Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Leo/Virgo (2:13 pm ET/6:13 pm UT)

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi (Goddess of the Wind)

Skill: grow with the flow

Positive Imprints: seeking direction, passages, insight, free to express, cleaning or making room, airing out issues, freshening things up, emergence, humor, relief, fellowship

Catalysts for Change: projection of one's feelings onto others, reactions, negative outlook, cut-off from seeing potential, seeking approval or popularity, expecting others to do for you

Sabian Symbol

In the rhythm of the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and Earth, we have moved out of the assertive energetics of First Quarter Moon phase and into the receptive energetics of the Gibbous Moon phase.  Gibbous Moon phase is the time of trust.  Things get esoteric.

In keeping, the energetics of the planets paint an esoteric picture today.  A clear, streaming wave is sweeping through the field of consciousness, leveling it of old and outworn elements.  A clean sweeping of the past is occurring.  This includes the recent past and the most remote past.  It is a wave of love that is shifting the world toward balance, sanity, and wisdom.

But sweeping kicks things up.  When we sweep a floor, dust and whatnot is kicked up.  This  sweeping wave of energy is kicking up emotions, making them run high.  This is a response to the field of the future -the field of possibilities - opening up as a result of the sweep.  Reactions to this airing out and opening up can be quite strong.  We are all adjusting to the transition.

Additionally, with the Moon moving into Virgo, we have a couple of "Black Moon Days" on our hands.  At Oracle Report, I call the days when the Moon is in the same sign as the Black Moon "Black Moon Days" to alert everyone to the fact that shadow sides tend to be unconsciously projected on these days.  There is a particular flavor to this one that causes a lot of projection of one's own feelings through pointing out what others are doing wrong.  The Moon and the Black Moon are in Virgo, heightening feelings of failure, incapability, mistrust, and vulnerability.

When the "field of consciousness" is perturbed (even for a good reason) like it is right now, and the shadow components of humanity are in play, wise owls exercise the skill of flow.  The Sun gives us the clue on how to do it today as it discharges the energy of "a flock of wild geese." 

The "medicine" or wisdom of geese is found in one way through their flying V-formation.  They take turns leading the way and they always have clear line of sight.  They never fly in front of each other.  When the leader tires, the formation shifts and another member of the flock takes the lead.  This is a fluid scenario.  We are wise to follow this wisdom, flowing with the streaming wave of energy today.

The "opening of the field" that results from the wave that is sweeping also opens up wedges for "divide and conquer" or separation behavior.  The V-formation is open-ended by nature.  There are forces that do not want the world to be different and better, and they are incited to counter the sweeping wave of love.  People are easily influenced to act from a place of anger or fear.  And shadow sides are already out.

Today, see what others are missing.  There is much that is degenerating and falling away, but it is only happening to reveal something better.  If someone projects their shadow side onto you, recognize that what you are seeing is fear.  There is no need to react.  Humanity unites against shadows.  We know that they are not a real part of us.  But they do help us face our fears, which means we grow.

So, today we will "grow with the flow" as the wave sweeps through.  Let's be open to receiving the magic of Gibbous Moon phase.