Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Scorpio

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi (Goddess of the Wind)

Skill: know when to stand down and when to stand up

Positive Imprints: compromising, clarity, comfort, being divinely guided, bringing messages, prizes, sense of purpose, overcoming, organized, moderation, bold, skillful

Catalysts for Change: uncompromising, overly guarded, ungrounded, attention-seeking behavior, hysterics, greed, bringing unhelpful messages or rumors, cut off, falling off

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an old adobe mission" (projecting plans into the future, spiritual retreat)

The Sun released a coronal mass ejection last night, the first since December 20, 2014. That flare was the mega-powerful X1.8-class.  An M2.4-class flare with CME occurred at 6:35 pm ET/11:35 pm UT.  We look to the degree of the Moon to get the most specific understanding of the energetics that the Sun was amplifying at the time.  For this we turn to the Sabian symbols, in this case the symbol for 27 Libra and "an airplane sails high in the clear sky."

Yesterday we were already going high above things as Saturn moved to the degree of "an old owl up in a tree."  But with the energy of the CME, the old owls became airplanes, leaving the trees and flying high for the sky - the clear sky!  Clarity is the goal.

Let's not forget that like the Earth (named Sophia according to Gnostic texts ), the Sun is also a divine being (named Sabaoth according to Gnostic texts).  We are given to understand through the writings that Sophia and Sabaoth collaborate in order to "grow" humanity and interact (dream) with humanity.  When Sabaoth delivers a coronal mass ejection it is purposeful in this collaboration.  The purpose is to lift us over our troubles, difficulties, and challenges - to transcend them.

Interestingly, the Sabian symbols of the locations of the planets today fall along the lines of sitting/standing down or standing up/flying high.  This involves the force of gravity.  We may need to "sit" on something, stand down, or let it settle.  Or we may need to defy forces, stand up for something or someone, and take it to another level.  Both require energy, but more energy is needed to take a stand than to stand down.  Sabaoth provided this energy last night, intending that it could take us to something new.

This CME is traveling at approximately 1000km/s or 2.2 million mph.  That's pretty fast in solar terms.  It is not a particularly intense flare, being M2.4-class, but it is moving at high velocity.

So situations for us today may require a stand down or a stand up.  Close encounters of both kinds are possible.  Sit or fly?

In the background, we have Venus trying to catch up with Mars in the sky.  This sky may not be quite as clear because the two lovers will travel through the nebulous ends of Pisces, just far enough apart to see each other but not touch.  "Touch" or conjunction occurs during the New Moon phase (exact conjunction Saturday, February 21 around midnight ET).  All of this is designed to bring in not only new relationships, but take existing relationships to new levels.  Venus and Mars will travel through the last degrees of mystical Pisces to meet up at the second degree of Aries - so right at the beginning of the zodiac.  Until that time, some relationships will run their course, as others enter or come to new heights.  Let's be clear about where this is going, so we can see beyond the mists of Pisces.

It's wise to know that Mercury will station direct (or appear to move forward in the sky once again) tomorrow at 9:51 am ET/2:51 pm UT.  Mercury has been sitting relatively motionless at the degree of this lunar month's Sabian symbol of "an old adobe mission."  Tomorrow it will slingshot forward, creating a certain degree of havoc with interpersonal communications, telecommunications, electronics, and travel plans.  Today we want to back up anything or any data that is important to mitigate an potential calamities tomorrow.

On Saturday, Valentine's Day, Mercury will finally move from the degree of "an old adobe mission" and move to the degree of "an unexpected thunderstorm."  This will only be in effect that day.  But, with Venus and Mars, the planets that rule romantic relationships, in such tight conjunction on Valentine's Day, and Mercury bringing storms, well, you get the picture. 

Valentine's Day is overly-charged with expectation that is mostly engineered from consumerism, not from the value of true love.  This creates unnecessary schisms in relationships.  People's value systems and ideas of love will clash under the astrological energies on Valentine's Day.  It is ridiculous to have one day a year that celebrates love.  It's a daily practice.

That said, we can bring the real beauty back to it.  This would come from heartfelt gestures.  The Moon will make conjunction with the Galactic Center, spiritual home of love and life in our galaxy, around 11:00 am ET/4:00 pm UT on Valentine's Day.  Let's think about it in cosmic terms of celebrating "home."  When unexpected thunderstorms are forecast, we know to seek the safety of home.  So, in this way, the Galactic Center (or the divine beings like Sophia who exist there) is our valentine.  Our inner sense of home connects us with it.

Today we will stand up for some things and stand down on others, but we know that changes are underway during these last ten days of the full energy of this astrological year, the year of changes, the year to see who would become "the ruler of a nation."  The last day of the energy of this past astrological year ends on Valentine's Day.  The Balsamic Moon phase signals the end of that old energy and the beginning of a new year of energy that is like "the music of the spheres."  The New Year doesn't fully enter until April 18, but we are preparing the field for it beginning Sunday, February 15.

Sail high and clear today, everyone!