Saturday, December 19 - Sunday, December 20, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out of comfort zone, take action

Moon in Libra/Scorpio Sunday at 8:54 pm ET/Monday at 1:54 pm

Goddess of Wisdom: Tara - Goddess Who Guides Through Troubles, Dhumavati - Goddess Who Sorts Through and Purges

God od Will/Desire: Elias, God of the West, God of Transformation

Skill: bridge over

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "in winter, people cutting ice from a frozen pond for use in winter"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

Major astrological activity continues this weekend, all of it in service, we remember, to furthering the mission and theme for this lunar month: mental/emotional preparations, seeing ahead, loosening or melting mental/emotional barriers, and action taken to produce joy. 

The most powerful astrological aspect is the first of the weekend, so let's start there and follow how it flows through the weekend:



COMMUNICATIONS/MISCOMMUNICATIONS/NEWS AND INFORMATION THAT LEADS TO CHANGES:  The WAY we SAY things is key this weekend, particularly when communicating feelings.  This dynamic is amplified by the fact that the Sun is in a Disseminating Cycle -- the energetic time of sharing, communicating, receiving information and messages for guidance, and feedback from the Universe.  A conjunction of Mercury and Pluto always intensifies communications between people (since Pluto is "God of the Underworld" with a "Scorpionic" nature), and words can sting.  And they can go deeply.  Words that come from the depths of the heart resonate with the highest octave of this conjunction.

The element of surprise accompanies the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto, since Uranus is in square (90 degrees away).  Uranus is the Planet of Changes.  It puts people, places, and things where they need to be.  However, with Uranus, the changes can feel quite disruptive.  Rejections or things that seem unfortunate and even tragic and emotionally devastating happen to rectify and realign.  If you are experiencing this, seek integration of the attending fact with Uranus: your "guardian angel" is saving you from something.  Suspend judgment of it being good or bad.  It is not what it will be in the future and you will not always feel like you do now.  Change is the nature of life.  We are moved on to greater experiences.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Mercury-Pluto conjunction is "in a hospital, the children's ward is filled with toys."  We welcome the healing that underlies this energy.

2:25 pm ET/7:25 pm UT: MOON OPPOSES THE BLACK MOON - Yes, it's a Black Moon weekend, one of the two times each month when everyone's shadow sides (fears) tend to be triggered.  Issues related to self-worth, self-esteem, achievements (or the lack thereof), and being included are in focus.  This is strongest now for those with the Sun, Chiron, or the Black Moon in Aries or Libra.  The Black Moon is traveling through the last arc minutes of 13 Libra and "children blowing soap bubbles."  The joy of blowing bubbles is not easily felt when the Black Moon is transiting.  So, let's "blow past" that and begin the next energetic of the Black Moon early: 14 Libra - "in the heat of the noon, a man takes a siesta."  The best advice with any transit of the Black Moon is 1) rest as much as possible and 2) remember that it is a PROCESS of rebirthing/regenerating/starting over and it will end.  We are restored when a transit of the Black Moon ends.

In fact, several of the Sabian symbols suggest nourishing, resting, and reconnecting with the physical body this weekend.

8:35 pm ET.1:35 am UT: MOON CONUNCTS URANUS: 

LOOSENING UP, REFRESHING, CREATING OR ACCEPTING OPPORTUNITIES AND INVITATIONS - Uranus is trying to bring people together, move stagnation, and expand our comfort zones as it continues to discharge "two prim spinsters sitting together in silence." 


5:51 am ET/10:51 am UT: MOON OPPOSES MARS:  Just a heads up that the communication/miscommunication dynamic is energized with this, with angry or depressive feelings enhanced.  However, it also brings energy to get things done.

8:19 am ET/1:51 pm UT: BLACK MOON MOVES TO 14 LIBRA (see above)

5:01 pm ET/10:01 pm UT:  MOON TRINES SUN:  Appearances take on way too much importance this weekend, coming to a head at this time.  If you have a feeling that things are not quite as they seem, pay attention.  What is unsettling about the situation?  Is it fake?

8:54 pm ET/1:54 am UT: MOON ENTERS TAURUS:  This weekend's Moon Dance (ah Van Morrison) with the Black Moon ends.  Fears and insecurities return to ease.  Until this time, we are very far into the mystic. What did you learn this weekend?  What changed?  What transformed into another level?  What came to light?

These are the headlines, but there are a few more themes: bridging over things, linking things, going back over things, going back and forth, second chances, tendency toward bitterness, making melodies, and interactions/sightings of birds.

I hope you find something to take from this report that is helpful this weekend.  Much love to all the wise owls out there!

P.S.  Thursday night on Phoenix Rising Radio, Phoenix and his guest, Bob Gilpatrick, discussed "Fighting Holiday Depression" and gave some great tips.  Here's the link to the Archive: