Monday, October 24, 2016

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise; realign

Moon in Leo

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings; Dhumavati, Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Elias, God of the West

Skill:  look beyond appearances or outbursts to see a deeper cause or value

True Alignments:  balance, skillfully navigating the emotional field, creativity, inner changes bringing outer results, the essence of things, appreciation, reallocating, interpretation and innovation, achievement, ability to shift and adjust, influential, re-framing a situation or changing perspective, seeing through

Catalysts for Change:  imbalance, overload, disappointment, impatient and trying to move things forward while they are still in process, over-disclosing or disclosing in an unsafe environment, looks good on the outside, but..., outbursts, tension, nervousness and anxiety, insomnia, thinking one knows it all, uncontained, unleashing, lashing out

When Elsie Wheeler channeled each of the Sabian symbols to astrologer Marc Edmund Jones in Balboa Park in San Diego in 1925, she did not know which degree of the zodiac she was channeling.  Jones recorded the images as she saw them, shuffling and reshuffling index cards with a pre-written degree of the zodiac on each as they went along.

She did not know that the symbols for 2 Scorpio and 2 Taurus, the degrees of the Sun and Earth today, respectively, were the same energetic, relatively.  Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs, with 2 Scorpio being opposite 2 Taurus in the zodiac.  But the themes for both of these degrees are very much the same.  This happens with several of the symbols, with their opposite degree being a similar energetic.

(It also happens with consecutive symbols, as we saw last week when Mercury discharged 18 Libra, "two men placed under arrest," and then 19 Libra, "a gang of robbers in hiding."  These are variations on a theme.)

The energetic that the Sun and the Earth are releasing through 8:00 pm ET/midnight UT is the energetic of things reaching their breaking point.  Things that have built up or concentrated suddenly rise up or burst out.  The Sun is discharging the degree of "a broken bottle and spilled perfume," and the Earth is discharging the degree of "an electrical storm."  Both symbols relate to things snapping, lighting off, breaking loose, breaking apart, splitting up, spilling out, and spilling over.

On a more subtle level, these two symbols also involve the idea of appearances and things not being what may at first seem.  So the story does not end with the bottle being broken and things being released, nor does it end in the flash of emotion.  These are beginnings.  Things are released or come out or spark off so that a deeper truth can be revealed.  The outcome is not on the outburst; the outburst is (merely) the catalyst.

The "outburst" is often hard to control because it is the forces of nature (gravity, electricity) that are directing it.  Still, cooler heads can prevail, especially when one understands the "set up" of the energetics. 

What is the heart of the matter?

We can figure it out, as Mercury provides mental sharpness and insight, discharging "three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher's head."  The Sun discharged this on Friday.  In the report on Friday, I asked what three things you valued most or are most important to you?  How do those answers play into what spills on to the scene today?

What comes up comes up from the depths and with magnitude, as Venus infuses "deep within the depths of the earth, new elements are being formed."  What "wells up" comes from deep places.  It may even be quite "old" or not even related to the event that appears to be the catalyst.

Even though the elements or issues of situations may be long-standing or "old,"  they are "reborn" today, as they are recombined (alchemized) into NEW insights, NEW awareness, NEW responses, and NEW ideas.  This is a result of inner changes that have occurred (primarily during this lunar month, which began on September 30).

We remember that a lunar month is ruled by the theme of the Sabian symbol for the degree of the New Moon for that month.  This month, the Libra cycle, the New Moon occurred at 9 Libra: "three old masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery."  The "masters" are shining light today, highlighting situations in our lives and in the world that we need to see and understand.  Important or special things are being represented or exhibited or displayed for us.

After 8:00 pm ET/midnight UT, the Sun will begin to discharge the energetics of cooperation, like-mindedness, and even, surprisingly, celebration.  Remember that the story doesn't end today with the eruptions.  The eruptions lead us to something productive.

It might be a raging tempest of an electromagnetic storm with lingering effects today, but brilliance is at hand and clearing is imminent.  We will "keep it real" by keeping cool wise owl heads, and looking deeper for the true message.