Thursday, August 18, 2016

Full Moon Phase: clarity, revelations

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces 12:35 pm ET/4:45 pm UT

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhairavi, Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Kathe, God of the South

Skill: navigate dualities

True Alignments:  imagination, transitions, a shift in what one truly values, inner change, flowers and flowering, magnetic, opportunities, uplifting, turning something over to a Higher Power, realignment

Catalysts for Change:  avoidance, interrupting a process by trying to move it forward too quickly, tantrums, inflexible, insensitive, anti-human rituals, forcing things onto others or forcing things out, fearful of change, anger, overcomplicating

Today we have an operation of opposites.  Instead of feeling pulled apart, we can navigate straight down the middle and avoid the bipolarity.

Here is the mix:

1- FULL MOON - The Moon is Full, which heightens emotions and brings things to full expression.  People can become afflicted with "Full Moon Fever."  The light of truth can be blinding; it can hurt.  This Full Moon puts things to the test: testing limits, testing worthiness, testing capability, testing truth, testing waters.  We have a much better gauge and grasp on things by the end of this Full Moon phase.

2- VENUS AND MARS MAKE MASSIVE CHANGES IN STATUS - Today Venus and Mars are discharging two of the most powerful energetics among the 360 degrees of the zodiac.  Venus is discharging "a volcanic eruption," and Mars is discharging "deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed."  This tells us there is potential for big changes, especially with romantic relationships since Venus and Mars are the characters.  These changes are not bad; in fact, they renew things, making them better.  Things that have been held back come out.  Within this, what we truly value is revealed. 

This combination of Venus and Mars' energetics today could result in a surge of geologic activity.  Also, The Sabian symbol of "deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed" is the Sabian symbol for the Sagittarius lunar cycle of November 11- December 28, 2016, so events that occur today will be amplified then.  It may be a good idea to note what is happening today for reference later.

3 - PURITY AND BACK TO BASICS - While Venus and Mars are causing things to erupt from the depths, the Earth and Mercury are working softly and gently.  The Earth is discharging the energetic of "an ancient pottery bowl filled with violets," and Mercury is discharging the energetic of "Mary and her white lamb."  Purity, innocence, and true intent are running right alongside of the eruptions from the depths.  We find that "keeping it simple" works best.  This perspective will refresh things, not deride or dilute them.  We want to maintain high standards of respect for all, sensitive to the fact that tantrums and outbursts of emotions ultimately will bring a shift or change to what is of pure heart and foundation.

4- BREAKING ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE - The Sun discharges "daybreak - the luminescence of dawn in the Eastern sky."  The keyword with this symbol is "luminescence."  What a great word!  Luminescence is certainly what we get with the Full Moon.  What dawns on you today?  What enables a new beginning?

And another note:  We are moving into an astrological window of time beginning tomorrow and open through September 11 when Mars, Saturn, Neptune (and for a few days, the Sun) will be in significant aspect.  It is a massive event and will produce many more changes in the world.  Even more light is going to enter.  The primary generator of the dynamic is Neptune, which will move tomorrow to "men traveling a narrow path seeking illumination," the energetic it will discharge while all of these planets aspect it.  Mars, Saturn, and the Sun will be empowering the theme.  The mass awakening continues... (More on this tomorrow.)

But for today, wise owls, we stay out of the tug of war.  We take away the lessons and wisdom that today offers.  Whatever erupts needs to erupt.  Whatever simplifies and refreshes situations needs to simply and refresh.  Ultimately, this takes us to a new place, and new places are exactly where we go on a magic carpet ride.  Watch for those volcanoes today, and remember to stop and smell the violets.