Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Gemini

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill:  watch carefully, think twice before responding or reacting, release a burden

True Alignments:  ancestry, guidance, relatable, the power of the imagination, independence, realistic, assistance, going above and beyond, sharing burdens or responsibilities, hope, permanence, mobilization, ease and easing in to something, calm, stabilized, deep, expression of the true self, self defense, ability to adjust, releasing emotional build up, regaining

Catalysts for Change:  emotions and other things that have been held in, cover ups, destruction of weak or corrupt foundations or structures, highest levels of anger, aggression, road rage and other warlike behavior, projection of the shadow side, deep depression, deception, creating or engaging in drama, plastic or fake, un-relatable, despair, disappointment (is someone doing the best they can under the circumstances), contempt, hyper masculine, overdoing escape (especially through alcohol)

LAURA SURPRISE GUEST ON PHOENIX RISING RADIO LAST NIGHT:  I discussed today's Mars-Pluto conjunction in relation to the last conjunction in November 2014, the US presidential candidates' charts at the time of the debate tonight, revelations that have come to light under this lunar cycle's "three masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery" Sabian symbol, and a few mini readings for callers.

Wise owls, let's look at today from two perspectives: the mundane/practical level and then the higher/spiritual level.


In many ways we are like "the walking clueless" today, with energetic whiplash of coming out of the Full Moon phase and into the Disseminating Moon phase.  Since this Full Moon was so very strong, its release leaves the psyche and the body a bit stunned.  So it may feel like walking around in the fog or flying around in the clouds.  That said, here are the other practical things to know about today, with the Mars-Pluto conjunction.

1- INCREASED ANGER LEVELS - The combination of Mars and Pluto brings the highest and the lowest manifestations of the masculine.  Aggression, violence, road rage, and warlike behavior is naturally incited (or unnaturally enhanced), so we want to practice patience, move to the side and think twice before reacting or responding, and use our best discernment with things.

We are aware that with conjunctions of planets comes electric ripples on Earth.  Mars and Pluto are making conjunction in Capricorn, an earth sign, so earthquake potential is quite high (and already evidenced over the past few day as the conjunction has built).

2- LIES, LIES, LIES...NO!  Venus moves to 02 Sagittarius, "the ocean covered with whitecaps."  This energetic goes deep to uncover the deepest deceptions.  Things get stirred up so that they can come up, and Mars and Pluto are seeing to it that this is so.  Healing is underway.  The energetic also brings heightened agitation, frustration, or anxiety (and, incidentally, often turns to alcohol for relief, "firewater" being its preference, since it is water imagery in the fire sign of Sagittarius).

3- STOP AND THINK TWICE BEFORE SPEAKING OR WRITING - This is part of the theme of increased anger levels but deserves special attention.  This is because Mercury is at 21 Libra, opposite the Eris Point of 21 Aries.  When this degree is highlighted, the potential to speak and react to anything that feels like an "attack" or engages our instincts is hard to control.  It is better to sit with it and carefully consider before responding to impulses.  If this is happening for you today, try hard to fully consider the consequences.  And do something physical to release the energy that your "inner boxer" wants to deliver.  Let it out of your body.  Don't be played by the energy.

4- DON'T GO OUT ON THIN ICE - The Moon will oppose Saturn today, discharging the energetic of "children skating on ice."  Again, this imagery cautions us against being rash or reckless.  Make sure you case is strong before rushing in.  Things may need time to "cool off" before making any moves or judgments.  This imagery also encourages us to "skate" over difficulties and to do something fun.  Doing something fun is a good way to counter all of the not-so-fun parts of a Mars-Pluto conjunction.


1- RELEASE BURDEN OR WORRY - Mars and Pluto are pulling in the energetics of Uranus, which is discharging "a woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable, but veiled load."  This energetic is one of the main reasons so many things are coming to light right now.  The wisdom of this symbol is quite clear: release. 

Specifically, this relates to anything that is holding us back, weighing us down, burdening us, keeping us in the dark, or is too much to carry.  It may well be guilt and shame.  Regardless, these are things that may have affected our behavior, and it has probably been noticeable to everyone but ourselves.  This implies denial.

The higher octave of these strong energetics wants things to come to light so that they can be released, and, finally, healed.

These are big things -- monumental things, with Saturn discharging "the pyramids and the Sphinx."

Where do we release or put these burdens or worries, where do they go?

We send them to Higher Powers, Source, Spirit, God, Angels, or however you conceptualize it.  It's "all of the above" and, in truth, today's energetics seek to bring things together.  It looks like divide and conquer out there, but what is really happening is shaping things up, spiffy-ing them up, and clearing them out so that the beauty of humanity is free to be.  We are like an ancient, forgotten monument that was covered behind lavish jungle overgrowth.  Now, the field around it is being cleared so that its mysteries can be uncovered. 

What sort of wisdom is in store for us?  We have our wise owl eyes peeled for it today.