Monday, March 16, 2015

 Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Aquarius

Wisdom Goddess: Kamala (Goddess of the Lotus)

Skill: emanate a counter wave from the heart

Positive Imprints: moving your body, respect, patience, openness, dedication, power to communicate, recognizing the blessings in our life, depth of thought, comforting self, bringing things to fruition

Catalysts for Change: rushing, power and control dynamics, anger, aggression, impatience, strict, stiff, hysterics, self-neglect, hyper-structured

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a crowded public marketplace" human interchange and exchang; self-expression)

Today, the powerhouses of Pluto and Uranus dominate the energy.  Let's break it down:

The influence of Pluto easily takes us toward negative thoughts.  It may be quite a challenge to see the positive and feel positive, especially if your own astrology chart is being activated.  But Pluto is also the wisest of the masculine energies, and has the power to maintain equilibrium under the strongest emotional barrage.  We practice the skill of being like a wise old owl inside a tree, peering out, not being drawn into the chaos, and seeing a bigger picture.

The influence of Uranus easily produces generalized anxiety.  It may be quite a challenge to flow within the angst.  Fear is the root of anxiety, and when Uranus is involved, fear of changes ensues.  Uranus puts us where we need to be, so the changes of Uranus are always for the best, even if this is not apparent at the time.  Time always reveals the higher purpose of the change.  But things also happen very swiftly, and before you know it today, something can come out of the blue.  It's often eccentric.  There is also tendency to rush, which causes accident-proneness.  Uranus is electric and shoots through the fields of our bodies like lightning, so it helps to move and stretch your body.  We don't need to blow any circuits!

Mars is in close proximity, adding an element of anger to situations.

There is a counter, a response, to today's energetics that helps us maintain equilibrium and flow around the chaos.  This is a "counter wave", if you will.  We can insert or imprint a mindset or intention that we send out from our hearts.  We are wise to the fact that hyper-energetics are in effect today and we see through them.  We are able to hold to the understanding that things are in flux, while simultaneously understanding that our minds are not at the energy's mercy.

Love, patience, compassion, and recognition that a deep reshuffling is happening are the modes to create the counter wave.  It will take the sharpest skills of spiritual warriors to accomplish this today.  If you succumb to negativity, anger, and feelings of defeat for a time today, it's ok.  Feel it, release it, and find your way back to the mind-set and heart-set that emanates the counter wave.  Remember that this is bigger than any one of us.  If you fall behind, run to catch back up with the team.  If you need help, the Wisdom Goddess Kamala is on duty today and she never leaves anyone behind.  Ask her for assistance if you struggle today and then step back and allow the field around you (the situation) to change.

We rally at the heart today with emanations that will ripple through space and time to coalesce in the future.  It's called cosmic co-creation.  What a great honor.