Monday, January 5, 2015

Full Moon Phase: illumination, realization, fulfillment

Moon in Cancer

Ruling Wisdom Goddess:

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe" (self-empowerment and personal sovereignty)

Skill: keep a gauge on your emotional reactions; gently release pressures a little at a time

Negative Imprint: showing off, opting out without though of consequence, orchestrated rebellion, losing self-control, control issues, power struggles, neglecting the body

Positive Imprint: vitality, well-being, self-discipline, heartfelt communications, analyzing, spontaneity, creating systems and structures that are of service to humanity and the planet

A process of internal realignment that enables us to stand taller is underway with the Full Moon phase of the Wisdom Goddess Kali.  Today, this comes about through a general application of pressure to turn, shift, transform, or change. 

So we are "under pressure" today, which can make for some craziness, but ultimately it serves to strengthen us from the inside out.  An internal realignment is happening where we are gaining self-control and self-mastery skills that help us overcome obstacles to 1) fully feel in love with living; and 2) birth and then participate (co-create) in the Second Renaissance on Earth.  The Second Renaissance is the return of wisdom, beauty, and desire to the collective of humanity.  It's actually the return of sanity because it's the time when humanity breaks free from the forces that have been controlling it.  From there, a new world is "painted" into existence.

Pressure is mainly applied to emotions today.  We need to keep a gauge on our reactions, because there is a tendency for things to burst out.  This will play out primarily in professional situations and in romantic relationships.  Mercury is making conjunction with Venus, so we are much more inclined to communicate our feelings.  The thing to understand is that the overarching theme that is dominant right now is the theme of power and control dynamics within all types of relationships.  Today, this surfaces within our feelings and communications about relationships and the activities in which we are engaged.  We want to amp up our patience and communication skills to moderate the potential for impulsivity and thoughtlessness.

The Kali cycle tends to test us, and it is easy for "test anxiety" to set in when she is schooling us on life.  She holds us to a high standard, so she is like the teacher or professor that a lot of students are afraid to end up with on their schedule - until you actually start class with her and wonder "Why the bad rap?"  Kali grows us.  Some people don't want to change or grow.  They are afraid of the new - the unknown.

Be aware that people are being tested and are testing others.  It's a natural part of today's energetics, but it can become overblown if there are deep insecurities present that cause someone to test others on a regular basis.  This month Kali is calling up the inner chief in all of us to claim our power - our individual gifts, offerings, and our individual sovereignty -within the assembled tribe of humanity.  She is teaching us how to become our strongest, wisest self that does not need validation from or through another.  Each of us can stand tall, on our own, like a tree.

The light of the Full Moon brings revelations, epiphanies, and insights that are at first puzzling.  Consciousness and wisdom is expanding, so we are trying to understand new data and new material.  The best way to try and understand or integrate something new is to return to sources of knowledge that are old.  The ancient wisdom holds the key to understanding the future.  Turn to tried and true sources if you are seeking an understanding.  These may be modern outlets for ancient wisdom.

Our physical bodies are trying to respond to the realigning energies also, so it is a good idea to take some extra time for your body.  Any type of bodywork is extremely helpful today.  Just stretching will help tremendously. 

So there is a lot happening today, but the things to keep in mind are:

  • emotions are running high and people are feeling pressured
  • the pressure may come out impulsively, through our conversations with others
  • work and romantic relationships are the focus
  • tests of character are underway
  • the tendency to exaggerate and distort is high, producing potential for drama
  • answers are found in the old wisdom

It's the job of all wise owls with wings over the world to fall back in love with life.  We loved it once, do we now?  The beautiful and natural ways remain.  They have been covered over by dust, murk, and shadow, but Kali and the Winds of Change are blowing all of that off - pressure washing it -  to reveal the shine of what once was.  It's a good justification for feeling the pressure, so we are wise to it today and will sustain.