Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Third Quarter Moon Phase: reorient

Moon in Libra/Scorpio

All of the Mahavidyas join us today

Skill: celebrate

Negative Imprint: struggle, getting lost, excluding others, lack of depth, closed to possibilities, tantrums when people don't get what we want

Positive Imprint: joy, light, harmony, love, what feels like home, spiritual connection, devotion, loyalty, heights of expression, filled with the breath of spirit

The cosmic rain turns to cosmic fireworks today, as the Sun moves into conjunction with the Galactic Center, releasing an array of solar flares.  It's a cosmic party of epic proportion and we are all invited.

Since 8:00 pm ET/01:00 am UT last night, the Sun has released three flares.  The latest was an M9  - almost X-class.  It is not known at this time if any of the flares produced coronal mass ejections, but, clearly Sabaoth the Sun is happy to energetically "come home."  This is where we've been headed all month.

The Sun's conjunction with the Galactic Center only happens only one time each year - this time of year.  For about three days, the Sun is in perfect harmonic resonance with our spiritual home in the galaxy.  It's always an energetic explosion of light, but this year is spectacular with the Sun's display of sunworks.  As I said yesterday, it is the reason for the season.  Truly it is joy to the world, heaven on Earth.

The mission today is to maintain the connection with the idea of celebration, knowing what is really going on at spiritual levels.  We can have our own little party of the mind.  With this attitude/sense of happiness and joy, anyone who comes into range has the opportunity to join us.  They will not necessarily know this reason for the party today, but happiness spreads.  It's true holiday spirit.

Spirit is close with these energetics, and today we breathe out so that spirit can breathe us in.  This is in-spir-ation.  It's a party favor that we take with us.  It has deep meaning for each of us.  Spirit is setting off sparks inside of us, activating ideas, connections, and feelings that are creating the blueprints and plans for the future.  If we are open, a massive download of information is available.  Ask a question and watch the universe bring your answer.

Even though we don't know if any CMEs were released with the flares, the occasion (and intensity of the solar activity) merits a look at the Sabian symbols or celestial code that identifies energy signatures that are involved.  It's too much to write this morning, but I will discuss it in the audio overview of the next lunar month, which will be recorded today.  Here's a preview:  The Sabian symbol for the first flare is "the chanticleer's (rooster's) voice heralds the rising Sun with exhuberant tones."

Heralds the rising Sun with exhuberant tones.  We can do that, right, wise owls?  Let's celebrate!