Saturday, August 15 - Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Moon Phase: begin, intend

Moon in Virgo

Goddess of Wisdom: Bhairavi (Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart)

God of Desire/Will: Kathe (God of The South, God of Waves)

Skill:  keep an eye on the prize (maintain a positive attitude and watch as renaissance unfolds)

True Alignments: unity, balance, taking a chance, recognizing that there is no going back, combining the "established" and the "innovative," impressive demonstrations, bold, bringing things into equilibrium, ancestors, wisdom gained from past experience and practice, small tokens of affection, stopping something before it can turn into something bigger and possibly destructive

Catalysts for Change: divide and conquer, getting out of control or carried away, unable to move, self-neglect, arousing anger, showing off, tunnel vision, imbalance, wandering attention, trying to remain in the past, spiritual disconnection, projecting shadow sides onto others, hyper-critical, unimaginative, deconstructed

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

The fires of the New Moon in Leo entered yesterday and it is already shaping up to be wild:

1- DORMANT VOLCANO COTOPAXI IN ECUADOR ERUPTS: How interesting that on the eve of the Dormition of The Mother (which remains posted below), a DORMANT or sleeping volcano erupts!  Cotopaxi is a massive volcano with a unique equatorial glacier.  Cotopaxi is a Queche Maya amalgamation of words meaning "Shy Lady" and sometimes "The Neck of the Moon." 

It would seem Mother Earth reminds us (and more to the point, reminds those that seek her destruction) that she is not asleep nor is she weak.  The lunar month's energy of receiving messages, direction, and guidance is received loud and clear.

2- A STRONG TO EXTREME GEOMAGNETIC STORM IS IN EFFECT:  The K- index has jumped to 7+ (G3+), which is massive.  There is a gaping coronal hole on the Sun, but no sunspot activity to speak of.  But there's something special happening with the Sun as...

3- VENUS MAKES INFERIOR CONJUNCTION WITH THE SUN:  Venus, which is retrograde, will come directly between the Earth and the Sun on Saturday, exact conjunction or alignment is 3:21 pm ET/7:21 pm UT.  The conjunction is at 23 Leo and the Sabian symbol of "a bareback rider in a circus displays her dangerous skill."  Energy to masterfully defy the odds - defy the status quo or usual old way bursts onto the scene.  Courage abounds.  This contributes significantly to renaissance.

The conjunction of Venus and the Sun is only one degree off from the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on June 30/July 1, so the situations, circumstances, and events happening then are coming to another level or status now.

4- THE BLACK MOON MOVES TO THE LAST DEGREE OF VIRGO AND THE MOON HAS MOVED INTO VIRGO:  This makes for the last "Black Moon Days" or days when the fear shadows of personal "failures", vulnerability, distrust, and incapability are in full focus.  This won't happen again for 9 years, and I daresay that there will never be another transit of the Black Moon like the transit of the Black Moon as the November 26, 2014 - August 24, 2015 transit of the Black Moon through Virgo (more info in the Special Message for Virgos and Pisces on the homepage of oraclereport). 

The Moon will remain in Virgo, and thus complete the last stage of rebirth for those with the Sun or Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces, until Monday, August 17 at 4:23 pm ET/8:23 pm UT.  In general, it is a time when people tend to project their own fears and feelings onto others.

The last degree of Virgo is the Sabian symbol of "having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn't look to any distractions."  Help to stay on the true course if offered by...

5- JUPITER MOVING TO THE SECOND DEGREE OF VIRGO: And the answer to how to stay on true course comes from the Sabian symbol of "a large white cross dominating the landscape stands alone on top of a high hill."  Stay true to course by staying true to a higher spiritual power.  This is where we place our energy - not on fear.

More is developing, but we keep our aim high as the waves of energy come in this weekend.  And, as always, thank you for sending in snapshots of beauty as you encounter them.  Happy waves of love, everyone!