Thursday, June 5, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action, break away, step out

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: look at the details but also the bigger picture of things

Negative Imprint: settling for less, taking scraps; aggression, arguments

Positive Imprint: independence, creativity, speaking one's mind peacefully

The First Quarter Moon phase begins today, bringing the energy to link things together with the intricacy of a fine lace handkerchief.  We see how things from our past, present, and future are threaded together.  Details are important today, and taking care of small details is encouraged, but seeing the big picture of all the details is more important.  We want to make sure we are looking at the totality of things, not just one aspect.

The Sun is now in the middle of Gemini.  Gemini energy always involves others in various ways; it is the sign of The Twins.  The concept of "the other" is fused with Gemini.  It is concerned with "me vs others" and can have difficulty standing on its own.  You could also say it is about our inner world and what we show the outer world.  Today's energy highlights the Gemini theme of others through strong support of activities, projects, and ideas undertaken with others.

Further, the notion of "self and others" comes into play today in other ways.  In keeping with this month's theme of "aroused strikers around a factory," we are inclined to stand up and lay out our position in support of something important.  To minimize resistance, make sure you are coming from the highest level of intention and do not become aggressive or pushy.  Stand in your center and radiate your power.  Communicate your emotions, but don't get carried away or overdramatic.  Be clear and don't waver.  And if you don't get the support or outcome that you want, don't despair.  Enormous inner strength will be built and clarity about what is not in line with your highest, best, happiest life will be revealed.  Wisdom is gained.

The "intricate lacework" today includes potential for being misunderstood or disadvantaged.  This manifests if you are focusing too much of your energy on others at the expense of taking care of yourself.  What need is this satisfying in you?  Do you need to become more independent, self-contained, or creative?  Remember that inner strength is the aim this month.  Don't lose sight of alternatives or other possibilities.

Finally, a word about the impending Mercury retrograde.  Mercury will station retrograde on Saturday, but today it has moved to the degree in the sky where it will appear to stop and move backwards.  Simply stated, the retrograde energy is foreshadowed today.  Here's the thing: the degree of Mercury's retrograde is "a cat arguing with a mouse."  Take a breath and let's begin to reframe this.  Yes, this means the Mercury retrograde will be intense.  Things will come to somewhat of a standstill and communications will have conflicts.  People will argue about things.  But the fact that the cat is arguing with the mouse, when it could easily overpower and devour it, tells us that some sort of balance will come to situations - possibly for the first time.  Old values, ideas, and systems are reconsidered.  You could say the underdog (or "undermouse") takes a stand and gains power.  What was once overpowering is now open for discourse.  While Mercury is retrograde, the balance of power is transformed in all things.  Let's work the Mercury retrograde from this angle, starting today.

Since the day is like intricate lacework, I could go on and on about the energetic signatures, but this is the big picture.  Dive in to look at details, but come back to see things as a whole.  Keep building your inner strength.