Thursday, May 7, 2015

Disseminating Moon Phase: communicate, share

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn (2:15 pm ET/6:15 pm UT)

Goddess of Wisdom: Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands The Mind)

God of Will: Ian (God of the East)

Skill:  listen

True Alignment: something coming to fruition, clearing emotional/mental/physical clutter, turning points in things, things turning from one thing into another, awe of the power of nature, open field of possibilities, changing a habit or routine, airiness and lightness

Catalysts for Change: going into something unprepared, over-reacting, shocks, denial of self, too quick to decide or judge, resisting the flow of events, unrealistic expectations and expecting others to fix things for us, showing off, vanity

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "the music of the spheres"

The Full Moon fades into the Disseminating Moon today, opening a phase of sharing and communicating our ideas, projects, feelings, and beliefs.  A process of connecting with others and with the universe to receive feedback and information begins.  The process makes things better because others have participated, sometimes in the smallest of ways.  The act of opening up to what the source field has to offer brings refinement, healing, and invigoration.  It's one of the stages of co-creation with Spirit.  What we intended or held in our minds during the New Moon phase now takes new shape based on what the field of consciousness is at this point in the lunar month.

During Disseminating Moon phase, Spirit uses signs and synchronicities that we can hear to communicate with usListening is key.  We listen to the background as well because oftentimes the key piece of information to polish, clarify or validate something is in background music and conversation.  All that is required is paying attention to the field around us and noticing when things repeat and answer.

Other energetics in play today involve changing things and clearing things.  Inner mental clutter (old-dimensional thinking) is rising up to be evaporated by the stellar energetics that begin this month and unfold all year to bring us into alignment with what we find heavenly.  If it isn't heavenly, it is coming up within us to be sonically blasted clean. 

Sometimes bravery is required when things we would rather not feel or face surface unbidden.  Knowing that whatever comes up is being cleared may be helpful.  Taking a deep breath of air and releasing it also helpful.  The body will be appreciated of some stretching.  The idea is to not resist the flow of life; the idea is to flow with it.

Moving into Disseminating Moon phase is something of a relief because we usually have to "hold the line" pretty hard during the Full Moon Phase.  Mentally shifting with the Moon to a more receptive stance and being open-minded helps our emotional body recover.  In the alchemy of co-creation with Spirit, Spirit takes lead during Disseminating Moon phase.  So we step back and listen

The music of the spheres is playing for each of us today.  Let's attune.