Thursday, June 11, 2015

Third Quarter Moon Phase:  revise, realign

Moon in Aries

Goddess of Wisdom:  Tara (Goddess Who Guides)

God of Will:  Ian (God of The East)

Skill: expand restrictive expectations; lighten up

Catalysts for Change: trying to take more than one's share, fear of change, insecurities about appearance/age, holding back from participation, special privileges of the few, trying to fool others, injustice, manipulating groups, complaining without trying to improve, trying to incite chaos, pretending to be something else

True Alignments: innovation, spontaneity, celebration, joining together, natural rhythms, reversing and releasing struggles, shifts in relationships, true beauty, true providence, patience, kindness, humility, enjoyment, compromising, combining the best elements of two things into something new

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a mature woman reawakened to romance"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

In astrology, when a planet "stations direct" it appears to move forward in the sky after a period of appearing to move backwards.  The planet Mercury stations direct today, and with it, communications, electronics, and travel ease from the mayhem that has surrounded them since May 19. 

Mercury stations direct at the degree of the Sabian symbol of "a radical magazine, asking for action, displays a sensational front page." During the retrograde period (May 19 to yesterday), the energy for reform and breaking free of constraints has been the goal.  The "sensational" nature of this energy may explain why many more people have reported that this particular Mercury retrograde was more intense.  (An expanded explanation would be that technology is morphing to be more of service to humanity - not the other way around - and consciousness is driving things back toward more human-centered interactions.)

Is there any doubt that the notion of reform is front and center?

On this last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase, all things point to revision, realignment, rectification, and reform. 

The Moon will be at the same location in the sky as Uranus at 4:45 pm ET/8:45 pm UT, delivering another strike of energy for revision and realignment, especially to any situations that may have seemed hopeless or seemed to have gone cold.  Jupiter is in effect with this also (Moon and Uranus trine Jupiter), and Jupiter expands everything.  So there is a great deal of energy to revive and revise and all those other "r" words alliterated above, and it is in effect all day.  (Take extra care when driving today and give wide berth.  Accidents abound with all of these energetics.)

A note for consideration:  Reform is produced from new ways of looking at things.  In the fifth dimensional state of consciousness, we can look at things from multiple angles.  When we do this we start to bend time and space.  As time benders, if we were to travel back in time to a time of a great battle, all the while knowing that the battle was already won, would our experience still be one of battle? 

Maybe it would be an honor.  

The wings of wise owls encircle the world and join with higher spiritual forces to resound the harmonic realignment with the value and love of LIFE.  Anything that stands against that crumbles.