Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: transformation

Moon in Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (Goddess of Assurance)

Skill: return frequently to the inner place of calm and completion

Negative Imprints:  relying on too little experience, putting ourselves at risk, not taking initiative, overload, growing up too fast, feeling responsible for everything, denying self-expression, minimizing self-worth and accepting the minimum

Positive Imprints:  balance, renewed interest, combining skills with others, imagination, creativity, peace, moving into a new level of learning, progress, reward, deep understanding of what is possible in situations and relationships

The veils between the worlds are particularly thin today, as the Sun reaches the degree of "the King of the Fairies approaching his domain."  His domain is a place of inner calm and completion.

The King's Domain is a world we may want to visit regularly today because there are strong energetic signatures with themes of being overburdened, having too much responsibility, and being pushed beyond what is reasonable.  Expectations tend to be unrealistic to the point of absurdity or even insanity.  If you start to notice these themes developing in your world today, slow down and rethink what is happening.  Slip into the domain of inner calm and completion for a moment and consider where you want things to go.  Take command to balance the situation.  We don't have to be driven to brink with anything.  We don't have to take on more than what is natural.

The inner place of calm and completion is a place of wisdom.  It provides guidance and composure so that we do not overreact.  We see the true nature or personal value of things so that choices can be made for all the right reasons.  Renewal, when it looks like all opportunities or chances have passed us, is what results from the inner place of calm and completion.

The Wisdom Goddess Kamala, who is quite familiar with the domain of the King of the Fairies, has attempted to awaken or re-awaken something deep inside each of us this month.  She wants us to experience more satisfaction - more happiness.  She has worked on opening us up inside like a lotus blossom.  Since she never leaves anyone or anything behind, she has tried to help us find what has been missing.  Her efforts will continue through Friday.  Tell her your situation and be assured that you are being heard.

The veils between the worlds are always thinnest during Balsamic Moon phases, but today this is especially true with the Sun as the King of the Fairies approaching his domain.  Balsamic phases bring messages, insight, and information from spiritual sources, but we need to be in a "Balsamic" or dreamy state of mind to receive them.  It's possible to maintain a sense of dreaminess while simultaneously engaged with tasks and work.  It takes the skill of a wise owl who performs functions with one level of the brain while flying into the cosmos with the other level.  In other words, we do our work but we also have our attention open to the world of spirit.  This is easier to do on days like today.  It's a merging of worlds.

The audio recording of the overview for the next lunar month, the Sagittarius cycle which begins Saturday, is posted on the homepage of  We have some very nice things in store with that energy and I hope you find it helpful going into the New Moon.