of the Earth for the next eight years, but is particularly active when it discharges the Sabian symbol of "an electrical storm."  The Earth changes when Uranus transits Taurus.

Note: We want to be particularly vigilant about turning off electrical items (like clothes irons and flat irons) and about keeping electricity away from water.

9 - RENEWED FAITH comes with Neptune, which rules Spirit, discharging "an Easter promenade." 

Additionally, the New Moon occurs on 2 Ahau/Sun in the tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar of the Sun.  Ahau/Sun days are holy days in this calendar.  The energetic of 2 Sun will be strongly in effect for the first 20 days of this solar-lunar month.  2 Sun brings a mixture of pleasure and pain.  Dualities are more pronounced.

10 - CHANGE AND REFINEMENT OF VALUES comes with the Black Moon discharging "an Oriental rug dealer in a store filled with precious Oriental rugs."  Though we often see what is truly of value to us when we lose something, this energetic enables us to see the value of what we already have without having to lose it.  The Black Moon will leave Capricorn in August (three cheers!).  Until then, it will work hard to enable us to see what has been in shadow.  Appreciation, gratitude, and recognition get us there on the fast-track.

11 - INSPIRATION TRANSLATED INTO MANIFESTATION - The North Node (the future, destiny) is discharging "glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing".  It may be necessary to "take a breath" many times this month. 

The energetics are intensive for many reasons, but one of them is that this month is like a month-long Crescent Moon phase (which challenges us to not give up).  This is the second of two month-long Crescent Moon phases.  We redouble our efforts to persevere and bring dreams to life.

Recall that the theme for this astrological year is "through imagination a lost opportunity is regained."  The North Node discharging "glass blowers shape beautiful vases..." brings the lost opportunities closer to us.  It is important to keep this in mind all month long. Do not give up.

12 - RETROGRADES - Neptune will station retrograde on June 19 and will remain retrograde until November 26.  It retrogrades at 17 Pisces, "an Easter promenade," and the Spiritual Wave that entered on April 1 will reverberate during Neptune's entire retrograde period.  This will continue the serious degradation of archontic energies.

Mars will retrograde on June 27 and will remain retrograde until August 28.  When a planet is retrograde, it reworks things that are related to that planet.  With Mars, it reworks our energy, and what we do with our energy.  It kick starts things.  Mars will retrograde at 10 Aquarius, "a popularity that proves to be fleeting."  The status quo of things will undergo revision.  Our lives will undergo revision.  Things that need to be reversed will be reversed.  It's a phenomenal opportunity to "regain a lost opportunity."  It will also work hard to bring down empire.

And a final note:  The New Moon occurs in opposition to the Galactic Center.  In astrology, oppositions are synonymous with Full Moons.  Oppositions bring the fullest effect.  The fullest effect of the Galactic Center -- the place of limitlessness -- wafts through consciousness this month.

How perfect to have while we are "building strength."  Let's open to these new waves of energy and what they have to offer.  Let's turn fledgling to flourishing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Today is 1 Rainstorm, with more rain than storm, as the Taurus cycle gently fades away on its last day.

Three themes today:

1 - OPEN OR CLOSED? The Sun is discharging "dancing couples crowd the barn in a harvest festival."  This energetic inherently asks us to open up and be receptive with life, instead of being a wallflower or on the sidelines.  Can you believe we are halfway through the Gregorian year already?  What are we waiting for?  It's time to dance and appreciate the blessings of the Earth experience.  An open mind and heart enables us to regain seemingly-lost opportunities.  If something new comes your way, give it a chance, and remember that most things usually require time for adjustment.

2 - JUDGMENTS AND COMPARISONS - Mercury discharges the last degree of Gemini today, "a parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds."  At the same time, Venus is discharging "a Greek muse weighing newborn twins in golden scales."  This combination naturally induces judgment and comparison of self and others, which can lead to a downward mental and emotional spiral.  The imagery of the "twins" gives us the wisdom that "all things are essentially equal or one."  Decisions may be more difficult today because the prevailing energy is beyond judgment.  It's a better day for inspiration and putting all options on the table or brainstorming ("brainstorming" is good on Rainstorm days). (Mercury will enter Cancer at 4:00 pm ET/8:00 pm UT.)

3 - CLEAN AND CLEAR - The last day of the cycle is the eve of the New Moon.  This is the time when we release that which we do not want to carry into the next month.  What happened this month that you would like to leave behind?  What happened that you want to carry forward?  This applies to everything - mindsets, attitudes, emotions, beliefs, judgments, conditions, restrictions, labels...  The Earth is discharging "a Chinese laundry," which is a fabulous energetic for the last day of the Balsamic Moon phase - the natural time of cleaning and clearing the field of consciousness in preparation for a new beginning.

A great wrong is being rectified in the world with the events in Singapore.  It's a cause for celebration among the fellowship of humanity.  Let's "crowd the barn" and celebrate like dancing couples by finding beauty in nature.  It's parading all around us.

Balsamic Moon Phase:  release, dream

Moon in Gemini

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Tara, She Who Comforts (a deep bow of thanks to Tara for seeing us through this epic month of the Black Moon Pluto conjunction at "a general accepts defeat gracefully" and Uranus' entry into Taurus conjunct the Chiron Point)

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will) Ian, He of the East (a deep bow of thanks likewise)

Monday, June 11, 2018

Today is 13 Mirror in the tzolkin, the day of highest reflection.

Here is what the astrology reflects today:

1 - CHANGES TO THE STATUS QUO AND RECTIFICATION OF WRONGS - These themes are reflected in the degrees the Sun, Earth, and Venus. 

Critical mass awareness or personal critical understanding of something comes with the Sun discharging "a tumultuous labor demonstration."  Basic human rights are in focus.  This energetic can bring heightened levels of emotionality.  Before reacting, look in the mirror.  What is being reflected or bounced back?  What is a fair share or a fair shake?

Engagement of the imagination and looking at something a different way or another person's perspective is highlighted with the Earth discharging "a child and a dog wearing borrowed eyeglasses."  To expand the imagination, expand the lens of perception.  What is another way?

Belief in the possibility to bridge the gap or get to the other side (of a change) is key, with Venus discharging "an Indian girl introduces her college boyfriend to her assembled tribe."  Fear of rejection or ridicule is left behind through a leap of faith.

2 - SECOND CHANCES come with Mercury discharging "society granting bankruptcy to him, a man leaves court."  This energetic is designed to relieve burdens and pressure that has built up.  The Sabian symbols are just that - symbolic.  The highest octave of this energetic describes the inner power to relieve suffering and burdens and not granting someone else power over us.  This energetic is about personal responsibility.  Debts and whatnot are an archontic construct of control.  The core of this energy is about taking care of self.

3 - ON DISPLAY - When 08 Aquarius is activated, as it is with Mars right now, we see beyond what is "on display;" we see beyond "the show."  08 Aquarius is the Sabian symbol "beautifully gowned wax figures on display."  We see the true spirit or intention of things.  We see if the inner matches the outer.  Mars is moving closer to exact conjunction with the South Node (the past, past lives), helping us to see things more clearly and from a place of higher wisdom.

The day is a blessing of reflection.  What does it show you today?

Balsamic Moon Phase:  release, dream, prepare for a new beginning

Moon in Taurus

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  Tara, She Who Comforts

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian, He of the East

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Today is 7 Road in the tzolkin.  On this day, paths are revealed.

This should be rather interesting, as we have two very powerful astrological events happening, both of which carry a lot of "drama," both of which are the electrifying the scenery, and both of which are pivoting off each other.  Let's unwind the loop:

1 - MERCURY CONJUNCT SUN at 16 Gemini and its corresponding Sabian symbol energetic of "a woman activist in an emotional speech, dramatizing her cause."  Mercury is the "ruler" of communications, and the Sun amplifies, so this will be a particularly strong discharge of this energetic.

There is a natural tendency to press an issue or go to extremes with this.  The core objective is a change, usually toward something more fulfilling or toward some type of rectification.

The Earth is at the opposite side of the Mercury-Sun conjunction, discharging "sea gulls fly around a ship looking for food."  We go in search of needed nourishment, and are tempted to settle for less than what is acceptable or appropriate.

Instead of acting out the old dramas, making demands, and seeking on the outside what is only found on the inside, let's take a different path - a different road.

7 Road is about what is reflected or shown to us.  If we are running around willy nilly and off our center, we are not in the position for the way to be shown.  We can duck down different paths looking for whatever we think we need, but this is counter to the higher energetics. The higher energetic is a place of stillness and reflection. 

The way is shown or the answer is revealed when we can slow down, calm the mind, and be receptive to what the universe shows us today.

2 - VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO IN SQUARE TO THE ERIS POINT will amp up the emotional drama even more, particularly within relationships (which are already undergoing intensive rebirth, see post from Friday, June 1). 

Venus is discharging 21 Cancer, "a prima donna singing," echoing the Sun-Mercury conjunction of "a woman in an emotional speech," with people speaking their minds, trying to get needs met, and seeking fulfillment.

Pluto is discharging 21 Capricorn, "a relay race."  This symbol is not about racing.  It's about sharing and collaborating.  It's about carrying things forward, step by step, along with others.

Again, if we are racing around or being a prima donna about getting what we want, we are not in the position for the way or answer to be shown.

On "7" days, what we need is REFLECTED to us.  We want to be in the space and place where we can SEE.  We cannot see the road for us if we are chasing down all roads.

In other words, we are in much better shape today if we bypass the drama, speak plainly of our feelings and needs, take personal responsibility, and open to what is being offered to REGAIN an opportunity.  Remember, this astrological year's theme is the Sabian symbol of "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained." 

If we open to what is being shown to us today, stepping back and letting the unconscious forces of imagination do their work, we will be aligned with our proper course.

7 Road is a great blessing if we can accept blessings.

(Note for Not-As Rapid-As-I-Had-Hoped Readings:  I am about 70% complete at this point.  I have to have oral surgery this week - ah, Saturn.  I appreciate your patience, and I will still be working on these, but if I have not completed your reading yet and you would like a refund, please email me.)

Disseminating Moon Phase:  share, communicate

Moon in Pisces

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  Tara, She Who Comforts

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Ian, He of the East

Monday, June 4, 2018

Mighty Uranus leaves 01 Taurus, "a clear mountain stream," moving to 02 Taurus, "an electrical storm."

Since Uranus rules electricity, get ready to get electrified!  The storm is on.

Uranus will move to 02 Taurus at 2:52 pm ET/6:52 pm UT today.  With Uranus, the transition from a clear mountain stream to an electrical storm may bring a bit of a challenge, especially if the Chiron Point is dominant in your chart (Uranus is conjunct the Chiron Point, the encapsulated energetic of the Wounded Healer and Teacher and presses upon wounds).

As this progresses today, we also have the following themes:

1 - LOOK AND DO DIFFERENTLY - The Earth is discharging "the ground hog looking for its shadow on Ground Hog Day."  Look to the past and look to signs for answers.  Under this energetic, answers are usually found in past experience and not repeating certain patterns of action or mindsets.  

2 - PUT PRACTICE INTO ACTION - Mercury is discharging "a world famous pianist giving a concert performance."

3 - COMMUNICATE, EXPRESS, AND RELATE what is heartfelt.  Venus is discharging "Venetian gondoliers in a serenade," and the Sun is discharging "two Dutch children talking."  Tomorrow, Venus is going to make exact opposition with Pluto, and the Sun and Mercury, which rules communications, will make conjunction.  In preparation, today it's a good idea to keep communications clear and from the heart. The energetics of tomorrow's astrological aspects are already filtering in (since the energy moves in waves).  Maintain high intent and integrity; choose your words wisely.

Over the weekend, Chiron moved to 03 Aries, "a cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country."  We had "a flag that turns into an eagle that crows," "a soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat," and "the mask comes off."  At the same time, a contingent of military veterans from far and wide descended on Arizona to rescue child trafficking victims, doing what law enforcement refused to do (or even help with).  The task was so massive, that a call went out online to fellow veterans for backup.

This is a pivotal moment.  It shows us many things, but one of them is that Sophia is using the grassroots to implement her solution to the archontic problem, which is the root cause of the trafficking issue (and the trafficking issue is THE UNIFYING ISSUE).

Another thing it shows is that Americans will no longer tolerate the inaction of government.  This is a Lexington-Concord moment.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was the "father" of the Arts of War and the teacher of Hercules and Achilles (among a variety of other things).  Archetypally, Hercules and Achilles have been unleashed on the cabal.  There will be no turning back now.

There is so much more to discuss, but I will leave the report for today here, and address the wider analysis separately.  I have too much to say to write it here.


In honor of the Heroes of the Children, music of the spheres today for Son Volt fans:

Disseminating Moon Phase:  communicate, share

Moon in Aquarius

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia: Tara, She Who Comforts

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete: Ian, He of the East




Friday, June 1 - Saturday, June 2, 2018

Today the Moon will conjunct Pluto and then the Black Moon, making today somewhat of a "super Black Moon Day," and prompting our best application of wisdom to navigate the tendencies toward anger, sadness, depletion, and the projection of these things onto others.  Moods could be quite heavy.  The dynamics necessitate a thorough report today.

Though it is much like laboring to deliver a refreshed version of oneself, these energetics bring us to a place of higher consciousness by their end.  The day is revelatory in many ways.

The light that Pluto and the Black Moon ultimately bring is echoed in today's sign in the tzolkin (Mayan Sacred Calendar).  It is 3 Star, which brings the germination of wishes.

Before the Moon reaches Pluto, it will oppose Venus at 1:00 pm ET/5:00 pm UT.  This aspect distributes energy to solve a puzzle or problem that is staring us in the face (and possibly related to relationships).  The Moon will discharge "school grounds filled with boys and girls in gym suits;" Venus will discharge "a man studying a mandala in front of him with the help of a very ancient book."  When we study patterns, we begin to see things in a different way.  (it is wise today to look before leaping.)

Though the energy will build all day, at 11:36 pm ET/3:36 am UT, the Moon will conjunct Pluto at the familiar "a general accepting defeat gracefully."  What has this symbol shown or said to you?  It is as much about victory as it is defeat because Pluto rules transformation.  What is perceived as defeat or loss actually transmutes itself into powerful insight into future action.  Since the Moon is involved, the energetic may be soldiering through your emotional body to clear it of negative build up.

The inner spiritual warrior is further activated as the Moon conjuncts the Black Moon around 3:30 am ET/7:30 am UT at "a soldier receives two awards for bravery in combat."  Etheric combat is one way to describe what we've been doing for the past month (since the Black Moon-Pluto conjunction came into effect).  The return of archontic forces to Source has been the mission; the Black Moon now seeks to reward the effort thus far.

With the "soldier receives two awards for bravery in combat" energetic, the Black Moon in Capricorn issues of recognition and appreciation of what one has given comes into primary focus.  What do you need to recognize and appreciate about yourself?  What do you need to recognize and appreciate about others?  These are the two rewards.

The Wisdom Goddesses of Sophia and the (knight-like) Emissaries of Thelete have been working overtime to recognize and bless those who live in service of love and have aligned with devotion to light.

During the Black Moon's nine-month transit through Capricorn that began in November, there are three "super days."

The first was April 18/19 when Mars made conjunction with the Black Moon at 18 Capricorn, "the Union Jack flies from a new British warship."  The collapse of Empire increased in speed.

The second was May 18 when the Black Moon made conjunction with Pluto at "the general accepts defeat gracefully."  The collapse of Empire became imminent, relatively speaking.  (Pluto will retrograde and come back to churn away again at this degree for a couple of years.)

The third is today/tomorrow as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and then the Black Moon while the two planets are still in tight conjunction.  This will be the last time the Moon activates this pair's conjunction for 9 years, and the last time this pair's conjunction occurs at "a general accepting defeat gracefully" for 2,000 years.

Pause to consider:  three days during nine months to produce sweeping, radical transformation and renaissance. 

It is rather monumental, life-changing, world-changing energy, and it will stir emotions.  Be aware that this is happening en masse as you interact with others.  The energy is highly charged and responses vary and vacillate.

To add to the stir, the Sun is discharging "a Black slave girl demands her rights of her mistress," and the Earth is discharging "a flag that turns into an eagle that crows."  People are inclined to speak up for themselves and others, declarations are made, and ideas arise to affect change.

If the darkness that this astrology is bringing to light becomes too heavy for you (and this would be very natural if you are a Capricorn or Cancer, or have the Black Moon or Chiron in Capricorn or Cancer), turn to a Higher Power.  Leaning on a Higher Power is what gets us through our dark times.

Despite the tone of this report, it is important to remember that the Black Moon and Pluto always bring a rebirth.  It's 3 Star.  The Moon, the Black Moon, and Pluto - the three "stars" - will bring us to higher truth.

Time to make wishes.

Full Moon Phase:  clarity, enlightenment, heightened emotions

Moon in Capricorn

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia: Tara, She Who Comforts

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete: Ian, He of the East



Thursday, May 31, 2018

It's 2 Deer in the Mayan Calendar, and it is most definitely "too dear" if we can get there.

By this I mean if we can raise our observation and perception to a high enough level, we can see that even the most difficult things that are happening are bringing things to light.  These are the reasons things are going to come to light over the next three days:

1 - Today the Earth is discharging "the lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple."  This energetic is about uniting left and right.  Several things are happening to unify those on the left and right political paradigms. 

There is a global protest against Tommy Robinson's imprisonment and ban on reporting it.  Craig Sawyer has found and recorded video of an underground tunnel where children have been trafficked and abused.  (I am a crusty old veteran when it comes to child sex trafficking, and the video is hard to take, even though it is just forensic evidence now, and no children were there at the time.  Do not feel like it is your duty to watch it.)  The point is, there are some issues that everyone unites around and this is what is happening. 

Mars continues to discharge "the mask comes off."  The IG report is also due (though I am not entirely thrilled by this since Horowitz is a member of the Senior Executive Services - the parallel civil service through which the bureaucracy of the new world order is implemented).

And what is about to come to light about Jeffrey Sessions, Esq. and Hillary Clinton, Esq.?

2 - The Moon is going to conjunct Saturn today, and then move on to hit the epic conjunction of Pluto and the Black Moon over the next two and a half days.  This means that we will see more brought up from the underworld.  Things that were happening around May 18 are touched upon once again by the Moon.  Recall that the conjunction occurred at "a general accepts defeat gracefully," and has been the energetic that is taking down empire.  The Empire gets struck by the Moon, the Black Moon, and Pluto  -- the very energetics they have used against humanity.

3 - We pioneer through consciousness today as the Sun discharges "newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experiences."  This symbol describes life itself.  Today further promotes this astrological year's theme of "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained."  We solve, acquire, innovate, invent, and create by expanding our imagination and thinking outside of the box.  Look at situations from up high, down low, and side to side.

4- Something that our heart desires, something too dear, is trying to reveal itself.  Venus is discharging "a group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it."  For what does your heart/soul hunger?

5 - The Moon and Saturn will make conjunction today at 8:54 pm ET/tomorrow at 12:54 am UT at 08 Capricorn - "birds in the house singing happily."  This is chatter, information that spreads rapidly, the music of the spheres, home, and family.  When the Moon and Saturn come together, the energetics facilitate (or force!) us to take responsibility; these are the areas of focus.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this report, today's energetics can be so, so dear if we can take proper perspective and see the (deer in) the forest through the trees.  Let's make the day too dear.

PS - 2 Deer is also 2 Hand and the adage "many hands make light work" and the phrase "lend a hand" are strongly in effect.

Full Moon Phase:  clarity, enlightenment

Moon in Capricorn

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia: Tara, She Who Comforts

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete: Ian, He of the East


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Are you ready to regain a lost opportunity?

This astrological year's theme of "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained" is in full force with the Earth discharging "a theatrical representation of a golden-haired goddess of opportunity."

The opportunity is not just theatre -- it's real.

What do you want to regain?

The answer is likely to come today through inner wisdom.  Venus at "a very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast" reminds us to go inside and trust our inner wisdom.

That said, the other side of the "very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast" can trigger feelings of abandonment, especially a feeling of being spiritually lost or forsaken.  This is an illusion.  The "dark void" is a place of creation, not hopelessness.  It is a place of opportunity.

Yesterday, 13 Serpent, ended what is in my opinion the most challenging of 13-day periods (trecenas) in the Mayan Sacred Calendar.  1 Death/1 Transformation (today) is usually felt as a relief.  1 Death/1 Transformation could also be translated as "The Void." 

We have great potential today, if we can steer out of nose-dives, as we have the Sun discharging "an airplane performing a nosedive."  This is accomplished by considering consequences and not  diving in headfirst with anything.  We are in control of our mindset and actions.  And we have the highest spiritual forces assisting.

Be aware that drama or other types of distraction may be trying to divert our attention from the real truth of something.  Mars is discharging "a masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play."  We are so "over" that energetic.  It is so played out and old paradigm.  I briefly mentioned last week that Sophia had delivered the "fix" to the Sabian symbols to bring them out of archontic spin.  Wise owl Robin has received these.  We will be talking more and more about these, but the "corrected" symbol for this degree is "the mask comes off."

Let's unmask our regained opportunity today.  Wheels up.

(I will return to recording the reports ASAP.)



Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - Uranus enters Taurus and New Moon in Taurus

Happy New Moon in Taurus!  Tune in tonight from 7-9 pm ET/4-6 pm PT to "Phoenix Rising Radio" on Truth Frequency Radio, when Phoenix and I will discuss the current epic astrological signatures, including Uranus' entry in Taurus today and the conjunction of the Black Moon and Pluto at "a general accepting defeat gracefully" (which happens only once every 2,232 years).

The new month offers us the gain of a new opportunity or the regaining of one that we thought was lost to us, specifically by following the line of integrity and crossing the line of possibility.  As we journey through this year's astrological theme of "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained," this month we work this with the angle of the degree of today's New Moon: "a well-kept public park."

Listen at TFR:

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Are you ready for a Full Jupiter, wise owls?

A Full Jupiter is what we have today.  When the Sun shines full light on the Moon, we have a Full Moon.  When the Sun shines full light on any celestial body, that body becomes "Full."  We have the "extreme" of the archetypal energy.

For a Full Moon, we have the lunacy and emotionality characteristic of the Moon.

For a Full Jupiter, we have the expansiveness and quest for knowledge of Jupiter.

The Sabian symbols in effect at the time of the Full Jupiter pinpoint the nature of the energetics.  All signs point to THE EXPANSIVE DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION THAT PRODUCES A RISING OR EMERGENCE OF WISDOM.


The Sun is discharging 19 Taurus, "a new continent rising out of the ocean."

Jupiter and the Earth are discharging 19 Scorpio, "a parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has overheard."  Jupiter is retrograde, so it is in a "re-working" mode to "make right and bring to a higher consciousness" anything and everything, but particularly things that were happening around March 7/8, 2018, when Jupiter stationed retrograde, and also around October 25 - 27, 2017, when the Sun made conjunction with Jupiter, beginning their current cycle.

That was a seriously long run-on sentence.  And an unintended demonstration of a Full Jupiter.  Going on long and disseminating a lot of information.  This is the nature of today.

So, to continue the proof, today Venus is discharging "two Chinese men speaking Chinese (in a Western crowd)."  Mars is discharging, "a large aviary," which always brings a rapid spread of information and conversation."  At the exact time of the Full Jupiter (9:00 pm ET/1:00 am UT), the Moon will be discharging "a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis."  We have THE EXPANSIVE DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION THAT PRODUCES A RISING OR EMERGENCE OF WISDOM.

It's 5 Kan (Lizard/Seed) in the tzolkin (Mayan Sacred Calendar), the day to cast a net (Kan) of love (5 energy) to fill the chasm - whatever it may be for each of us and for the fellowship of humanity.  We reflect back the light inside each of us, which is an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE.

Are you ready for an answer?  It is here, with the Full Jupiter.

The information you seek is found in a myriad of ways - through dreams, synchronicities, animal sightings, direct conversation, overheard conversations, background noise, and music (of the spheres). 

Wisdom, let us attend.

Happy Full Jupiter and Happy Questing!

Third Quarter Moon Phase:  revise, realign

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces 11:11 pm ET/3:11 am UT

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "through imagination a lost opportunity is regained"

Emissaries of the Aeon Sophia: Chinnamasta (She Who Expands the Mind) and Shodashi (She Who Aligns With The Highest and Best)

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete: Ian (He of the East)


Monday, May 7, 2018

Path.  Gate.  Pilgrimage.  Race.  Promenade.  These words are featured by the planets today, as evidenced by the Sabian symbols for their locations in the sky (based on traditional astrology).

4 Night.  This is today in the tzolkin, the Mayan sacred calendar of the Sun.  4 Night "stabilizes" (4) to enable the infinite imagination of dreams to change the direction or status quo ("Night").

So, today expands the imagination and offers us guidance on where we are going (which direction), bringing light to the proper course.

Here is the data, if you would like to follow:

1 - The Earth is discharging "a path through the woods, rich in autumn coloring." (fruits of labor, explosions of color and variety, cornucopia, The Way)

2 - Mercury is discharging "the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires." (We will take that any day!).

3 - Mars is discharging "a mountain pilgrimage." (rise in consciousness, the road less traveled - Is it becoming more traveled?)

4 - The Black Moon moves to 21 Capricorn at 9:09 pm ET/1:09 am UT to begin discharging "a relay race." (sharing, teams, speeding forward or speeding a plan forward, letting go of control when it is time)

5 - Neptune just moved to 17 Pisces, "an Easter promenade." (the march of Christ Consciousness)

The themes of clearing/cleaning things out and clearing/cleaning space (as well as giving others clearance and space) comes with the Sun discharging "a woman airing an old bag through a sunny window." Bring air, space, and light.  Drop restrictions and limitations.  Change up habits and routines.

The "woman airing an old bag..." energetic also involves past lives.  This happens as the Moon conjuncts the South Node (the past and past lives) at "during a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life (life path?)."  

All of this, just in the nick of time, as we come off of the weekend's volcanic Black Moon-Pluto-Mars conjunction.  Epic.

Where is your consciousness going today?  Let's follow the path of inspiration and imagination that is being illuminated on this 4 Night.

(Note: I will address my comment on last Thursday and Friday's google doodle in the near future.  One hard-core thing at a time!)

(Other data:  Chiron has moved to 02 Aries, "a comedian entertaining the group," which is about seeing the lighter side.  Venus is discharging further energy to change the status quo with "a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause."  The Earth will make conjunction with Jupiter / the Sun will make opposition with Jupiter tomorrow, May 8 at 9 pm ET/1 am UT at "a parrot listening and then taking, repeats a conversation he has overheard," which indicates a rapid and expansive spread of information.  And a side note: On 4 Night in 2009, Iran reportedly launched its first satellite.  So we will see what, if any, activity from that part of the world may re-imprint.)

Third Quarter Moon Phase:  revise, realign

Moon in Aquarius

Skill: follow the inner direction

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained"

Emissary/Angel of Wisdom: Chinnamasta (She Who Expands the Mind)

Emissary/Angel of Will: Ian (He of the East)





Friday, May 4 - Sunday, May 6, 2018

Continuing from where we left off yesterday, here is the breakdown of the aspects through the weekend, which you may want to refer back to as the weekend progresses.  The Moon will be in Capricorn (bringing Black Moon Days) until Sunday at 10:49 am ET/2:49 pm UT, when the Moon leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius.

NOTE:  The times listed below are times of exact conjunction.  Astrological energies move in waves (specifically sine waves).  They build, crest, and then wane.  The exact time is the crest of the wave, but the energy is in effect for a few hours before and after the crest.

(Special note for those with the Sun, Black Moon, or Chiron in Cancer or Capricorn:  This transit of the Moon through Capricorn is likely to be the strongest transit of the 9-month period of rebirth that ends in August, since the Black Moon, Pluto, and Mars are close together right now.  Your energy levels may be much lower, but this is how the Black Moon works.  She makes us tired so that we will rest, enabling the Black Moon energy to rebirth us from the core level.  Practice your best self care, give yourself a break, and know that feelings of being unappreciated and ignored are amplified.  What wisdom is this bringing?  We can face the reality and truth of it.  What do YOU appreciate and acknowledge?)


4:02 pm ET/8:02 pm: MOON CONJUNCT SATURN - Yesterday I mistakenly reported this aspect as happening at 4:02 am, when it is pm.  The Moon-Saturn conjunction is the dominant energetic today, amplifying the typical effects of a Black Moon day, bringing our shadow sides, projection of our feelings onto others, and, since Saturn is involved, we tend to view "failures" and pour on (self) criticism.

However, this conjunction of the Moon and Saturn comes on the day 1 Sun in the tzolkin AND the conjunction happens at 09 Capricorn -  "an angel carrying a harp."  Events that happen and the things that the Black Moon reveals are intended to harmonize and align us with what is best for us.

The combination of today being 1 Sun, a holy day in the tzolkin, and the Moon-Saturn conjunction at "an angel carrying a harp" means we can bring in (carry) a harmonic of heavenly realms.  To what can you bring peace and love?

The Sun discharges 15 Taurus, "a man with a rakish silk hat muffled against the cold braves a storm."  This tells us to go within to weather any difficulties or challenges.  Practice the skill of being like a wise old owl in a tree (inside oneself) and observe before reacting.  This is advised all weekend, actually.

The Earth discharges 15 Scorpio, "children playing around five mounds of sand."  Five is love - let's create MOUNDS OF LOVE.  As wise owl Jeanine points out, with all of the surreal information coming to light, we AMP UP our love wave.  Let's turn it up to 11 and keep it there.  We rise to the occasion.

1 Sun is a fantastic day to end something and start something new.  My teacher called it "the stopping point in the march of time."  How about the end of victimhood and the beginning of victory?  We are sovereign beings, no matter what.

In the time of the native peoples or First People, a prayer to the Great Spirit would be the focus of the whole day.  Holiness is needed this weekend.

SATURDAY - 2 Crocodile

1:56 pm ET/5:56 pm UT - MOON CONJUNCTS THE BLACK MOON at "a hidden choir singing."  The angel carried the harp and now the choir sings, hidden from view.  Advantage: light workers.  This energy brings unseen assistance from higher dimensional spiritual forces.  We are uplifted.  If the strong energetics of the weekend start to pile on and emotionally spin you, consider offering up a prayer.  Turn it over to a Higher Power. 

This conjunction brings up issues with being recognized, seen, heard, and acknowledged, and their opposites -- unrecognized, unseen, unheard, unacknowledged. 

How can things come together instead of splitting apart?

5:00 pm ET/9:00 pm UT - MOON CONJUNCTS PLUTO at "a general accepting defeat gracefully." Ah, General Pluto returns.  We stop and open space for grace.  Not grace from Pluto - he is the messenger.  We reject the 2 Crocodile energy that tries to divide and conquer, and settle in low, with our ears and bellies close to the ground.  Lay low and stay grounded.  Madness is overhead.

Pay close attention to dreams tonight. 

May the light of God descend.

SUNDAY - 3 Wind

2:20 am ET/6:20 am UT - MOON CONJUNCTS MARS at "a nature spirit dancing in a waterfall."  This energetic sets the stage for the birth of something new.  What did your dreams tell you, if you remember?

Anytime Mars is involved, it is important to MOVE the energy by MOVING the body in some way.  Writing out feelings is a form of movement, but something more vigorous may be more effective.  Movement is always the prescription for any difficulties with Mars.

9:48 am ET/1:48 pm UT - MOON SQUARE URANUS bringing changes and shifts, and things that are unexpected.  "Wind" days often bring sudden things, as well.  Where is this wind taking you today?

10:49 am ET/2:49 pm UT - MOON ENTERS AQUARIUS and I will leave it with that.

Remember that as the Black Moon, Pluto, and Mars are all teaming up now, on the interpersonal level they are bringing changes in relationships.  This all leads and connects to the big time when the Black Moon and Pluto make conjunction on May 17/18.  So what is happening this weekend will be reactivated or revisited then.

Happy 1 Sun, everyone, and much love!

PS - I may record more information on this weekend's energetics (like I did freestyle yesterday - a "studio session" as one wise owl called it) later.  Yesterday and today's google doodle has signatures that relate to the solar simulator I have been discussing and its relationship to the "alchemical wedding."  I will be referencing the work of Tracy Twyman. 

I will not be sending out an email if I record, so please subscribe to the Oracle Report Bitchute channel and click notifications if you want to know when it comes out.  I am also posting the daily reports there and on  


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Wise owls, I am getting ready to go a little radical.

Aligning with Jupiter at (20 Scorpio), "a woman drawing aside two curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway," I have two things hanging overhead to discuss.  One of these things necessitates a shift in the way I will write the daily report.

This note is not intended to be cryptic, but is merely an explanation that today I will be working on this recording, and am saving the energy I would use to write today's report for the recording. 

That said, you may notice the palpable switch in the "10" energy of thinning, destruction, and deconstruction to "11" energy of rebirth and renaissance.  As someone born on a 10 day, I can easily say the best thing about 10 energy is that turns into 11 energy when the Sun rises again the next day (nothing against 10 - it serves a great purpose, of course, but it is what it is).  10 Owl, yesterday, goes particularly deep into the darkness. 

Many years ago, the Daykeeper who taught me the tzolkin noted that the 7/7 London subway bombings occurred on 10 Owl in 2005.  He writes "How did Benjamin Netanyahu get a warning and not anyone else?"  Interesting, considering how yesterday, 10 Owl, Bibi lays on a pretty thick power point presentation to garner support (or just to broadcast the intention) for strikes against Iran.

One of the two "dark curtains" I will be "drawing aside" involves the Sun and the other involves Sauran.

In the meantime, I ask that if you have not identified some "music of the spheres" (a song) that puts you in your happy place, please give that some thought.  Music is healing when the rubber meets the road.

See you then!

Full Moon Phase: revelations, clarity, illumination, fullness

10:12 am ET/2:21 pm UT: Saturn (retrograde) moves back to 09 Capricorn - "an angel carrying a harp"

Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius 10:21 am ET/2:21 pm UT

Tzolkin:  11 Earth (the Berlin Wall came down on 11 Earth in 1989)

Sun:  12 Taurus - "a young couple walk down Main Street window shopping"

Earth: 12 Scorpio - "an official embassy ball"

Skill: focus on rebirth/renaissance of your lost opportunity

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month/Year: "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained"

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta (She Who Expands the Mind)

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian (He of the East)



Monday, April 30, 2018

Today offers us opportunities to:

1 - RECONNECT with people, places, things, and ideas.  What do you want to reconnect?

2 - CHANGE THE RELATIONSHIP OR NATURE OF SOMETHING.  If challenges arise within relationships, consider how you can compromise.  It may be helpful to step away for a bit to gain perspective.  We find what is worth saving.  (The Sun at "a woman sprinkling flowers," Mercury at "a serpent coiling near a man and a woman," Earth at "a drowning man being rescued," and Mars at "a woman entering a convent.")

3 - FIND PARITY AND EQUALITY and receiving what is fair and due.  People may rile more easily, tiring of old ways and systems.  (Venus at "aroused strikers round a factory. How about #Unredacted?)

4 - REVELATIONS THAT PULL BACK THE VEILS HIDING TRUTH AND DARKNESS.  At 3:11 pm ET/7:11 pm UT, the Moon will conjunct Jupiter at "a woman drawing aside two curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway."  Two truths are lingering over our heads.  We are brave enough to pull the curtains. 

Today is 10 Owl in the tzolkin (Mayan Sacred Calendar of the Sun).  10 is darkness/deconstruction and Owl is wisdom.  10 Owl is the power to see in the dark to find the light and wisdom at the end.

As dark things continue to come to light, it is important that we remember that there is light at the end of every darkness.  10 energy causes us to face what is hard to face, but ultimately it makes us very, very strong.  It is enough to just "take in" to consciousness that which we would rather not know.  If we can take it on board, knowing that darkness is being rectified, the fellowship of humanity can move past the end times (via the Hundredth Monkey Effect).

Happy 10 Owl!  Find the light at the end.  Wisdom, let us attend.

Full Moon Phase:  clarity, illumination, inspiration

Moon in Scorpio

Tzolkin: 10 Owl

Sun: "a woman sprinkling flowers"

Earth: "a drowning man being rescued"

Skill: know there is light at the end of every darkness; ask for help if needed

True Alignments:  retreating or taking a break when necessary, spreading love/good attitude, taking action when called upon, learning, fairness, random acts of kindness

Catalysts for Change:  uncompromising, demanding, loose cannons, victimology, heavy hearted, turning one's back

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta (She Who Expands the Mind)

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian (He of the East)



Today offers us opport

Friday, April 27, 2018

As the wave of the Mars-Pluto conjunction continues to pass today, let's consider something else - the Sun.

And, to expand our imaginations, let's look at it a different way.  Let's not look at it from the traditional Western astrological perspective, but from the perspective of the Sacred Calendar of the Sun, the knowledge of which was retained by the Maya and called the tzolkin.

Today is 7 Reed in the tzolkin.  The Maya tell us that the number (7) is a tone that is emitted throughout our galaxy.  It is a frequency.  The Maya tell us that the sign (Reed) is our Sun's specific addition to that frequency.  It's added on (carrier wave).

The work of the late Ian Lungold, in my opinion, is the most beautiful work into the study of the tzolkin.  His work has been preserved at  Here is the (abbreviated) report for 7 Reed:

7:  Seven stands as a mirror to divide light and dark and to reflect all that is and is not.  Seven is associated with the source of creation and the flow of divine will.  With a keen sense of ethics, seven establishes purpose to current and future goals.

(Now this is plenty of info in and of itself to guide us, and it is from the Pleroma -- the Galactic Center.  The Sun's addition:)

Reed:  Reed (energy) is the spiritual essence, protector, and guiding light for the family and home...Very tough and analytical, Reed endeavors to bring peace, harmony, and order...Reed is blessed with great skill at negotiations and consoling, which are very often put to the test...Reed needs appreciation, can be inflexible, and has high expectations, which can erode affinity...The lesson of Reed is to be like a garden hose, not a steel pipe.

What does reading this about today in the tzolkin feel like to you?

I have studied the tzolkin for a dozen years.  The utmost integrity is necessary on Reed Days - doing the right thing.  7 Reed is the reflection of ethics and integrity.

It resonates for some and not others.

I am focusing on this for several reasons, but the main one is that I want to send some love to the Sun today (Ian style), and, well, astrology is not the best way to honor it. 

The tzolkin honors not only our life giver, our Sun, but the Galactic Center, our life bringer.

This report is a temporary switch from the way I usually do it, but switching it up expands the imagination -- and that's what this new astrological year is all about: 27 Aries - "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained."

Let's do the Reed thing (the right thing) today (and maybe give some thanks and reflection to the Sun/Son).

(I may pop back later on with some Reed energy.)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Offered today is a short story, for those who want the bottom line, and a longer story, for those who wish to dive a little deeper, a la the Earth today at 07 Scorpio, "deep sea divers."

SHORT STORY:  Today begins a two-year period to massively start or re-start your energy toward what you want to do with your energy (life force/will).


Mars and Pluto are in conjunction today at "a general accepts defeat gracefully."

Pluto is considered the "higher octave" of Mars.  When the two conjunct, we have a release of the Divine Masculine, specifically the attribute of integrity.

The Black Moon is close by (only 3 degrees away).  The Black Moon's big sister, Eris, in is astrological square to the Mars-Pluto conjunction.  With the two in effect, we have a release of the Divine Feminine, specifically the attribute of revelation of truth.

Therefore, today's conjunction of Mars and Pluto is sending a massive wave of Divine Energy - a frequency.

This frequency, by its nature of "a general accepts defeat gracefully," is designed to seriously degrade archontic energies.

This is what the Mahavidyas were primarily concerned with, as mentioned in Tuesday's report.  The "wave" and how this affects humans (who are under the last influences of the archons) is their concern.

How well the archons (via their globalist human minions) counter this wave with violence against humans blamed on other humans (false flags) is proportional to their rage at being returned to Source, and their ability to express it via their own distortion of the frequency wave.

(Are you still with me?)

When two planets meet up (conjunct), it means a new cycle or timeframe begins.  Today opens a new two-year timeframe between Mars and Pluto.  The things that have been happening this week and the things that happen over the next three days "imprint" the nature of the next two years for Mars and Pluto's combined energies.

At one level, Mars and Pluto represent war, and this is why we see the globalists' war drums on certain fronts (particularly Russia and Iran for this cycle, since this is what they are trying to drum up). 

This endeavor is destined to fail.  At the all-important New Moon in Aries on April 15, Pluto was already at (the Sabian symbol for 22 Capricorn) "a general accepts defeat gracefully," and the Black Moon was discharging (the Sabian symbol for 18 Capricorn) "the Union Jack flies from a new British warship" (symbolically, shade on the flag).

We the People are The People of Earth, flying the Flag of the People as the worldwide British Empire crumbles.

Their general, the so-called queen of England, must now accept defeat.  We will see how much grace is involved.  Her son takes command of a falling empire under inauspicious astrological configurations.

What is developing in the world today?  We watch and take the data, wise owl style, and then we will watch the progress, as these planets move into square, then opposition, then square again before they meet up for a new conjunction.

In the midst, we find our saving grace.

(Another report or recording may follow today.)

Gibbous Moon Phase:  trust; connect with "the inner"

Moon in Virgo/moves to Libra 9:14 pm ET

Tzolkin: 6 Road

Sun: 07 Taurus - " a woman of Samaria comes to draw water from the well"'

Earth: 07 Scorpio - "deep sea divers

Skill:  the ability to dive deeply to see

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta (She Who Expands)

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian (He of the East)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Today is 4 Dog in the Mayan Calendar, and I am charged with delivering a message "Rin Tin Tin" -style.

We are headed into an astrological (energetic) clash of the titans, Mars and Pluto.  Mars and Pluto will make exact conjunction on Thursday, April 26 at 7:00 am ET/11:00 am UT.  The conjunction is more like a collision, however, because Mars is racing toward Pluto (Mars is discharging 21 Capricorn - "a relay race") and Pluto has just stationed retrograde, headed backward from 22 Capricorn, "a general accepts defeat gracefully."  So it is more of a collision than a conjunction.

The Black Moon is empowering the collision, at Mars' back ("six," really).

Overall, this is a wonderful thing for the collective of humanity!

Individually, the exceptionally intensive energetics are causing dramatic events and dramatic changes (as expected with Uranus conjunct the New Moon in Aries on April 15; recall that the "combination" for the month was established then).

The physical body is taking the brunt of not only the Mars-Pluto (and technically the Black Moon, too) conjunction that is in process, but today Venus will move from Taurus into Gemini, the Moon will move from Leo into Virgo, and Mars will make exact square with the Eris Point.  Chiron has just recently moved into Aries.  This is A LOT.

Our cardio-pulmonary (heart and lungs, i.e. love and life) systems are particularly affected.  The Sun is discharging "a widow at an open grave," and the Earth is discharging "a massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea."

Rarely do I receive exact words from the Mahavidyas to report in the daily report, but today I did, and here they are:

Forgive yourself for whatever is weighing on your heart.  Forgive others for the pain they have caused.  Apologize to the higher self of others for pain you have caused.  Resist the pounding of the past and its guilt and shame.  Regain the lost opportunity of yourself.  

It is interesting that they are emphatic with this specific report, what they are saying, and that they are saying it now.  The Mahavidyas are the aspects of the aeon Sophia, Wisdom, and they do things according to thought-out scenarios.  They prepare us.  Here is my suspicion about this, based on my history with them:  We are ripe for a large-scale false flag against humanity.  On Thursday, as Mars-Pluto are making exact conjunction at "a general accepts defeat gracefully," the Sun will be discharging "a woman of Samaria comes to draw water from the well."  This energetic means "pay back time." 

The aggressive, warlike attributes of the Black Moon, Mars, and Pluto, in collision, will ripple.

The highest octave of the Black Moon, Mars, and Pluto, in union, brings victory for renaissance and rebirth.

Thursday will be 6 Road in the tzolkin.  6 Road is "The Road of Transformation" (aka "The Road of Death"  - of the "new world order" - we have already won and are now playing it out).

All of this is in-process now and has been for several days.  You are most likely feeling it in some way (and your life may be reflecting it!).  The intensity of these energetics is rather rare, relatively speaking.

I am going to end this here, without the usual "daily data" (skills, catalysts for change, true alignments, etc.), as the Wisdom Goddesses' message is all we really need.  The only thing I would be remiss in counting is the importance of SLOWING DOWN to moderate the effects and remembering that we are in the beginning of REGAINING a lost opportunity - the world we want. 

Stand strong, wise owls!