Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, prepare, digest, magic

Moon in Leo reports an M9-class flare erupted from the Sun at last evening at 10:34 pm UT/ 6:34 pm ET.  This flare was close to being catergorized as an X-class. 

Sabaoth is the name of the divine being we call the Sun.  This knowledge has been handed down to us by the Gnostics - the members of the Mystery Schools.  Sabaoth is directly involved with the creative project of humanity and humanity's creative projects.  Sabaoth's flare delivered the energy for the inner strength of an ancient oak tree and the creative inspiration of a child swinging from a swing in the that oak tree.  So any ideas, insights, or illumination that came last night (including during dreams) or comes today is powerful and is delivered from a collaboration of the highest spiritual sources.  Nice, huh?  We also have an estimated 80% chance of another M-class flare today.  Sabaoth likes to work magic during the magical Gibbous Moon phase.

(It would be a good project for anyone who is inclined to track the data over the next year [new astrological year begins March 30} of the number of flares delivered during each of the eight Moon phases of the months.  We could see if there are more flares during New, Gibbous, and Balsamic phases.  These would be the most effective times to deliver energy for change.  I will be more diligent with posting the exact time of the Moon phases in case anyone wants to take this on.  Let me know.)

In addition to Sabaoth's flare, today's other energy includes an increased need to compromise.  Most likely, it is better to just keep the peace today. 

We are also working out and flexing our muscles of adaptability.  This is the shamanic technique of shape shifting.  Shape shifting is a shamanic martial art.  Practicing it is fun because is involves the engagement of our imagination.  Children are natural shape shifters, by the way.  As situations emerge and change today, engage the arsenal of your shapes - your power animals and beings.

If you don't know who your power animals are yet, you probably already do but don't realize it.  What's your favorite animal?  That's one.  Have you ever had an injury, bite, or traumatic experience with an animal?  That's another.  Do you often dream of an animal?  There's one.  Do you own a copy of Animal Speak by Ted Andrews?  You'll find the others there as you pay close attention to your natural surroundings and can refer to the book for wisdom.  The pocket guide of this book is less expensive but excellent if budgets are tight. 

Different animals have different talents, so your power animals are suited to certain situations.  The fluid transition between these shapes, according to the needs of the situations, marks the skill of the shaman.  We are practicing this skill today because this one is going to be required over the next year in order to imprint the world in accordance with natural world order.  The revolution of free minds begins in earnest with the New Moon in Aries.  The time is now, wise owls!

The energy to find new paths and go in new directions continues today.

Let's follow the yellow brick road and pay close attention to what happens with banking and bankers today.  The Bankers (Illuminati) are controlling the puppets of the West vs. the puppets of Russia et al.  And if you aren't following the story, minions of the big bankers (as well as potential whistleblowers  and "white hats" or those working to rectify the mess for the better) are being "suicided" all over the world.  It's The Bankers.  It's always The Bankers.  The Archons - the rulers of The Bankers when you take it to the top - control through power and money.

Back to magic.  Does Sabaoth have anything else in store for us today?  We are staying tuned...