Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Third Quarter Moon Phase: completion,  responsibility

Moon in Sagittarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Wind

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

Skill: open to receiving

True Alignments:  practical, seeing true worth, the power to analyze, lessons and learning, willingness, freshening things up, guardianship, loyalty, standing up, secrets revealed, losing illusions, faith, protected, objectivity, seeing alternatives

Catalysts for Change:  exposed, harshness, commitment and/or fidelity issues, disloyal, testing others, judgmental, condescension, not providing for oneself, nosey, violations, intentions of dragging someone down, pressure to perform, difficulty seeing one's blessings, fear of rejection

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "a large white dove bearing a message" (important information offered)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres" (recalibration of the consciousness of the collective of humanity)

The Third Quarter Moon phase (aka the Last Quarter Moon Phase) begins today, ushering a three plus day time frame that favors completing things, tying things up, and accepting personal responsibility. Third Quarter Moon phases flood the field with the energy to do our best. The solar-lunar month is in its closing out time, which means that this month's theme of important information being offered to us is also nearing deadline.  The large white dove (Spirit) is working overtime to get it done.

There are a few things that may be helpful to know:

1- DYNAMICS OF THE SACRED MASCULINE STRONGLY IN EFFECT with gale force winds.  As I consider the energetics right now, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are dominating the scene, and it would be hard to say which is the main player.  In hyper-focus is Mars, as this Third Quarter Moon phase sees Mars in its final five days of its transit through Scorpio.  It takes Mars about 58 days to move through one sign of the zodiac, so since January 4, 2016, Mars has been in Scorpio.  Mars rules energy levels, initiative, leadership, new ideas, strikes and striking new paths, anger, war, the head, impulsivity, decisiveness, assertiveness, and masculinity among many other things. 

Mars is the original ruler of Scorpio, so it is at home in Scorpio, but Pluto is now considered the dominant ruler of Scorpio.  The combination of the two planets being associated with Scorpio makes Mars in Scorpio quite "scorpionic."  People have a tendency to lash out.  It can get down and dirty, going into the Underworld, which is ruled by Scorpio.

Wise owls are aware of the heightened potential for conflict or warlike/aggressive  responses within our personal lives and within the world at large while Mars speeds out of Scorpio.  We are also aware of the clear and pure energy to leave any darkness of the Underworld behind and come to a higher level of understanding or awareness or action.  Ultimately, Mars in Scorpio desires to transcend.

2- DYNAMICS OF THE SACRED FEMININE SHIFT toward refreshment and nurturance, with the Black Moon moving to the 22nd degree of Libra today at 10:58 am ET/3:58 pm UT.  The Sabian symbol or energetic frequency of 22 Libra is "a child giving birds a drink at a fountain."  With its movement to 22 Libra, the Black Moon completes its opposition with the Eris Point - the energy of rebirth and revolution (Sabian symbol of "a boxer entering the ring").  If you have read my book on Eris (free on the Books tab), you know that this is the energetic the Illuminati used to use to forward control agendas.

The Black Moon now moves from activation (by opposition or 180 degrees) of the "boxer in a ring" energetic to "the gate to the garden of all unfulfilled desires."  We like this one.  Are we ready to open the gate.  I believe so.  This "gate" is open until March 9th.  What do you desire?  Open up to it.

3- DYNAMICS OF JUDGMENT, PRESSURE, ALERTNESS, AND SACRIFUCE are weaving throughout the day with:

THE SUN at "an examination of initiates in the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood" (judgment)

THE EARTH at "a bride with her veil snatched away" (pressure)

VENUS at "a watchdog standing guard, protecting his master and his possessions" (alertness)

MERCURY at "a man turning his back on his passions teaching deep wisdom from his experience" (sacrifice)

MARS at "an Indian woman pleading for the lives of her children" (sacrifice)

4- DYNAMICS TO ANALYZE AND RESTRUCTURE BASED ON WORTHINESS OR APPROPRIATENESS are provided with the Moon's conjunction with Saturn today (exact conjunction at 2:15 pm ET/7:15 pm UT).  The conjunction occurs at 16 Sagittarius and energetic of "seagulls flying around a ship looking for food."  With the above dynamics of judgment (including self-judgment), pressure, alertness, and sacrifice in effect, we want to align with true value and true values, not scraps or mediocrity.  Situations should be viewed in light of what is in the highest and best interests of ourselves and others.

It is a complex day and a complex Moon phase.  Let's open to taking delivery of the messages that come with it from the large white dove of Spirit.