Monday, January 19, 2015

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream

Moon in Capricorn

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Kali

Skill: allow barriers that are coming down to gently fall

Negative Imprint: narrow-minded, too conservative, emptiness, wasting time, feelings of failure, disillusioned, predictable, exclusive, glorifying violence, living in the past

Positive Imprint: straightening out details, spontaneity, getting on track, courage, history, recognizing that perceived failures are teachers, freedom, unity

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe"

Today is the last day of the lunar cycle that was designed to help us claim more of ourselves, more of our power, and more of our heart's desires.  Much internal work has been done this month, and much wisdom has been gained.

Today, all of the effort, energy, and resources that we have devoted to reach this point serves to break down barriers between people, places, and things.  The underlying drive is to unite people, places, and things.  This is a strong motivator today and a strong support for any endeavors that are intended to uplift the collective of humanity.

Energy to break down barriers within relationships is also winding its way through things.  But there is a special element that addresses our relationship with our self.  The energy wants us to break through illusions that we have about ourselves.  This is especially true regarding our outlook on life.  The energy wants us to switch from focusing on what's impossible to what is possible.  The way things are now is not the way they will remain.  The "year of change" continues until April 17, 2015, so there is much more to come.  Don't put a final judgment on anything.  Don't succumb to gloom.  Radical transformation is still underway.

During Balsamic Moon phases we are preparing the field of consciousness, weeding it of negativity and anything that would choke out the seeds of love that we plant with the New Moon.  The powers of imagination and visualization are most potent during the Balsamic Moon, so we can fertilize the future with our outlook or we can deplete it before it begins.  Watch your mind and don't be taken off course by the signature of energy that tries to trick us into seeing only disappointment and disillusionment.  Infuse good things into the field of your consciousness because good things are trying to crop up next month, which begins tomorrow.

Be aware that there is also a strong "behind the scenes" component to today's energy.  At the lowest octave, this comes in the form of back-door dealings.  The highest octave involves us giving and receiving the help we need.  In particular, assistance from trusted, knowledgeable friends with certain expertise or aptitude in a certain area helps things become better than they are.  Big projects and intentions are most affected by this.

Behind the scenes in the sky, Mercury is preparing to move retrograde on Wednesday.  Mercury is pretty much stationary right now, holding tight at the degree of "a watchdog standing guard, protecting his master and his possessions."  This energetic heightens our vigilance to our surroundings.  It also offers a beacon, a lantern, a guide. 

I will go a step beyond this and say that, ultimately, Mercury is going to be our muse for the next few weeks while he is retrograde.  Maybe he always has been our muse while he moves retrograde, but we fail to see it as such at the time.  Perhaps Mercury retrograde is not mayhem at all but a process of a muse?  It might be amusing to test this idea and review it when Mercury stations direct.

As we break down anything that diminishes the richness of the soil in the field of our personal and collective consciousness today, let's offer appreciation to spiritual forces greater than ourselves that have guided us all month long.  I view this as appreciation for the force of Kali in particular this month, but it is all Oneness and the sentiment is the same regardless of how it is packaged. 

It is good to recognize our place in the assembled tribe of creation, but better to recognize that the creation is much bigger than us.