Friday, October 28, 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase: release; dream; prepare for the new

Moon in Libra

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings; Matangi, Goddess of the Wind, Goddess Who Clears the Way

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Elias, God of the West, God of Alchemy

Skill: make a change that is needed, listen to the inner voice

True Alignments:  helping others, self-respect, able to go deeply with someone, good riddance, wonderment, open to the new, revising, mettle, putting down a battle, 2018 foreshadowed to some degree, admitting things to oneself that need to be recognized

Catalysts for Change:  escapism, old stories, poor loser, prejudice, not helpful, afraid to look within, depending too heavily on outer signs and minimizing inner promptings, fear of change, lack or loss of self esteem or self worth, indecision, blocked emotions, miscommunications and misunderstandings (the Sun and Mercury are still in range of conjunction)

When the New Moon for a lunar month occurs in the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn, major shifts occur within our lives and within the world at large.  These are the "cardinal points" of the year, just like a compass with the four directions, and just like a Medicine Wheel with the four corners.

As we come to the last days of this Libra lunar cycle, we have a final push to turn a corner or make a change (or having a corner turned on you or someone making a change that turns your corner).  Light has shone brightly all month to help us see and shift (New Moon at "three masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery").

The Moon has returned to Libra, where it started off the month, and the energetics are now doubling their efforts toward major shift.

The astrology further reveals that A SPIRITUAL ALIGNMENT WITH DESTINY is underway, as Neptune and the Nodes are preparing for an epic aspect next Thursday, November 3.  The hand of a higher power is at work to guide the collective of humanity toward its proper course, as the energetic of "an aviator in the clouds" is activating.

We are being brought through whatever has been unclear, in the way, shadowed, clouded, nebulous, uncertain, foggy, illusive, elusive, hidden, covered up, or blinded.

How is this happening for you?

When Neptune is involved, things can be highly complex and much more complicated than with any other planet because Neptune only reveals things when it is ready.  Until then, we are walking around in the mists.  But when it is ready (which is when we are ready), look out, because the mists will part suddenly, and we are left with the bare truth.  Neptune, at his highest octave, brings full clarity.

The Wisdom Goddesses wish for us to take this message inside of ourselves today.  In other words, to hold the words inside and let them gently blow around like clouds blown by a gentle breeze.  Matangi, the name of the Wisdom Goddess assisting Kali today, is the Maori word for "gentle breeze."

Matangi can be gentle or she can blow away.  It depends on the intention behind something.

As we let the main message for today flow like wispy clouds trying to capture the old ways, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that hold us back or limit us, we see the following things coming and going:

1 - CHASING BIGGER AND BETTER - This will not work out well, unless we are making a change that is congruent with our self-worth and denotes a stand of self-respect.  In this way, of course the option would be toward bigger and better because the current state does not serve. (Sun at "a gold rush tears men away from their native soil.")

2 - LEAVING THE PAST BEHIND - We can't stay "in the clouds" forever because our "airplane" will run out of fuel (unless it has some cool tech!).  We want to build a bridge for ourselves into new territory -- out of the old. We want to change a pattern or loop of behavior.  The past gives us the answers we need.  We can move forward from there.  (Venus at a widow's past is brought to light," the Earth at "a bridge being built across a gorge", and Saturn at "the ground hog looking for its shadow on Ground Hog Day.")

3 - DEEP - It has been pretty "deep" lately, and today is no different, with energetics telling us to look within.  (The Sun moving later to "deep sea divers" and the Earth to "a woman of Samaria comes to draw water from the well.")

4- SURRENDER - "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." -Reinhold Niebuhr, and adopted by AA and Al Alon.  (Mars at "a general accepting defeat gracefully.")

One other thing, Venus and Saturn are moving into conjunction and will be in exact conjunction when the New Moon in Scorpio enters this Sunday, October 30th.  This brings a rectification within personal and professional relationships.  The conjunction will occur at "the ground hog looking for its shadow on Ground Hog Day."  The "shadows" (shadow sides) that have kept the same patterns repeating ad infinitum in relationships can no longer be.  Ground Hog Day is trying to end.

It has been an intense week, hasn't it?  The astrology is acute!  Yesterday was a bombardment with the Sun-Mercury conjunction at " a massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea."  I hope you fared well. 

Let's leave the sea and take to the air today like aviators in the clouds.