Friday, February 20, 2015

New Moon Phase: new impulses, new beginnings

Moon in Pisces/Aries (6:15 pm ET/11:15 pm UT)

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Tara (Goddess of Timelessness) and Kamala (Goddess of the Lotus)

Skill: embrace the new

Positive Imprints: achievements, resilience, agelessness, nurturance, emergence, mysteries, shamanism, revelations, performances, protection, guidance, memories, constructing

Catalysts for Change: escapism, evading changes, lost, loneliness, overly-guarded, power and control issues, feeling invisible, taking over, emotional drama, inflexible

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a crowded public marketplace" (human exchange and interchange; displays of who we truly are and what we have to offer)

As the day progresses, the "crowded public marketplace" starts to hop as the Moon moves out of Pisces and into Aries. 

As the Moon moves closer to the sign of Aries, it also moves closer to Venus and Mars at the very first degree of the zodiac: "a woman has risen out of the ocean and a seal is embracing her."  A fresh wave of energy moves in to renew things!

Mars and Venus moving into Aries together switches the energy up considerably.  As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is action-oriented and brings beginnings and new impulses.  New ideas, new relationships, new partnerships, new projects, and new additions to existing relationships, partnerships, and projects  are "loading in" to the field.  All of this will be carried forward and developed over the next astrological year, which begins April 18. 

So right now new things are emerging within the field that will begin to grow or blossom over the next year.

Today, the Earth moves to a degree that those who have been following the Oracle Report for a while remember well: "two guardian angels bringing protection."  This was the Sabian symbol for the Virgo Lunar Month (August 25 - September 23, 2014).  Themes, situations, feelings, and events from that time in your life may recur today, but with the "refreshment" energetic dominating and molding the day, these things may come to a new level, understanding, or direction.

Two of the multitude of "guardian angels" assisting humanity in its spiritual quest for freedom and actualization with us today are the Wisdom Goddesses (Mahavidyas) Tara and Kamala.  These are two of the faces or emissaries of the Great Goddess Gaia Sophia, the divine being embodied as the Earth.

Tara is many things, but today she is the energy that moves us "out of time" to refresh, renew, and play.  Tara can be wrathful for sure and will strike without hesitation if needed, but when at peace she is playful, wily, and flirtatious.  She encourages us to have some fun in the crowded public marketplace today.  Tara is also the Goddess Who Guides Through Troubles and is on call today for anyone who needs this.

Kamala is also many things, but today she is the energy that assures us and helps us rise above limitation.  Kamala is the Goddess of the Lotus, the flower that is rooted in mud but with petals transcend it.  Kamala never leaves anyone behind, and she will be utilizing the celestial music of Neptune to be a girl blowing a bugle, awakening those who are asleep and evoking the call to the inner quest.

Today's energy is about the new.  New things are trying to emerge and be "loaded into" our lives.  It's Friday and the public marketplace is hopping.  What's there for you?