Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Disseminating Moon Phases: share, communicate

Moon in Capricorn

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta, Goddess Who Expands the Mind

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East

Skill:  complete or revise things

True Alignments: realizations, improvements to situations, fixing damage, acceptance, release from stress, spreading joy, decorative, finding one's place, self-empowered, knowledge, solutions, inventing ways, prevention, adjusted expectations

Catalysts for Change:  pollution and polluted thoughts, unrealistic, false pretenses, superficial, self-centered, emotional downers, feelings of defeat, against better judgment, dishonor, feeling wiped or wiped out, disappointment and despair (another side will soon become visible), stressors

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month and Year: "the magic carpet of Oriental imagery" (transcending)

Today we prepare ourselves for a powerful Mercury retrograde tomorrow.  Mercury will station retrograde (appear to move backward in the sky) at 1:20 pm ET/8:20 am PT/ 5:20 pm UT.

Mercury will station retrograde at 24 Taurus and the Sabian symbol energetic (frequency of life) of "an Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging at his belt."  As I mentioned during my impromptu call on Phoenix Rising Radio last night (posted here at and at Phoenix's Soundcloud archive at, the Sabian symbols are not "politically correct." But political correctness is an agenda to control freedom of expression.

Nevertheless, Mercury will be retrograde until May 22, 2016, which also happens to be the day the Black Moon moves into Scorpio.  So May 22 will be an extremely intensive day with strong energetics.

The Sabian symbol or energetic frequency of the Indian warrior riding with scalps is rather graphically violent, but if we delve a little deeper we find a deeper meaning.  Perhaps he is riding with renewed vigor because he has opened up his mind.  Perhaps he has freed himself from the restrictions of his mind, and now they are falling down or hanging at his side.  Perhaps he has removed what holds him back and has fastened all of it into something that sustains or holds up (a "belt").

The Moon will conjunct Pluto (transformation), square Uranus (radical change), and trine the North Node (destiny) at 5:20 am ET/2:20 am PT/9:20 UT, just a few hours before Mercury stations direct.  I will go into this more tomorrow.

Today, the energetics follow these themes:

1- REAL v FAKE - The Sun is discharging the energetic of "a Christmas tree decorated."  The pagan origins of Christmas trees are related to preserving and honoring a part of nature in the coldest of times.  This symbol has a polarity of pretense (and things being just for show) and the real joys of sharing and celebration.  What is lasting and what is superficial is evident with this energetic.

2- REPAIRS - The Earth is discharging the dynamic of "a dentist at work."  Repairing damage, reaching a point where action is needed, learning to cope, and the precision or accuracy that enables us to fix something comes with this.  This energetic also features going farther into something.  Does something in your life call for repair?

3- MAKING REALITY OUT OF DREAMS - A special configuration occurs today: Venus makes opposition with the Black Moon.  Venus is like a sister to the Black Moon.  Venus is the only planet that exalts the Black Moon energetic on contact.  Beautiful things happen when Venus and the Black Moon interact.  True loves meet or are reunited.  Rewards are bestowed.  Full light to see the reality of situations is amplified.  Worthy causes come to a new level.

The degrees of the zodiac involved with this aspect are Venus at "a large disappointed audience" and the Black Moon at "a man in deep gloom, unnoticed, angels come to his help."  I have found these two energetics to be emotionally challenging because we keenly feel our perceived failures.  Our hopes or expectations can be dashed and we can go into dark territory in our minds.  The symbols tell us that even in times of darkness (or especially in times of darkness), we are not alone.

The only other "drawback" with the Venus-Black Moon opposition is the proclivity for relationships that no longer serve anyone's highest and best interests to come to an end.  This is always for the best of everyone involved, even if it doesn't feel like it at the time. 

But, overall, Venus-Black Moon aspects are quite beneficent for aligning us with what is fulfilling.

Tomorrow is likely to be rather hectic or chaotic with the Mercury stationing retrograde (as is always the case when a planet stations retrograde).  Mercury's retrograde at such a "charged" Sabian symbol energetic may activate conflict and aggression.  Orthodox Good Friday follows the day after and May Day is on its way, so potential for Illuminati hijinks and operations is higher.

Let's take measures today to be able to glide on our magic carpet for the adventure tomorrow.