Friday, June 19, 2015

New Moon Phase: beginnings, intentions

Moon in Leo

Goddess of Wisdom: Bagalamukhi (Goddess of The Spoken Word)

God of Will: Ian (God of The East)

Skill: listening to the inner voice

True Alignments: taking time for observation and reflection, working with what one has on hand, inner voice, new ideas, proper conditions, the inherent rights of freedom, speaking truth, seeing a bigger picture, strength, whispers of the soul 

Catalysts for Change: avoidance, taking all the credit, manipulation of attention and what is in focus, jealousy, demands, drawing attention through high volume, vacillating, making a big show or announcement that is based on distortions, unmotivated, entrenched, obsessed

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "winter frost in the woods"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

The Sun released an M3-class solar flare with coronal mass ejection yesterday at 1:35 pm ET/5:35 pm UT.  The CME is partially Earth-directed and produced a radio blackout.   The Sun remains quite active today.

At the time of the CME, the Moon was located at 24 Cancer and the Sabian symbol of "a woman and two men castaways on a small island in the South Seas."  This is the Sabian symbol of the degree of the next New Moon -- the lunar cycle that begins with the New Moon in Cancer on July 15, 2015. 

The Cancer lunar cycle (the lunar month of July 15 - August 13, 2015) has been highlighted for several months.  Venus and Uranus will station retrograde back to back, and the month is a "cardinal" month or one of the "four corners" or "four directions."  Dramatic shifting occurs during cardinal months.  Uranus will station retrograde at the Eris Point, unleashing a revolution of light that continues the realignment with the value of life, liberty, and freedom from shadows.

With yesterday's CME activating the degree of the New Moon in Cancer, it seems the Sun sent it own highlight (sunlight) of it.

What does the image of the symbol "a woman and two men castaways on a small island of the South Seas" evoke for you?  Initial reactions are key.  How does your interpretation of the symbol relate to your life now?  How does it relate to what you have planned or in place between July 15 and August 13?  Insight into what the Sun is foreshadowing (forelighting) for the next month will spread throughout the weekend, as the electrical effects of the CME fully unfold.  So let's work with understanding the symbol and the message by letting it breathe, age, or mellow over the next few days.  The symbol itself implies that there is not a lot of room since it is a "small" island in the South Seas, so let's give it some space and time.

Keep in mind that we are under energetics this month that are like "winter frost in the woods."  It's a still, reflective time when internal life force builds strength and flows fluidly within the trees of the woods.  The stillness can be maddening if our minds (and identities and realities) are focused outside of ourselves.  There is no place to "go to ground," "root," "anchor," or "attach to" in the crumbling matrix of the old world.  We "ground" ourselves with the planet.  Spending time outside strengthens that connection.

At the start of this lunar month, the Gemini New Moon disseminated energetics for the month.  The positions of the planets at the time of a New Moon determine that month's "music of the spheres."  At the New Moon in Gemini, Jupiter was located at the degree of the Sabian symbol "American Indians perform a ritual to the Sun."  Let's give thanks.