Friday, December 19, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: transformation

Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamuhki (The Fierce Goddess)

There's one story driving the energies right now: the conjunction of Venus and Pluto.

Venus and Pluto make exact conjunction Saturday, December 20 at 4:12 pm ET/9:12 pm UT.  This energy comes in waves, so it has been building for several days and continues to build until that time.  Today and Saturday will be the most intense, with a pretty steep drop down on Sunday.  We want to be keenly aware of this dynamic because it exceptionally powerful and will make definite changes in our lives and in the world, particularly in the areas of relationships, money, and what we truly value.

This is happening as we continue through the mystical mists of the Balsamic Moon phase, preparing for the New Moon in Capricorn, which enters Sunday evening.  The next lunar month is a shift point.  Much transformation will occur.  The Venus-Pluto conjunction is clearing the way for this.  (When two planets make a conjunction, it is called a New Phase, which means the energies comes together to harmonize new beginnings in the way a New Moon does.)

Venus' themes involve love, relationships, sexuality, beauty, comfort (luxury, even), sense of security, personal insecurities, generosity, what we value and de-value materially and with people, and artistic expression - especially spiritually artistic expressions.  Jealousy, stubbornness, and indulgence are in the mix as well.

Pluto's themes involve transformation of anything it touches.  Pluto is the archetypal King of the Underworld.  He works from deep within the Earth, deep within us, and deep within the magical realm.  Things come up from the deep with Pluto.  The gamut of emotions wells up because we are capable of feeling not only a wide range of emotions, but we are also capable of create great complexity from those emotions.  We can make life more complicated than it needs to be.

Negative intentions are under-riding the energy to de-stabilize people, places, and things as much as possible in advance of the New Moon.  In a way, a pre-emptive attack is being launched at us in order to weaken us for the coming month.  The Wisdom Goddess Kali is coming as The Reckoner of things. 

It is easiest for me to describe this in terms of a "battle" but I suggest viewing it as waves of energy that you may encounter and need to neutralize.  It's as simple as lifting your hand off your desk and saying in your mind or aloud "neutralize."  Quit it and forget it.  (Defense of the Archontic Non-arts 101.)

This is a time when we want to fully engage the skills of the wise old owl nestled in a tree (of Light) and observing the shifting in the field, ready to respond when needed.

There is nothing to worry about here.  Our co-dreaming with Gaia Sophia is activated and alive and friends we didn't even know we had are coming forward in our efforts to change the dream.  The dream is the Source Field and it is definitely working at individual and mass levels to take care of the details of what falls and what remains as the shifting continues.

All wise owls are on call...