Saturday, October 8 - Sunday, October 9, 2016

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out of comfort zone

Moon in Capricorn

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the Wes

Skill:  choose from below

True Alignments:  ventures and adventures, opening up or coming clean, respect, self care, not conforming, courage, communicating thoughts and ideas with others, releasing a struggle, quiet time, objectivity, inner calm, transmissions, waiting for all of the information, regaining

Catalysts for Change:  tricks, pulled into dark activities, feeling stuck, gossip, breaking a confidence, copping out, pushing oneself too hard, painting a false picture of a situation, arrested development, believing things will never be as good as they were, harsh self-criticism, neglect, placing restrictions and conditions

Well, how did that Sun-Pluto square treat you yesterday? 

Compared to the past week, the planets are quite calm this weekend.


1- REFLECTING; OBSERVING THE COMINGS AND GOINGS OF LIFE - The Sun is discharging "a retired sea captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbor."  When this energetic is in effect, people, places, and things "leave" our lives, and people, places, and things "enter" our lives.  We tend to recollect or look back on memories.  Also, if excitement or a feeling of being "alive" is missing from our experience, we often look back into the past for it.  It is a better idea to think of how the sea captain in this symbol is retired.  He misses his old life, but he is wiser to accept a new era of his life, using his time to follow his heart's desires to make his life more fulfilling now.  The sea captain finds the inner Renaissance Man/Woman.

2- LOOSEN UP - The Earth is discharging the energetic of "two prim spinsters sitting together in silence."  This symbol involves opening up to new people, places, and themes, echoing the wisdom of the Sun discharging the "sea captain" energy.  Emotional blockages, walls, and barriers want to come down with this degree of the zodiac.  Branch out (which is the missive of First Quarter Moon phase).

3- CHATTER, CONVERSATIONS, AND BACKGROUND NOISE - Venus is discharging "a parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has overheard," while Mars continues to discharge "birds in a house singing happily."  Birds, birds, birds.  Birds represent spiritual messengers.  What is "spoken" this weekend has impact.  Spirit "transmits" information to use through the voices of the birds and bards and the things that we happen to overhear.  We want to turn our listening skills "up to 11," vigilant for key pieces of information.  (On the macro level, the theme of war is being "chatted up" dramatically.)

The Moon will conjunct Pluto Saturday night at 9:57 pm ET/Sunday morning at 1:57 am UT.  This combo will trigger or re-activate things that were in effect with yesterday's Sun-Pluto square.  It may be helpful to go back and read yesterday's Oracle Report and "reflect" like the sea captain, and see how we now feel about the things that are being affected.  Friday's report remains posted below and on the Home page of  Yesterday was a pivotal day.


1- STOPPED; PAUSING BEFORE REACTING - The Sun is discharging "two men placed under arrest."  When this symbol is in effect, we can be very critical of ourselves and very critical of others.  It is important not to "jump the gun" or react too soon with things.  More things may be revealed before the final outcome occurs.  Self-sabotage and feeling stuck is somewhat heightened when a planet discharges this degree.  We also see the beliefs, feelings, and situations that no longer serve or provide anything positive.

2- GIVING YOURSELF A BREAK - The Earth is discharging "an empty hammock," which always reminds us to take time out.  The energy asks us to detach from pressures and responsibilities for a while and recharge.  We have several planets in cardinal signs, which means changes are afoot this month.  Changes require energy, so refueling is advised.

3- PARTING DARKNESS, IGNORANCE, AND HOPELESSNESS - Venus discharges the energetic of "a woman drawing aside two dark curtain that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway."  Long time readers of Oracle Report remember this Sabian symbol well.  The courage, will, and desire to enlarge our perceptions and experiences comes from something that clears the way, especially if that way has been unknown or hidden from us.  We finally have the "eyes to see."  Revelations are timed to certain energetics of degrees of the zodiac, and this one is a particularly potent one.  Mysteries are revealed or solved.  Obstacles are removed.  Energy to continue on is restored.  Faith carries us through.

ON BOTH DAYS, Mercury discharges light on Saturday with "the dawn of a new day reveals everything changed," and on Sunday with "a group of young people sit in spiritual communion around a campfire."  This month we have the "three masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery."  The Masters of Light are displaying and exhibiting their skill with the use of light all month long.  This weekend, they have the light on day and night.

We'll keep the lights on here, too.  This is a lot of information to process at once, so revisit it now and again this weekend, and take it in pieces.  What you get out of this report will change throughout the weekend.  Layers of light are intended.  To some degree they are "time coded" for different understanding at different times.  I hope you have a multi-dimensional experience with this report, as we watch the comings and goings of the times.

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The daily posts will remain public for a few more days until everyone is on board.  Thank you all for your patience with this behemoth transition.  Overall, I am pretty happy with how it has progressed.  Andrew and I discuss the behind the scenes "activities" that have taken place FOR OVER A YEAR to prevent this in the audio recording that is posted on the subscriber site.  The link to go there is in the Welcome email.  It will shed more light on just how wonderful the parliament of wise owls is.

Happy weekend, everyone!