Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: take command of your emotions and channel them productively

Negative Imprint: emotions running amuck; falsity; superficiality

Positive Imprint:  emotions creating things; truth; meaningfulness

What's emerging today?  Conditions are set for the continued building of inner strength and something inside of us coming forward in the outer world.  There are three major themes in play:

1) Emotions run very, very high and can take the better of us.  This runs the gamut of emotions, but especially if we feel there is an injustice (against ourselves or others,) if we are fixated on a string of "failures" or "bad" decisions, or if we are trying to "enlighten" others.  There is a tendency for people to be pushy, so it's best to not push issues or push people too far.  It's very easy to place blame today, but what is actually trying to develop is a change to the status quo.  This energy reinforces the argumentativeness that is so prominent right now (due to the degree of Mercury's retrograde - "a cat arguing with a mouse" - and the Sabian symbol for this month - "aroused strikes around a factory").  Remember that interpersonal communications are hindered right now, even as we take a stand for ourselves.  Don't force anything today because the potential for explosive resistance is high.

2) A conflict between needs and desires can ensue.  Both are valid.  Desire is not a bad thing; it shows that we are alive.  Desire is a human quality that forges tremendous creativity.  But when desires run amuck they cause chaos in our lives.  We lose sight of things.  The desire for instant gratification is strong today, so stay focused on the reasons behind the needs/desires and you will stay on course.

3) Superficiality, facades, and pretense are prominent.  Make sure something or someone is what or who they present before getting on board because things are easily presented as more than what they actually are.  This would include signing contracts - triple check them.  Be aware of the potential for things to be sneaky today. 

We will stay in command of our emotions today and not let them command us.  Express them as needed, but don't let them run away with you.  Stay sane by connecting with nature.  Go outside.  We are hurtling through space in the cocoon of a divine being and we are loved.  We are loved for our depth of feeling and our ability to dream up beauty.  Let's use all of this emotional energy to change the dream today.