Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Moon Phase: begin, intend

Moon in Cancer

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bagalamukhi, Goddess Who Dissolves Illusions

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East

Skill: silence the enemies of the mind; believe in the greater dream

True Alignments: connection with inner core, protection from harm, eccentricity and individuality, on behalf of others, shared insights, keeping it real, advancement, true tests, collaboration, people brought together for a common cause, adaptive

Catalysts for Change:  naive, frustration, unknown territory, fears projected onto others, misunderstanding and miscommunication (try harder), rigidly holding to the past and past actions, insincerity, uncomfortable/insecure/feeling unprotected, whole picture not shown

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause" (alignment of the inner and outer)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the magic carpet of Oriental imagery" (transcending problems and worries/old patterns of behavior)

Far overshadowing the dynamics of the other planets, the Black Moon dominates the energetics right now.

Recall that one of this lunar month's themes or tendencies is the heightened potential for "dividing and conquering."  The Black Moon's transit (movement) opposite the Chiron Point is exacerbating this tendency.  Chiron rules surgery and cutting, so it naturally divides or separates out -- dividing.  In Greek mythology, Chiron was the "Father of the Arts of War" -- conquering.

The Black Moon rules rebirth of shadow sides.  The shadow side of Chiron's nature to first wound before it then heals and teaches is massively amplified right now. 

This is a rare transit that happens for abouta month every four and a half years. 

Do you feel divided from yourself and hope?  Do you feel divided from others and hope?

This is a trick -- a shadow, an illusion -- that the Black Moon seeks to reveal.  The reality is that we are being more closely aligned with Oneness, happiness, freedom, joy, and sanity.

Today, just as the energetics of the Grand Cross (changes, new directions) let go, the energetics of the Black Moon and Chiron Point (seeing and healing our fears) take over.

It can feel like a warm and comforting blanket has been snatched away, leaving us bare and chilled from the cold.

The truth of things -- the reality -- is that this is a transition time.  The way things appear is not how they will stay, nor is it even how they really are.  SHADOWS are in effect.  The inverse of whatever crazy thoughts are entering our minds is more likely true.  This is the nature of the Black Moon.  It shows us the truth by first exposing the shadow or façade that seeks to shroud the truth. 

Right now we are staring directly at shadows, facades, and shrouds, and they may attempt to dishearten us.  They want us to lose hope.  They want us to lose faith in truth and love prevailing.  All it really does is outline truth and love more starkly --more dramatically.  The outline is heavy enough and wide enough for us to readily see what fits in and out of the boundary.

The Chiron Point is 4 degrees of Taurus and the Sabian symbol of "the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."  Bridges into better ways, feelings, situations, methods, and circumstances are being built.

The Black Moon is traveling exactly opposite of the Chiron Point at 4 degrees of Scorpio and the Sabian symbol of "a youth holding a candle in a devotional ritual."  Simple reverence renews ways, feelings, situations, methods, and circumstances.

The wisdom of the Black Moon's transit opposite the Chiron Point is to stop, hold light, and maintain our highest ideals - our greatest hopes, wishes, and dreams.

Instead of abandoning our greatest hopes, wishes. and dreams, we reinforce them in our hearts and minds "double time."  We hold and envision the true and right way we want things to be.

Instead of dividing ourselves from our hopes, wishes, and dreams, we conquer the past that told us that these things were not possible.

The old way is over.

Underneath this energetic, healing is occurring and valuable experience to achieve wisdom is being attained.

We hold our vision, understanding that the shadow that shrouds us from hope will dissolve June 26 at 8:33 am ET/12:33 pm UT, when the Black Moon moves to the next degree of Scorpio

Between now and then, we aim to minimize the drama, or at least turn it into a fun or even a funny thing.  Drama provides ample material for humor, doesn't it?

It may take the skills of a martial artist of the mind, but we are up to the task.  Remember and believe in the greater dream.