Saturday, April 25 - Sunday, April 26, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Leo

Goddess of Wisdom: Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands The Mind)

God of Will: Ian (God of the East)

Skill: Saturday: take a leap of faith  Sunday:  tap and adapt (tap into something cosmic so that you can adapt to the changing environment) 

True Alignment: transcending something, recognizing the talents of others and self, studying something in-depth, sharpening ability to discern, allowing, bringing new things to the field of consciousness

Catalysts for Change: resisting the truth, seeking answers outside of yourself when the answer is inside yourself, greed, unprepared, following without thinking, avoiding asking for help, holding on to illusions

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "the music of the spheres"

The expansion into the fifth dimensional level of conscious that accompanied the New Moon a week ago - the New Moon that signaled the beginning of a new era for humanity - is taken to a new level this weekend.  

I discuss this more in the audio "Paradise Found or The Second Renaissance Descends" (located on the homepage of which is an overview of this lunar month and a commentary on a wider dynamic in operation.

On Saturday, solutions to problems or questions emerge.  The energy facilitates bridging across things that divide (and potentially conquer) us.  We overcome gaps that separate.  We make connections in how we think, agree, and resonate.  This is especially true for bridging away from fear.  Things that have haunted or daunted us come to a new level of resolution.

To reach these solutions, it may be necessary to take a leap of faith - a big one.  In fact, the bigger the leap of faith (the scarier something is, the greater the gulf between you and something, someone or an idea, the harder something is to face) the better.  Great strides in personal understanding translate into great strides in consciousness.  "Know yourself, know the universe" is strongly in effect.

Finding inner peace creates universal peace.  Finding inner connection creates universal connection, and so forth.

On Sunday, the energies "go deep" and in turn we tap into something that feeds our souls and enables us to adapt and cope in better or more efficient ways.  We may find ourselves plunging or diving into something with gusto.  This energy wants to help us find things that help us.  It wants to help us empower ourselves.  It wants to help us feel better so that we can begin to understand, appreciate, and experience a better life and world.  By tapping into this "re-Source" we find that we have new adaptations of consciousness.  Tap and adapt.  Connect and re-create.  This is the way life is in 5D.  How wonderful.

Friday's wisdom about resistance morphs into answers and adaptations this weekend.  The expansion of this, as well as an unlimited variety of other things, is proffered by Jupiter moving to the 14th degree of Leo and the Sabian symbol "cherub-like, a human soul whispers, seeking to manifest" and Mars moves to 19th degree of Taurus and the Sabian symbol "a new continent rising out of the ocean."  How divine.

As always, snap a photograph when something of beauty catches your eye so that we can all partake!

(A couple of notes:  I discussed the potential for re-set of currencies and economics during the Libra lunar cycle of this year, October 12 - November 10.  You can follow the latest on this at  and tune in Tuesday, April 28 at 10 pm ET to Phoenix Rising Radio when I will be Phoenix's guest discuss this, other topics, and take calls.  Hope you can join us!)