Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Crescent Moon Phase: challenge, persevere

Moon in Libra

Goddess of Wisdom: Dhumavati (Goddess Who Closes and Completes)

God of Desire/WIll: Kathe (God of The South)

Skill: light hearted and vigilant

Catalysts for Change:  (same as Tuesday) exploitation, control issues, backing self into a corner, taking away free will and choice, over-idealizing people/places/things, not seeing the reality of a situation, close-minded. reliance on the past, aggression, arguments

True Alignments: (same as Tuesday) composure, expressions of the heart, studying history or the history of how something developed to gain a solution, radical inspiration for creativity, free will and choice, maintaining equilibrium, tapping inner wisdom

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a woman and two men castaways on a small island in the South Seas" (unity)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

Wings of wise owls sway with the front of a breeze today, as heavier energetics prepare to enter tomorrow. 

A wave is building all day with the Moon loading toward opposition with Uranus.  As Uranus prepares to station retrograde on Sunday, it stands almost at full stationary stop (attention).  Uranus is actually beaming out the frequency of the archetypal energies of the planet Eris because Uranus is located at the degree (21 Aries) where the planet Eris was located when it was discovered.  The energetic frequency of 21 Aries is rebirth and renaissance and all things aligned with the value and love for life, including the life of our planet, Sophia, and everything within the her mind -- her dream.  It is the circle of life itself.  A beacon of this lights up with the Moon's exact opposition with Uranus overnight at 3:15 am ET/6:15 am UT (July 23) and ushers in a time of a grand drama in the dream we are all co-dreaming.

The themes of Uranus are: realignments toward what is better for us, change, surprise, shocks, electricity, being saved by our rejections and being placed exactly where we need to be.  This is the outcome, no matter what happens.  This is the guarantee of Uranus.

The mission today is to "float on the breeze," so to speak, and be as light as a feather.  This is a special skill because being "light-hearted" while at the same time being present and vigilant to changing dynamics requires the transcendence of fear.  "Light-hearted" and "fear" do not go hand in hand.  So anything that is trying to stir fear and direct our attention away from the REAL story of what's happening - unification.  Unification of all things is happening.  Unification of the hemispheres of our brains, unification with our inner masculine and feminine, unification of divine forces, unification of science and spirit, unification of creativity and is endless and miraculous.

Today we are going where the wind takes us, but we carry with us the knowledge of the sequence of energetics that are upcoming:

THURSDAY, JULY 23: Mercury conjuncts the Sun at "under stress blood rushes to a man's head" (we will want to control our reactions)

FRIDAY, JULY 24: Mars squares Uranus with Mars at "a prima donna singing" and Uranus at, of course, "a boxer entering the ring" (powerful voices unite to reach a higher level of understanding).  Heightened alert for this day since the last time a Mars was aspecting a masculine planet was last week with the opposition to Pluto and the attack in Tennessee.  Mars will square Uranus, another masculine energetic, but one that is walking alongside the Goddess energy because Uranus is at the Eris Point.

SATURDAY, JULY 25: Venus stations retrograde at "in a painting, the best features and traits of a man are idealized" (a process of recognizing our delusions and illusions about ourselves, others, and the world at large begins to unfold through September 6)

SUNDAY, JULY 26: Uranus stations retrograde at "a boxer entering the ring" (a process of rising above conflict to bring a better way begins to unfold through December 25/26)

To repeat, today we are going where the wind takes us, immersing ourselves in the natural world as much as possible, and wise to the times.

If needed, we can return to the space of last week's group meditation and reinforce that wave of love.  The meditation is posted below for quick reference:


  • Your shield of divine protection
  • Yourself taking flight as a wise owl
  • Yourself taking your place in a ring around the Earth with the other wise owls around the world
  • From your heart, emanate a wave of alignment with love, freedom, and the value of life
  • Feel the pulse circle as the music we are putting around our sphere
  • Repeat what you know in your heart: "Love prevails."

(Please modify this according to your own practice and style. )

Let's keep it real, but let's also keep it light.