Saturday, July 11 - Sunday, July 12, 2015

Saturday: Third Quarter Moon Phase (revise, realign)

Sunday: Balsamic Moon Phase (release, dream)

Moon in Taurus/Gemini (Saturday 8:16 pm ET)

Goddess of Wisdom: Bagalamukhi (Goddess Who Solves)

God of Will: Ian (God of The East)

Skill: be receptive to realignment

True Alignments:  leaps ahead, flashes of inspiration, the power of voices, sharing projects/tasks/goals, stepping forward to carry the torch when your turn comes, pleasure, honesty, group efforts, background information, quiet time, strong and determined will, romantic expressions

Catalysts for Change: repression, feeling defeated or not having necessary abilities, insincerity, fear of change, support issues, rejection, fears about safety/security/vulnerability, too much noise, isolating, retreat, lost in fantasy, demanding, making something overly-complex, commitment issues, disguise, pretending to be something one isn't

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month:  "winter frost in woods"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

There is quite a marked difference between Saturday and Sunday's energies, but everything is building toward the exact square of the Sun and Uranus Sunday night at 11:00 pm ET/Monday at 3:00 am UT.

First, let's cover Saturday.  At the core, Saturday's energy is ethereal, receptive, dreamy, romantic, and imaginative.  Also, messages and insights are trying to reach us.  In most things, suspending expectations will go a long way on Saturday.  It's exceptionally creative energy, so something may be trying to come to life or be born for each of us.

But, a stronger energetic is over-ruling everything this weekend and this is the Sun square (making a 90 degree angle) with Uranus.  Things will turn a different way. Whatever way it turns, it is meant to be, you can be assured.

At the time of the square, the Sun will be located at 20 Cancer 25 and the Sabian symbol of "a prima donna singing."  This energy can bring extremes - extreme highs and extreme lows, which can take its toll.  It can make sleep elusive and produce high anxiety.  But what is really happening is that we are asked to let go of what inhibits or restricts our hearts.  Everything is best done from the heart, but when skilled singers sing from the heart, it is like the music of the spheres.  It awes and amazes.  It touches us at the deepest levels of our souls and we expand.

Uranus will be at 20 Aries 25 and the Sabian symbol of "a boxer entering the ring" which, of course, most Oracle Report readers know is the Eris Point (the degree where the planet Eris was located at discovery and the dissolving control system's favored frequency to manipulate).  The exact degree of the Eris Point is 20 Aries 36, so this square is only 11 arc minutes from the exact point.  You can't get much closer than that.

This is key point in time and a harbinger of what we can expect between July 15 and the end of December.  The New Moon in Cancer (a "cardinal" or "turning point" month) begins July 15, Venus will retrograde ten days later, and one day after Venus, Uranus will retrograde.  This weekend's events will re-connect directly with August 9-10, when Uranus will come back to where it is this weekend.  In other words, it will reactivate whatever is imprinted into the field now.  The energetic will activate once again after Uranus moves direct and comes back to this point on April 9, 2016.

So you see why this is a key point in time.

Water and fire are engaged with this dynamic, and Uranus brings accident-proneness, so take extra care and precaution this weekend.  Uranus is swift as lightning and packs a powerful boxer's punch.  Take it on the chin if he strikes.  He wants us to see something different - something new - and he will do what it takes to turn our heads that way. 

The Sun empowers.  Uranus realigns.  The Eris energy rebirths.  Sounds like renaissance to me.

Note: The latest episode of the "Parliament of Wise Owls: Evidence for the Second Renaissance" is posted here and below are the YouTube links and link to Sol's blog.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.