Thursday, October 30, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: branch out

Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (Goddess of the Lotus Blossom)

Skill:  integrate the aspects of yourself that are revealed

Negative Imprint:  causing damage, forcing, unsupportive and unsupported, feeling abandoned or lost, mood swings, feeling unable to cope, dividing and conquering

Positive Imprint:  repairing damage, transcending conditions, improvisation, reflections, facing truth through the fall of illusions, people of like mind and mission coming together

If the energy of this lunar month is like being on a sight-seeing bus filled with bold tourists going where no one has gone before, today the bus stops for gas and repairs. 

An opportunity to explore presents itself.

In keeping with the energy of "pausing" and taking a departure, let me tell you a story of the day instead of giving a report.

Many of us on the bus wish the driver would've stopped in a better part of town, so to speak.  Everything looks ominous.  Symbols of death abound.  Do the people that inhabit this place worship death?

Shadows seem to stalk us, only to flee when we catch a moment's glimpse of them.  The light of the Full Moon casts their reflection off of a calm river.

One of us notices a large canoe along the bank of the river.  It is big enough for all who decide to take a side trip, but who will go?  What possible type of phantoms could lie deeper in this realm?

Another of us thinks to check the map.  It indicates that a place called Shadow Springs is a short distance by water.  The map says it is a hot spring.

Can we trust it? 

Some of us decide to find out.  Grabbing a few torches, we ease into the canoe, setting out in the direction of these Shadow Springs.

We soon discover the map did not tell us we would be paddling through caves.  Because we are bold, we continue on, not looking back, trusting our ability to take care of ourselves no matter what we encounter.

A strange thing happens when the firelight of our torches reflects off the cave walls.  Some of us see ourselves and our fears reflected.  Monsters of our own making thrash about and we are captivated by the scene.  We see what holds us back.  We see what we do not want to face.

Just when our fears seem like they will overtake us, a warmth fills the air and our melts away the shadows of Shadow Springs.  It is indeed a hot spring - a place where the hearth of the Goddess heals our souls.

We all jump in, immersing ourselves with Oneness, with all the lost parts of us that linger in shadow.  They are not phantoms; they are lost parts of our own power.

We take them back with us, integrated and back home inside of us where they belong.

In case the message gets lost in translation:  It's a Black Moon day, one of the last during the Black Moon's jaunt through Leo, and one of the last of the rebirth stages that those with the Black Moon or Sun in Aquarius or Leo.  The energy brings out people's core fears.  People project those fears onto others.  Analyze what people are telling you about yourself from this perspective.  They are probably talking about themselves but don't know it.  We project what we cannot face about ourselves. 

Black Moon days try to trick us into feeling separated from Spirit by giving us illusions of fear.  New readers can look up their own Black Moon and the core fear identified by it in the Appendix of my book on the Black Moon - free on the Books tab at  This is information all wise owls need to know about themselves.  Know yourself, know the universe.

Face what you see about yourself today - the good and the not-yet-so-good.  Remember that the not so good is based in an illusion of fear - of a false belief in separation from Spirit.  Let the gentle warmth of the Goddess bring you back to where you need to be.