Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crescent Moon Phase: perseverance, challenge

Moon in Gemini

Wisdom Goddess: Kamala (Goddess Who Uplifts)

Skill: lift yourself above the situation

Positive Imprints: looking for inner wisdom, going above and beyond the ordinary or what was expected, transfers, joy and joyful celebrations, visions, having choices, going wild in a good way, excitement and enthusiasm

Catalysts for Change: not paying attention to our own needs or the needs of others, indecision, zealots, not listening, believing one's way is the right or only way, superficially addressing things, communication issues, interfering with others, ruining the party

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month:

Today we find that we may need to lift ourselves above a situation.  This may be to elevate our perspective to gain wider insight or it may be because the situation does not suit us - it doesn't fit.  The energy to do this comes from the location of the Sun today at the degree of the Sabian symbol "a triangle with wings."

When we lift ourselves above situations, we remove ourselves from them to some degree.  This brings us into unknown territory, which is often frightening because we are generally "tribal" or "pack-oriented" by nature and do not like the idea of being separated or ostracized.  Solitary confinement is death for a human.  So, even breaking away just a little from something that has provided stability, security, common links, identity, and reliability can be hard to do.

It is important today to remember that we are taking a look at things from a different perspective, not necessarily permanently detaching.  Sometimes we need to step higher, go above, or take the high road just to get a better sense of where were are going.  Don't become overwhelmed with how much you see or how much effort it is going to take.  It won't be as hard as you think because certain stellar dynamics are changing beginning April 18, 2015 (the New Moon in Aries) and things are going to begin operating in a new way.

But, more than the ability to lift ourselves above situations and circumstances today, is the opportunity to learn something very valuable.  Many things may be learned!  This is due to the Earth at the degree of "a man teaching the true inner knowledge of the new world to his students" and Mercury making conjunction with Chiron at the degree of "a master instructing a disciple."  In the astrological pantheon, Chiron is THE Master Teacher.  He is the Teacher of Teachers.  He is also the Healer of Healers.  Mercury, the Messenger, meeting up with Chiron at this degree brings us the gift of knowledge.  We may cut ourselves on the paper while opening it, but that's just how it goes with Chiron.  The paper cut is worth it.

Trees are also highlighted today with Venus at the degree of "a Christmas tree decorated" and the Black Moon moving to the degree of "a family tree."  Ancestry is one of the signatures running through this entire lunar month.  The purpose of this is to help us gain equilibrium.  Remembering that you are part of something that has sustained through time is very "grounding" during changeable times.

So, to recap: This month we are considering our ideals of greatness and projecting those images as what we want to attain. We consider the ideals of the greatness of humanity as a whole and our personal ideals of greatness.  We are seeing these things as set in stone, as in they WILL happen.  The extraneous is falling away so that the true form or aspiration or ideal can be revealed.

Today specifically, we lift ourselves above things for a higher view.  We open to receiving a gift of knowledge, even if our emotions are wrapped up with it.  And, most importantly, we are deeply rooted and centered with the planet, Mother Nature, carrying on the dream for humanity that was set in motion a very, very long time ago.

A good day, for sure.