Monday, June 20, 2016

Full Moon Phase: full light; clarity, realizations

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: all

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: all

Skill: open to higher forces; inner self standing up or coming forth; activating

True Alignments: expansion, life-changing truth-seeing, inner call to action, letting it be, ideals, divine intervention, evolution of consciousness

Catalysts for Change: rigidly holding on to a thought/belief/feeling that is no longer in the highest and best interest, outbursts and freak outs (it's ok- something is trying to change), accusations, turning "empowerment" into nothing but another control issue

Today's report is abbreviated. In addition to the following information, listening or re-listening to the Sunday report may be helpful in hindsight. Much of what I discussed involves the Full Moon phase 

It's the Full Moon and Solstice AND the Full Moon is conjunct the Galactic Center- a Galactic Full Moon Solstice! 

The Aeons (Gnostic for divine beings) of the pleroma (Gnostic for the Galactic Center) flood the Earth with codes of light and information - love. 

This brings moderation, stabilization, and counterbalance - much appreciated things when the fever of a Solstice Full Moon occurs. If the Solstice Full Moon were not conjunct the GC (Galactic Center), the Full Moon phase would be much wilder than it will be. Full Moon Fever would be all out madness (insanity). Negative energies enter and affect more easily at the Solstices. A "crack" in the fields of consciousness happens, and with it comes opportunities for all kinds of things to happen. 

To some degree, inner chaos, uncertainty, and pressure has been building inside each of us since the New Moon. The goal has been to ACTIVATE us in some way. Something is trying to stand up and come forth within us. This can bring a great deal of anxiety because a change is trying to occur.  Recall that the Sabian symbol energetic for this lunar month is "a woman ACTIVIST in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause."

The GC is sending the power we need for it - for the cause of humanity. 

Mercury and Saturn make opposition today also. The theme of activation repeats with Mercury at "a Black slave girls demands her rights of her mistress," and Saturn is at "a flag that turns into an eagle that crows."

Mercury and Saturn are trying to get our heads straight so we can be better than we are - so that we can grow and evolve. 

We want to grow and evolve beyond the Mercury-Saturn component of telling ourselves everything that is wrong with us and how terrible we are. That inner voice can remain silent. It is not native to us. 

Today gets even better with Jupiter (expansion, learning, teaching, higher levels) and the North Node (destiny) making conjunction at 16 Virgo and the symbol of "in a quiet moment, a creative individual experiences the flow of inspiration."  That's a whole lotta goodness! 

The Full Moon phase energetics are intense, no doubt, but we have helping hands. Divine ones. Angels are all around. Call one over to your side if you need some help.

Let's open to a higher understanding of what's happening as our civilization returns to balance while looking like it is falling. Let's open up space for this to happen. Opening space eases pressure.

Opening space activates the Second Renaissance. 

Happy Galactic Solstice Full Moon and much love to all!