Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Moon Phase: begin, intend

Moon in Libra

Goddess of Wisdom: All (led by Shodashi, Goddess Who Aligns With the Soul's Intentions)

God of Will/Desire: Kathe (God of the South)

Skill: simplify the complexity

Catalysts for Change:  hovering in the background, feelings of not being worthy or good enough, trivial, afraid to speak up or join in, holding back what one has to offer, untruths, isolation, escapism, avoidance, sacrifices, running on empty, frustration, quitting, indecision

True Alignments: adding what one has to offer, socialization, team building, softening, endurance, recollections, reconstructions, rehearsals, making the best of what's around, like-minded people brought together, confidence, speaking up, imagination, pure intentions, wonder

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a girls basketball team"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

Yesterday's complex and intense energetics calm down somewhat today, as a theme of "simplicity" enters.  We aim for simplification within the complexity.

Three things will assist this:

SHARING (discussing) the situation with others

COMPROMISING with others

RESTORING THE FUN in whatever way we can.  The Sabian symbol for this lunar month is "a girls basketball team," and so far I have only discussed this from the competitive perspective.  Winning is great, but the real value is in enjoying playing the game with others.  Being part of a team that enjoys what it is doing is the best.

The notions of sharing with others and socializing repeats in several of the energetic signatures today.  The intention is to drive us toward what is comforting.  In doing so, we come into a state of "innocence" or "back to basics."  Keeping things simple and bringing them back to basics equalizes tension and intensity.  The last few days have been energetically tense!

 Today we are guided toward authenticity, and the things that come from it are seeds of the Second Renaissance.  Where can you simplify?

(A comment on the "Assessment of the Deconstruction" - Yesterday was the second of three opportunities this solar-lunar year where the potential for nefarious activities to take power and control over the collective of humanity is at maximum.  It looks like V for victory for Team Gaia Sophia, once again, but I am not ready to call it yet.  The Moon will oppose Uranus today at 2:28 pm ET/6:28 pm UT at the degree of the next New Moon, the New Moon in Libra, and the Sabian symbol of "a Jewish rabbi performing his duties."  This New Moon phase ends overnight Wednesday, so we remain aware.  The third opportunity comes with the New Moon in Libra on October 12.

A note to those with the Sun or Black Moon in Aries or Libra: Today is a "Black Moon day," since the Moon is in Libra and the Black Moon is in Libra.  Over the next nine months, a rebirth of your entire self is happening.  It can feel like a dark night of the soul, but it is actually an adventure of the soul.  It goes into deep territory -- into our fears and into a face-to-face encounter with our true selves.  Ideas about worthiness accompany this because the transit is designed to help us see the totality and value of ourselves.  It challenges beliefs.  It is wise to surrender to what is being revealed, as resisting it only makes it harder on ourselves.  The goal is to, as best we can, embrace the experience as an adventure that will yield a great reward.  This is the hero's journey.

And, here's an experiment:  The Wisdom Goddesses offer this "sonic remedy" for aiding in making the complex simple.  If something is stumping you or seems irreconcilable, try listening to Chopin's Twelve Etudes, Opus 10, No 9 in F Minor.)