Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere through challenges; aim for ease

Moon in Scorpio (Sagittarius October 5 4:26 am ET/8:26 am UT)

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill: look for openings

True Alignments:  release, defusing a situation, solutions found in making things simpler, advice and seeking an expert, making amends, minimizing damage, hope restored, mysteries, making preparations, an opportunity that just "blows in"

Catalysts for Change:  dashed hopes, broken but able to be restored, fear of the unknown, repressing feelings, outbursts or tantrums, anger coming to the surface, generalized anger that seeks outlet, bullying, lazy, afraid to make any moves, worry (it will do no good and is not required for a positive outcome)

Wise owls, over the next three days, the Crescent Moon phase, some heavy-duty astrological energetics are in effect.  This means some heavy-duty things will happen in the world and, to some degree, in our individual lives.

Things may seem like they are not making sense today.  But, underneath it all, Spirit (the "three masters" in the Sabian symbol for this solar-lunar month) attempts to help us "master" or more fully understand something.  We see the big picture, which is a very wise place to be during times of tumult and shift.

Let's run down the Sabian symbols for the day to ascertain the nature of what we can expect:

1- BLOWING - Blowing off, blowing smoke, and blowing up comes with the Sun discharging "children blowing soap bubbles."  (We certainly had something blown in our eyes, with the WikiLeaks turn of events.)

Blowing bubbles is a whimsical thing to do, but this energy can be frustrating if practicality is needed or if something needs to be completed. 

This energetic involves things that are fleeting.  It is hard to get a grip or hold on to something because it seems to fade quickly (especially creative thoughts and ideas, so try to note them as soon as possible). 

With focus, it is easy to recreate something that seems to have been lost.

The Earth is discharging "a bomb which has failed to explode is now safely concealed."  (It would seem that something has been concealed from us, for the "safety" of others, with the WikiLeaks turn of events.)

Experience shows us with the energetic of "a bomb which has failed to explode is now safely concealed" that there are things that need to be released, as there is pressure building up.  Things that have been suppressed REALLY want to come out with this energetic, and so they are concealed only for so long.  Secrets ARE NOT safe for any length of time under this frequency of energy.

2 - REPAIRS - Today Venus discharges "telephone linemen at work installing new connections."  This energetic is all about repairs with communications, so no matter what is being "safely concealed" from discussion (through deception, omission, ignorance, or manipulation), it is undergoing restoration, and the issues will come out.  New connections, new understandings, new lines of interest, and new directions are developing.  (New mindsets can be installed!)

3 - A KEYSTONE - Around 5:00 pm ET/9:00 pm UT, Mars will move to 06 Capricorn: "ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods."  Tomorrow, Mars will square Jupiter at this degree, so the ten logs may multiply to one hundred or more.  Jupiter is limitless. 

This symbol speaks to having the necessary resources for the future, which has indications of being, at the very least, a magical mystery tour, and at the very most, a time of inky darkness.  The logs can fuel a fire, mark a path, build a structure, and many other things.

Ten is the energetic of destruction.  This symbol could be reinterpreted as "the destruction of hierarchies that lead humanity away from the forces of nature."  How would you reinterpret it?

Archways, or the heights or apexes of things, require a keystone in order to maintain structure and cohesion.  The missing piece to what we need to reach a point of something or maintain our structure and cohesion is shown to us today.  This is a sacred thing.

Tomorrow, Venus and the Black Moon make conjunction.  Mars and Jupiter will make a square.  The Sun and Pluto will be building toward a square.  So the energetics will be quite intense through Wednesday.

Today is still a Black Moon day, with the Moon and Black Moon in Scorpio, with anger, grief, and shadow sides coming to the surface.  This timeframe ends when the Moon enters Sagittarius overnight at 4:26 am ET.  Please see Sunday's report on the home page of for more information.  Hang in there, wise owls with the Sun, Black Moon, or Chiron is Taurus or Scorpio!

An archway (gateway) is opening to lead us to a new way of experiencing life.  Let's pick up what we need today and enter.

UPDATE ON TRANSITION TO SUBSCRIPTIONS:  Over the weekend, it became clear that a new email service was needed.  We now have this, and are preparing the test email.  This is scheduled to be tested today.  Stand by, wise owls, but do not worry.  I will continue to post the report here until it is running smoothly.  You won't miss a day.