Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Full Moon Phase/Total Lunar Eclipse: illumination

Moon in Aries

Skills: embrace life; watch

Negative Imprint: guilt, self-delusion, suppression, operating solely from base instincts, mistrust, selfishness, fear, tension, loss

Positive Imprint: transcendence, change, new perception, discovery, unseen assistance, attraction, resonance, passion, endurance, self-reliance, mysticism, magic

Welcome to the dance of life today.  The dawn of the Blood Moon reveals a very special change.

Today marks the time when the energetic wave that values freedom, life, and love (natural world order) overpowers the energetic wave that values control, death, and fear (unnatural world order).

The Mahavidya Kali joins us today, leading the dance.  She shows us that rebirth comes from the churning chaos.  So today we will watch the lunacy of the Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon with a different understanding.  We see destiny in the changes.  We see the structures of the control paradigm turning to sand.  It's happening right before wise owls' eyes.  The matrix is falling down from under itself.

It does not appear this way on the surface.  But it is true.

On the individual level today, the Blood Moon brings fiery emotions with the activation of planets in fire signs and aspects of Pluto and Uranus.  Storms of emotional "wild-fires" can rage.  Most of this is the projection of the shadow side clashing with the full light of clarity.  We see our own and other's delusions.  If the truth hurts today, understand that all that is being revealed is taking you to another level - a place that is better suited to you.  Destiny is unfolding and it asks you to join the dance that transcends limitations.

Even when we are taking the perspective of viewing the energy as a shift to a better way, it can be draining.  Shifts can be quite taxing.  Physical energy levels tend to be lower under today's astrological conditions.  So don't push yourself too hard.  Feel yourself merged with the rhythm of the Gaia Sophia, a strong and steady beat that ensconces us.

A new day dawns today, but no matter what transpires for each of us, we will embrace it with the knowledge of the Sabian symbol for the Full Moon: spirits dancing in the setting Sun.  It's our dance now.