Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Third Quarter Moon Phase: take responsibility

Moon in Scorpio

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Kali (with Shodashi)

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe"

Skill: do something lasting

Negative Imprint: immobile, inflexible, underestimating others, presumption, stealing, giving more worth than is deserved, way too long, displays of domination, ageism, impulsivity

Positive Imprint: leadership and the responsibilities of leadership, plans, refined people and action, cutting through details, motivation and drive, persistence, divine assistance with unseen challenges, holding the line

Today, an astrological configuration opens a window of time when action that is undertaken has deep, lasting effects on the future.

The astrological configuration responsible for this is a square between Mars and Saturn.  The key to understanding the nature of the configuration comes from looking at two things: the Sabian symbols of the degrees in the sky where the planets are located and the type of square the planets are making.

The Sabian symbol for Mars is "a petrified forest" and the Sabian symbol for Saturn is "two men playing chess."  This combination gives us the energy of lasting moves, monumental plans, and long-term strategy.  The energetic "imprints" the present into the future.

But deeper wisdom tells us more about the nature of the astrological event.  The type of astrological square that two planets are making is a First Quarter square - and all you need to know about that is it is the energy of stepping out.  It's about taking action and implementing ideas.  The ideas aren't new - the action is.  The energetic is just like a First Quarter Moon phase when the mission is to step out and take action.  We go out on branches and do dances.  We break away.  In the cycle of life, this is when we begin to see change and growth.  It's a powerful time, but also a vulnerable time, because we step away from the way things have been - the way of the past.  This past is known.  The future is only somewhat known.

Because Mars and Saturn are the planets most in effect today, the essence of the energy is masculine and can become aggressive and controlling.  The window of time that opens is in effect until the New Moon (Tuesday, January 20, 2015).  The window can intensify war/terror/control dynamics that have already been present this month.  Paris is highlighted again.  Tunnels are also highlighted.  "Attack on or by the feminine in tunnels in Paris for the strategic purposes of assuming power and resources" would be my exact interpretation of the Sabian symbols in play.  Keep in mind that the energy is archetypal.

The unknown component of the energetic is it has strong spiritual elements and that there two "guardian angels" bringing protection.  These are the emissaries or faces of the goddess embodied as the Earth, Gaia Sophia.  The emissaries are the Wisdom Goddesses Kali and Shodashi.  They are bringing a special kind of enlightenment to the scene.  This light is invisible to us, but nonetheless potent.  It stirs the "inner chief" inside each of us to claim our personal power and our personal place.  It helps us make the changes we need to make.  It helps us live happier.  It helps us paint the Second Renaissance.  It helps us connect more deeply with the source of our collective dream - the planet herself.

So deep, lasting changes are underway as yet one more window in time opens.  We focus on the positive imprint that we make on the future today.  Since this report is about what is going on behind the scenes, please rely on the keywords listed above to anticipate the nature of events and energies we are likely to experience or encounter in our lives.  Keep things framed in the mindset of stepping out of the old boundaries and limitations and stepping into action for greater fulfillment of plans, dreams, and intentions.

(Note:  Mars is also in conjunction with Neptune and opposition with the Black Moon, so there is more going on here than I can detail in this report, but I will address it in the audio recording of the overview of the next lunar cycle.  Look for this at the end of the week.)