Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Moon Phase: 12:45 pm ET/5:45 pm UT - initiate, intend

Moon in Scorpio

Goddess of Wisdom: Kamala - Goddess of the Lotus, Goddess Who Transcends Limitations

God of Will/Desire: Elias - God of the West, God of Transformation

Skill: open up

Catalysts for Change: rigid, insincere, superficial show, two-faced, sinister thoughts, overly-dependent on others, looking for an excuse, missed opportunities, limitations, going too fast, impermanence

True Alignments: fluid, genuine, heightened intuition, playing nicely with others, longevity, messages, looking in the background, faith, courage, curiosity, willing to relate, knowing one is not alone

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "a woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

The Sabian symbols of the degrees of the planets at the time of the New Moon today tell us a story about what the next month has in store for us:

Wisps of clouds, like wings, stream across the sky over a group of young people sitting around a campfire.  A girl's face breaks into a smile.  She recognizes the sign.

At the same time, followers of long-forgotten teachings, hear a call in the distance.  They recognize the sign.

They all race to the place they are guided, where seemingly out of nowhere, a woman draws aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.

Lining up like a grand parade, they take the Sacred Road, the Flight with Spirit.

Welcome to the New Moon in Scorpio -- the Lunar Month of Scorpio -- which seems rather mysterious, but is really, rather simply, opening us more fully to the Divine.  When that happens, the world changes.

The entire astrological year is about evolving (re-tuning, re-calibrating) human consciousness to be in accordance with what is in integrity, harmony, and the value of life.  So all things that fall along that side are being empowered and supported.  The power of all things that fall along the other side, the side of dominance, control, and deception, are unsupported and are dissolving away.

Another road opens for us this month, one that takes us along the path of creating the unfolding Second Renaissance, the Rebirth of Wisdom.  It's also the "return of sanity" which is synonymous with "ending of archontic control."

The past month was the indicator or assessment of the new world order's (unnatural world order's) power level.  The juxtaposition of the Sabian symbol for that month and the fact that it came at the time of solar year that is like a month-long Full Moon, with the fullest potential to manifest anything, but especially anything that was intended during the Aries Lunar Month (April 18 - May 17, 2015), was highly significant.

It's not looking good for them because the only (with respect to those who were lost) "active ritual" the illuminati minions could perform was the downing of the Russian jet to incite the next world war.  Clearly, this is not panning out the way it was hoped.

If the cabal couldn't get something big done during the last lunar month, it was curtains for them.

And now, the dark curtains are being drawn aside by a mystery woman, opening what was previously closed or hidden.  This path is sacred.

Here are the Sabian symbols for the locations of the planets with today's New Moon, and as such, the energy that will unfold all month long:

SUN/MOON: "a woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway" - Darkness parts, sparks are ignited or re-ignited, the Animating Spirit of Liberty inspires.  New opportunities, direction, and potentials emerge.  Faith is what overcomes any fears about "the new."  Things that have been elusive or hard to comprehend are revealed.  Our personal "worlds" or "spheres" become larger by the end of the month.

EARTH: "wisps of clouds, like wings, are streaming across the sky" - This energetic always carries us forward. It will drag us if it has to.  A "fleeting-ness" accompanies this, as in fleeting opportunities or paths.  It also helps us "see what is in the wind" or what is impending.

MERCURY: "a girl's face breaking into a smile" - What made her smile?  What made her happy? What makes you happy?  This symbol is about recognizing what is genuine and then choosing it.  The CHOICE between happiness and unhappiness is always implied with this symbol.

VENUS: "a group of young people sitting in spiritual communion around a campfire" - This is the energy for PIONEERING with like-minded people.  As opportunities open this month, it will be sourced in the resonance between people.  This symbol brings people together.  And fire transforms.

MARS: "having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn't look to any distractions" - We don't want to be distracted while taking the Sacred Path and following our hearts.  It is easier to be lured, seduced, or tempted into thinking negatively about ourselves or to buy into other's beliefs about us with this energy.  We stay the course.

JUPITER: "a swimming race" - We are enticed to compete, but would this distract us from the path?  Scorpio energy is naturally competitive, and detests losing, so this energy is best used to strengthen the inner athlete - the spiritual warrior - in each of us.

CHIRON: "an Easter parade" - In astrology, Chiron is closely related to the Christ energy.  Pisces is also.  But with Chiron, the "sacrifice" element is stronger.  The wounding of self-sacrifice is addressed this month.  The other octave of the energy brings people together to celebrate what they share, particularly shared ideals.

SATURN: "a game of cricket" - Games continue, but only the players with integrity find success, given the dynamics of the planets' energies this month.  This symbol helps us close gaps and protects us from intrusion and interference. 

NEPTUNE: "a girl blowing a bugle" - She is still blowing that horn, still sounding a call within us, still stirring us to action and to living life fully.  Are you listening to what is resounding inside of you?  At the macro-level of humanity as a whole, people are waking up en masse.  Neptune will soon station direct, and will bring action from this call.

URANUS: "an empty hammock" - Rest and a certain amount of "detaching" may be needed this month, more than usual. 

PLUTO: "an ancient bas-relief carved in stone, stands witness to a long-forgotten culture" - Pluto has been on and off this degree for a while, bringing permanence and wisdom.  The ancient wisdom is returning and it is forming solid foundations and structures.

BLACK MOON: "three old masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery" - Truth is always revealed with this, so another month of people, places, and things showing true continues.  This is certainly showing people's true nature, and is demonstrated on the stage of political theatre.

Gaia Sophia is drawing back the darkness to reveal a new way for us.  Where will she lead you?  It is not a great mystery - she is leading us to the Divine.  It should make for quite a nice journey, though. 

Happy New Moon!