Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere

Moon in Cancer/Leo 5:32 pm ET/9:32 pm UT

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Tara, Goddess Who Guides

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East

Skill:  persevere

True Alignments: outlets for emotions, satisfaction, allowing time, braving or weathering a storm, determination, mission, rising above something through spiritual awareness, guidance, hitting the mark, encouraged, willingness, confidence in the cycles of life, group efforts, peace

Catalysts for Change:  exploiting situations, warring, angry outbursts or explosions, deep sadness, worrying, inconsolable, feeling lost, unacceptable, attempts to intimidate, missing the mark, hopelessness about the future, hardship

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "a symbolic battle between swords and torches" (the might of light)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the magic carpet of Oriental imagery" (transcending worries and challenges; transcending the collapsing control paradigm)

This lunar month, the month that began with the New Moon in Taurus on May 6, is like a month-long Crescent Moon phase. 

In the parallel of the cycle of the growth of a plant from a seed, Crescent Moon phase is the time when the seed that has "popped open" in the soil makes its way through the darkness, heading for the surface and into the light of day. 

Crescent phase is the journey to break through to another place of existence (or state of being).

It is the most challenging time of the cycle.  Many give up on the hopes, wishes, dreams, intentions, and goals they set last lunar month, the month that began with the New Moon in Aries (the first sign and the first month of the new solar-lunar year, April 6 - May 5). 

We can easily forget that the seed will not grow or ever have the opportunity to flower if the seed had not made its way through the darkness of the soil in which it was planted.

The seed understands that it is only natural to go through a brief time of darkness before it reaches the light.  It operates, without question, not on faith, but on the full understanding of the process .  No leap of faith is required when one understands the way nature works: plant and water a seed, provide sunlight toward which it can aim, and it will break through the surface to grow.

The same is true for us.  Crescent phases challenge us.  Difficulties, worries, and obstacles can create seemingly-insurmountable walls.  The tendency to struggle can easily set in.  And then we give up.  The magical dreams for the new year wither.

If we give up now on anything that we hoped, wished, dreamed, or intended for our future, we abandon wisdom.  It is NATURAL to feel a sense of struggle and even despair right now because we are in the metaphysical time when Spirit asks us to believe -- not to have faith, but to BELIEVE.  We know the way a plant grows.  We know the cycle.  So how hard is it to believe?

It can be very hard when you are part of a traumatized species that has unlearned that it too is a part of the natural cycles of the Earth.  We have mass Stockholm Syndrome with the Archons, our perpetrators.

However, like the seed breaking through the soil to the light of day, we are throwing off the dark archontic influences and transcending.  We will become beanstalks, sunflowers, roses, oak trees, willows, bamboo, and great pines- human style.

Do not give up.  The mission for Crescent phase is to persevere.

To help, and to navigate through the soil today, here are the primary energetics in effect:

1- SUN: "a white dove flying over troubled waters" (rise above worries and troubles)

2- EARTH: "hunters shooting wild ducks" (aggression, hyper-masculinity)

3- VENUS: "a man with a rakish silk hat muffled against the cold braves a storm" (be determined, weathering emotional storms)

4- MERCURY (RETROGRADE): "a woman airing an old bag through a sunny window" (airing and clearing out; the Sun was just here - what does this image look like to you today?  Does it look like it did a couple of days ago when it was activated?)

5- BLACK MOON: "mankind's vast enduring effort to reach for knowledge transferable from generation to generation" (knowledge, creating something lasting; this is the last day that the Black Moon will discharge this degree.  Tomorrow it moves to the last degree of Libra, much to the relief of those with the Sun, Black Moon, or Chiron in Aries or Libra.  Almost there, ya'll.)

6- JUPITER: "a family tree" (Jupiter stationed retrograde yesterday.  During its retrograde it strengthened real, true traditions - traditions based in harmony and alignment with harmony and the value of the human experience.  Our roots run deeper.)

The magic carpet ride of the Solar-Lunar Year of 2016-17 has only just begun.  It promises adventure.  Don't bail out on it now under the perceived struggle that is part of the energy.  Hold on tighter and remember that a Higher Power has a dream for us.