Tuesday, June 17, 2015

New Moon Phase: beginnings, intentions

Moon in Cancer

Goddess of Wisdom: Bagalamukhi (Goddess Who Stabilizes, Goddess of the Power of Words)

God of Will: Ian (God of The East)

Skill: hold to a greater vision

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "winter frost in the woods"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

Today, the Sun will travel to make exact opposition with the Galactic Center, the Central Sun of our galaxy.  Exact alignment occurs at 5:19 pm ET/9:19 pm UT.  This angle happens only one day each year. 

The Galactic Center is the hub of our galaxy, and is a place or space or point of limitlessness.  It is a sacred place.  It opens us up, expanding our perception and understanding.  When the Sun comes into this configuration, a massive spiritual energetic is activated.

The vastness of the energy can be daunting, however.  The Sabian symbols describe it perfectly.  The Sun is located at the degree of the Sabian symbol of "a young gypsy emerging from the woods gazes at faraway cities."  We face the Unknown, which seems limitless under this dynamic.  Things can seem insurmountable.  Our programmed experience is that the unknown means something bad will happen.

But we do not know defeat, especially when we know that the highest spiritual frequencies are being disseminated.  The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Galactic Center is "a sculptor's vision is taking form."  Potential lies within the limitless of the unknown.  It lies beyond the fear.

We hold to our vision of the world aligned with goodness, knowing that this vision is taking form.  Our combined effort with spiritual allies makes it so.  We engage our will today, gazing at things that aren't so far away.

(Full report to return tomorrow.)