Monday, May 25, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Virgo

Goddess of Wisdom:  all

God of Will: all

Skill: engage the skill of being like a wise owl in a tree

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month:  "a mature woman reawakened to romance"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

The energetics shift today from the challenges of Crescent Moon phase to the boldness that is asked of us with First Quarter Moon Phase.  In the cycle of life, First Quarter Moon phase is the time when a seed breaks through the soil to the light of day, ready for new experiences.  It's a time of action and a time when we experience changes and growth.

Accompanying the opening of the First Quarter Moon phase are several power astrological transits that are like whirling dervishes:

1) The Moon has entered Virgo, joining the Black Moon in Virgo, tempting shadow sides to emerge.  Veteran readers of Oracle Report know I call these "Black Moon Days" to alert everyone to the proclivity for people to project their negative feelings about themselves onto others.  Our core fears are harbored in the "shadow side" of our psyches.  But the truth is that a restoration and rebirth happens on Black Moon Days.  Many times it comes about through emotional confrontations with our self or others.  This is strongly in effect through Wednesday, May 27 at 5:43 pm ET/9:43 pm.  Those with the Sun or Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces will undergo the most intensive rebirth.  Our perceptions about the past and "failures," trust issues, and the depth of our ability to be open and vulnerable (a strength) changes.

2) Change (actually "alignment") is the word of the day with Uranus, the planet of the day.  Venus squares Uranus today (exact square around 1:00 pm ET/5:00 pm UT).  This is a major astrological aspect and it focuses on relationships.  The combination of Uranus and Venus takes relationships where they need to be.  People or situations that we may have "given up on" may return for renewal.  Whenever Uranus is involved, we are guaranteed that the ways things go is the way they are supposed to go.  Emotional manipulation (in any form) will not work well today. 

Uranus has moved to the 20th degree of Aries and the Sabian symbol of "a young girl feeding birds in winter."  This lunar month's Sabian symbol of  "a mature woman reawakened to romance" is in many ways aligned with "a young girl feeding birds in winter."  They are the same, are they not?  A mature woman reawakened to romance is very much like a young girl feeding birds in winter.  Situations that have gone cold suddenly begin reviving because higher energetics are trying to make things right and align people, places, and things.

3) Mars.  Mars makes an exact square with Neptune at 7:35 pm ET/11:35 pm UT.  Here's the thing with this:  Mars and Neptune can bring the loftiest heights and manifestation of Spirit and creativity AND they can bring the lowest forms of sabotage, self-sabotage, delusion, addiction, and madness.  Mars is emitting the energy of the Sabian symbol "an airplane in a nosedive" and Neptune is located at "an aviator in the clouds."  This is an interesting combination of symbols!  I suggest that in the post-April 18 world of the Second Renaissance, we have the power to dive or soar or both at different times in order to achieve a purpose.  We can dive for a closer, deeper look and we can soar for a broader, higher view.  Either way, we are in control.

4) The Sun is quiet right now, minimizing the potential effects of the energy it's location in the sky today of "a radical magazine asking for action, displays a sensational front page."  This energy can rile or stir things up and start to propagandize.  But, the Earth, always located at the degree of "an old owl up in a tree" when the Sun is at the "radical magazine" degree, gives us a better solution - a 5D solution.  When energies begin to swirl and dramatic events begin to branch out, we practice the Skill of Wisdom.  We become like wise owls up in a tree and we observe what is happening.  We watch the interplay, the dance, the unfolding of situations.  We are One with the tree, deeply rooted with the planet, Mother Earth, Gaia Sophia. 

As I mentioned in the audio recording with wise owl Carolyn Barnes (posted at the top of, repeating the phrase (mantra) "Return to Ease," the title of Carolyn's book, instantly shape-shifts us into being the wise owl in the tree.  Test it for yourself.

A dance of a thousand veils or currents of energy is coalescing in the air around us today.  Shall we?