Saturday, June 27 - Sunday, June 28, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase (Saturday): step out, take action  Gibbous Moon Phase (Sunday): trust

Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius (Sunday 11:22 pm ET/Monday 3:22 pm UT)

Goddess of Wisdom: Bagalamukhi (Goddess Who Solves)

God of Will: Ian (God of The East)

Skill: uncomplicated things

True Alignments: creating connections and foundations, mysteriousness, tempering harshness with gentleness, free expression of feelings, imagination, thin veils between the worlds, truth, vivid dreams revealing guidance, facing forward, the Goddess

Catalysts for Change: pretending to be something one is not/overblown ego, unable to see or appreciate the blessings one has received, astray, half truths, attempting to persuade through manipulation, threats, continually worrying, fear of the unknown

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "winter frost in the woods"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

The rational mind rebels this weekend and effectively goes on leave.  The increased solar energetics this past week have taken the rational mind to a new limit.  This weekend, the magical mind rises up in balance.  Like ribbons, the feminine energetics of creation and connection fold around the edges and bring about balance.

Rest, relaxation, and fun are the natural tendencies with this weekend's energetics.  But if this is in short supply for you, the best way to compensate is to focus on anything natural that you can find.  There are trees even in concrete jungles.  Birds are always around.  Registering these things relaxes stressed minds.

Several of the Sabian symbols this weekend feature dancing.  Dancing is another things that relaxes stressed minds.  Before the male wise owls freak out, this is accomplished by little happy dances.  Going out "two stepping" is not required.

Any situations that have developed where there is stepping out on people, however, will result in definitive consequences when Venus stations retrograde on July 25.  Venus' retrograde between July 25 and September 6, 2015.

The skill this weekend is to uncomplicated things.  So, since I have been trying to write this report for over two hours, I will take the message, too, and sign off for this week.  As always, find beauty.