Friday, July 22, 2016

Full Moon Phase:  clarity, enlightenment

Moon in Pisces

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Dhumavati, Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Kathe, God of the South

Skill: hold-observe-examine

True Alignments:  faith, unified voices, spiritual retreat, building the future (building Second Renaissance), acceptance of self and others, patience, caring for the physical body, ability to weather storms, quiet confidence, relatable, togetherness, the present moment

Catalysts for Change:  afraid to join in or not feeling worthy of joining in, suppressing emotions, emotional outbursts, trying to rush or force things, testing others, pushy and pushing one's beliefs onto others, unable to relate, divide and conquer, loss of confidence, headaches

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "a very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast" (facing)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the magic carpet of Oriental imagery" (transcending)


This is the word for the day.  In various ways, the "magic carpet ride" we are on during this astrological year comes to a stop - a pause, a hold today.  The dominant energetic "immobilizes."

The wisdom of the Sabian symbols (archetypal descriptions of the 360 frequencies/ harmonics/ degrees of energy), teaches us that resisting this force or trying to force things to move is futile.

The purpose of the "hold" is to enable us to examine something or things more clearly and process our feelings about it more effectively. The energy is heavily emotional, with 1) the Moon moving into watery Pisces, 2) the last day of the Full Moon phase, which brings things to the fullest expression and is oftentimes feverish, and 3) the fact that we are in the Cancer lunar month and Cancer is a water sign.  In astrology, water symbolizes emotions.

The Moon in Pisces brings strong emotions, but they tend to ride under the surface.  Pisces (especially the early degrees) does not like to show its emotions.  It would rather express them creatively or keep them private.  Vulnerability is keenly felt.  The desire to retreat into another world or leave reality behind is strong because Pisces is ruled by Neptune.  Ah, Neptune.  That is a longer story for another day.

The "hold" or "stop and observe" dynamic today comes primarily from the Sun discharging the energetic of 02 Leo: "under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man's head."

Wise owls practice the skills of holding, not reacting; watching, not engaging.  We hold, observe, and examine.

Within this, today there may be a generalized feeling of something being missing or feeling like one needs to seek something that is missing.  We are, all month long, facing "a vast dark space" -- the Creative Void.  It is easy to feel that there is a void or hole today.

But the "vast dark space" "holds" knowledge and power if we stop and look.  The Magic Carpet Ride comes to a stop and parks us right up to it.  In some way, the Void may evoke a fear.  Again, we do not want to react, especially from fear.  If today's energy becomes challenging for you, is there a fear behind what is happening?

As the Moon moves through Pisces, it builds toward astrological aspect with the degree of the New Moon in Cancer back on July 4.  The Moon will trine that degree overnight tonight at 3:15 am ET/7:15 am UT.  The energetic of 14 Pisces- "a family tree" is activated, telling us that GROUNDING is advised.  This means connecting to the Earth, Gaia Sophia, rooting ourselves like trees.  Our roots run deep.  The ancestry of humanity is strong.  Taking some time to gooutside and truly "be" with Nature is highly recommended today.  Sit next to a tree and envision.

Practice patience.  Hold.  Observe.  Examine.

Big hugs (holds) to everyone today!